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A Guide to Surfboard Leashes

The surfboard leash was invented in the early 1970s by Pat O’Neil. As the son of Jack O’Neil, inventor of the O’Neil Wetsuit, and a keen surfer himself, Pat understood the frustrations of scrambling to retrieve a board following a wipeout. The first time Pat wore his leash in an event, he was disqualified. There were also concerns that the leash …

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Surfboard Socks Reviews

Considering that you will be parting with between $400- $1000 for a good surfboard, protecting your stick with a day bag or, its cheaper cousin, the board sock, is a good option. Below we have reviewed the various surfing board socks available on the market today. What is a Surfboard Sock? A surfboard sock is …

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Surfing Wax Reviews

Surfing wax is a critical part of a surfer’s tool box. Without it, you are pretty much trying to stand up on a moving, unstable piece of glass without anything to assist your grip. Before we get into what we think are the surf waxes on the market, let’s talk about surfing wax fundamentals. Believe …

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Surf Changing Ponchos Reviews

The call it a changing poncho, a changing towel, and/or a changing robe. Maybe it has multiple names because looks like all 3 of those things. Regardless, the changing poncho keeps you warm after your surf sessions. It acts like a towel and soaks up the residual water after towel drying. And lastly, it makes …

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