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List of Wave Pools for Surfing

Artificial waves might not give you as much of a thrill as the real deal, and they’re definitely not as impressive when you’re regaling your friends with stories of your worst wipeout, but they are a great way to catch the big waves when you have nothing but ankle busters offshore. In this list, we’ll look at some of …

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Best Watches For Surfing

Surf watches do more than just tell you the time. They are a gold mine of data that can help you be on top of the best times to catch waves (pun intended). In addition to telling time, surf watches measure and forecast tides at multiple breaks. The more featured-filled (read: Expensive, like $400 expensive) …

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Best Surfing Apps

Surfing apps allow to be on top of where and when to surf. The best surfing apps do that and much more. You need to be picky about the surfing apps that you download. You don’t want to overwhelm your phone with chaotic apps that only serve to drain your battery. You want apps that …

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Is Surfline Premium Worth It?

What is so different about Surfline Premium? And is it worth paying for? I mean, it used to be free, right. Well things change, friend, and paying for Surfline is one of them. Yes, we were disappointed that Surfline went from fee to paid after all those years. Did we complain and resist? Yes. Did …

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