Board Short Liners Review

You may call them compressor shorts, swimsuit liners or board short liners. Regardless of what you call them, you should have at least one pair to wear under your board shorts or wetsuit. What Are Surfing Compression Shorts? They are tight shorts that are made of stretchy material. They form to your body and exert …

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Wetsuit Booties Review

The only thing worse than stinging, numb feet is a wetsuit boot that is uncomfortable and holds a gallon of water after your first full flush from mother nature. Now that we got that off our chests, let’s get into the best wetsuit booty options for surfers. What are Wetsuit Booties? They are neoprene boots …

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Solite Boots Review

Want a wetsuit boot the molds to your foot and fit like a glove? One the doesn’t leak. And a boot the doesn’t have the “low tide stank with a side of what the heck is that Godforsaken smell” smell? We got you. Solite Boots may just be the best wetsuit boot on the planet. …

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Wetsuit Change Mat Reviews

A surfer has a wide variation of changing mats to choose from in the market today. Some are only mats, some are mats and bags (or if you prefer “sacks”), and some come with changing robe. While buying a changing mat isn’t a big commitment, most bags in the $20 to $25 range, choosing the …

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Wetsuit Hangers Reviews

Putting on a wet wetsuit is the worst. Having the right gear to help can go a long way. Here are a few options to help you dry your wetsuit after a surf. Malo’o Portable Drying Rack Malo’o has a few great racks in their product line. Their Portable Drying Rack allows you to hang …

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