Wetsuit Suit Bags Reviews

Changing out of a wetsuit is pretty easy. However after you take off your wetsuit, finding a place to put your soaking wet wetsuit can be a little more challenging. It’s important to put your wetsuit in someplace that is safe, sand free, and protective. Wetsuit bags are an easy solution and must have item for surfers of any skill level. These bags act as a carrying case for your wetsuit, making sure it stays clean and drip-free.

Rip Curl Wettie Change Mat Review

This change mat is actually both a change mat and a bag. When in it’s a circular mat shape, the Wettie allows you to change out of your wetsuit without your feet touching the sandy beach or the dirty ground. The wetsuit falls right down to the mat and stays as clean as the surface of the mat. Pulling the drawstrings on both sides of the bag transforms the mat into a wetsuit bag. Simply step out of the bag and leave the damp wetsuit inside of it. As long as the bag is securely closed, none the left over wetsuit water should leak out. The Rip Curl Wettie Change Mat sells for $29.50.

Dakine Cinch Mat Bag Review

Dakine’s wetsuit mat bag has 2 features that separate it from the competitors. The first is the carabiner clip that you can use to clip this bag onto the outside of an existing bag. The second is that this wetsuit bag comes with an attached pouch that you can use to store your mat. Now, wetsuit mat bag can be stiff, so it is going to be difficult to stuff the mat into the pouch. Which is not exactly what you want when you are standing around, shaking and cold after getting out of the water after your surfing session. Dakine’s sells for about $30.00.

Northcore Grass Waterproof Change Mat/Bag Review

The Northcore Grass Mat also follows the change mat-to-bag drawstring design. However, this mat has a few unique features. The Northcore Grass Waterproof change mat is made of polyester, making it really difficult for water to seep through the mat.

Furthermore, the mat is covered with 6 millimeters of artificial grass. This artificial grass allows you to stand on the comfortable, artificial grass surface without your feet getting hot or cold. The artificial grass also helps, brush the sand from your feet Don’t worry too much about cleaning the artificial grass, either. Simply shake or brush all of the sand out. You can also wash your mat by hand with wetsuit shampoo and let it air dry. Northgcore’s bag is $46.57.

COR Surf Wetsuit Changing Mat Review

COR Surf gives you a clean surface to change on, as your get out of your wetsuit. After you change, you can pull the bag’s built-in drawstrings to turn the mat into a wetsuit bag. But unlike other wetsuit bags, however, the COR Surf wetsuit changing mat has a barrel lock closure, keeping everything inside the bag safe and secure, all using the locking mechanism.

It’s made with PVC-Poly fabric, which is an extremely durable material, meaning it won’t wear out after a few weeks of use. Everyone from serious surf students to lifelong surfers can use this bag daily This COR Surf Wetsuit Change Mat sells for $29.99

Who Are Wetsuit Bags Good For?

Any surfer from beginners to instructors get something of value out of these bags/mat. If you want to keep a soaking wet wetsuit from causing troubles while traveling, these mats/bags are a must. People concerned about losing their wetsuit will appreciate an easy-to-carry bag.Those who want to keep a wetsuit and their feet clean can also benefit from these change mats/bags.

Wetsuit bags are an essential item for all surfers because they help keep your wetsuit safe and your surroundings dry.