Board Short Liners – What You Wear Under Boardshorts

You may call them compressor shorts, swimsuit liners or board short liners. Regardless of what you call them, you should have at least one pair to wear under your boardshorts or wetsuit when surfing.

What Are Surfing Compression Shorts?

They are tight shorts that are made of stretchy material. They form to your body and exert pressure on your thighs and butts. They are mostly worn by men under board shorts or wetsuits.

Board short liners are not underwear. Each have a different purpose.

We are happy to tell you why you should get a pair of board short liners, but please don’t make us get into why you should wear underwear. Just know that one is not the same as the other. Moving on.

Why Boardshort liners Are Important?

We have 6 reasons why you should use boardshort liners next time you go surfing.

Protection From Rashes & Chafing

For a lot of surfers, direct contact with neoprene on the wetsuit or wax on the surfboard leaves an avoidable rash. Compressor shorts are a great rash guard. Having compressor shorts between your skin and your wetsuit or surfboard just makes life more comfortable.

Prevent Muscle Strain

Your hamstrings are one of the muscle groups that are prone to strain. They are engaged all the time you are surfing. Compression shorts hold the muscles to prevent muscle strains. This is especially true for surfers who are active out of the water as they be going for a surf semi-depleted after a gym workout, a run, etc.

Reduce Muscle Fatigue & Soreness

Surfing causes our thigh muscles to rub against each other as we engage them in rigorous movement. This results in muscle soreness and fatigue. Compression shorts offer excellent muscle control and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

Improved Comfort

Who doesn’t like comfort? In everything we do, comfort is a top priority. Compression shorts offer noteworthy comfort to you as you surf.

Wearing them reduces friction and chaffing experienced when wearing other shorts. Additionally, they will not ride up as you bend like board shorts may with helps keep your bits to yourself and prevents the unnecessary slippage of the boys to random passer-by.

Enhanced Muscle & Joint Support

Board short liners limit muscle oscillation (movement) which goes a long way in helping to conserve oxygen due to controlled muscles activity. With more oxygen in your muscles, you will surf for longer periods.

Enable Effective Muscle Stability and Control

Board short liners help hold the muscle in place to give you more stability. It helps you feel the movements of your muscles and gives you the feeling of muscle control.

Boardshort Liner FAQs

Are compressor shorts underwear?

No, they are not designed to replace underwear. They should be worn during sporting activities and thereafter you should change into your normal underwear.

Do you wear underwear under compressor shorts / board short liners?

No, you should not wear underwear under your compressor short. Wearing underwear under them will prevent compressor shorts from forming on your body.

Are compressor shorts the same as boxer briefs?

No, compressor shorts are used sporting activities while boxer briefs are the ones used all the other time.

Why wear compressor shorts / boardshort liners when surfing?

They have benefits like the prevention of rashes, protection from elements and other benefits to the muscles.