Solite Boots Review – Custom Molded Fit Surfing Booties

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Want a wetsuit boot the molds to your foot and fit like a glove?

One the doesn’t leak.

And a boot the doesn’t have the “low tide stank with a side of what the heck is that Godforsaken smell in my wetsuit” smell?

We got you.

Solite Boots may just be the best wetsuit boot on the planet.

Solite Boots. Possibly The Best Bootie Ever.

If you are going to wear wetsuit booties, and just about none of us want to wear them, you might as well wear one that is checks all of the above boxes?

You are about to get a significant upgrade to your wetsuit gear.

Read on.

The Boot: Comfort, Watertight & No Stank

All Solite Boots are made from an ultra-light, flexible “thermo-form” material that is durable and molds to your feet perfectly moving like part of them.

This makes the booties half the weight and more as durable than your ordinary boot.

Solite also has anti-microbial properties to virtually eradicate stinky boots syndrome that seems to show up after, what, wearing them one time?

The lower part of the boot is seamless.

That means you just got lowered dramatically or removed altogether the chance of leaks!

The lack of leaks means warm feet and longer lasting boots.

The materials used on the boots simulate the feeling of being barefoot, even right in the middle of winter!

Solite Wetsuit Boots By Thickness

Find the right thickness for your water temperature.

5mm, 6mm & 8mm Boots

These cold-water boots are designed for water temps of 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Boots in this collection come in 5mm, 6mm and 8mm to keep your feet warm and your stoke stoked during long winter surf sessions.

See 5MM Boots on Amazon

See 8MM Boots on Amazon

3mm Boots

The cool water collection by Solite Boots is designed for water temps 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The neoprene and thermo form thickness in this collection are 3-4mm.

See 3MM Boots on Evo

2mm Boots

The Solite warm-water boots collection offers a wide range and is made for water temps 60 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.

The neoprene thickness for this boot is 2mm.

See 2MM Boots on Amazon

How Solite Boots Started

Solite was created by cold-water surfers who had practically surfed their whole lives, Tyler Callaway and Jamie Meiselman.

Both spent their early surfing years out in the Northeast US, where you are wearing gloves and thick wetsuit boots more months out of the year than not.

Meiselman spent a huge chunk of his career dedicated to the snowboarding industry.

He ran the boot division of market leading snowboarding brands including Burton Snowboards.

Callaway has a lot of experiencing in the surfing business.

He was particularly known for starting and operating FCS fins/accessories based in the Americas.

These guys know boots and surfing. They are the perfect fin (zing!) for making a custom wetsuit boot.

Solite Boots underwent research and development that took more than 5 years and were tested in the severest tropical and cold-water lineups all over the world.

The outcome of their work is what we think is the best surfing boot on the planet.


From The Surfer’s Mouth (AKA, Testimonials)

Solite Boots have gotten stellar reviews from surfers who have had a great experience using them.

Here are a few of these reviews:

Andrew Gesler – PRO Surfer, New Jersey (Where it gets really cold in the winter)

“I don’t use any other bootie on the market.

Solite Boots have a particular feel that you have to try to know.

I love them.

They fit right, I feel my board, and they have never failed me.”

Sebastian Jimenez – PRO Surfer, Scotland (It gets cold here, too)

“These booties are something completely different.

Perfect fit, very light, flexible, and warm.

They are the closest thing to not having anything on!

Even if you have a big wipeout and your wetsuit is full of water, your booties never lose their shape.

Jeff Clark – NorCal, US (It’s always cold … And big & sharky)

“I have surfed cold water for over 50 years, and finally the bootie that fits perfectly!

Thank you, Solite for doing it right”

How do you Choose the right size of Boot?

When sized correctly, Solite boots give the absolute best in performance, comfort, and warmth.

This is how you get the right fit:

If you have average/wide feet:

Solite boots should have a tight fit out of the box due to the heat molding process that will stretch them, purchase your exact sneaker size or ½ a size smaller.

Note: If you plan to wear the 1mm heat booster socks on inside your boots, do not size down.

In fact you might have to go a ½ size up. Also, 6mm boot is less likely to stretch than during heat-molding than 3mm boots.

If you have narrow/low-volume feet:

Get a boot that’s 1 or even 2 sizes smaller than your normal sneaker size.

Heat-molding will be effective in ensuring the boot fits your fit snugly.

Keep in mind that 3mm boots will stretch more than the 6mm in the heat molding.

How Does Heat Molding Work?

It is a very simple process done using boiling water.

You read that right, “boiling water”.

We’ve done it.

It works remarkably well.

Also, take precautions to not burn yourself.

That should go without saying.

Written Instructions

1. Bring water to a boil (you will need approximately 3 cups of boiling water per boot.)

2. While water is heating, roll down the cuffs of your Solite Boots and place them in a sink.

3. Put on your Solite heat booster socks. These socks will help allow for a little extra space when the boots are being molded.

4. Once water comes to a full bubbling boil, gently pour into your Solite Boot (in the sink), filling each to slightly below the seam where the neoprene upper is attached to the sole.

5. Wait 5 minutes for the boiling water to soften the sole material.

6. After 5 minutes, carefully pour out the hot water from your Solite Boot (doing one boot at a time) and quickly rinse out the inside of the boot with cold water to lower the surface temperature and to prevent burning. Test with your hand as you will want to get your foot in as warm as you can comfortably stand.

7. Place your foot inside your Solite Boot while wearing the heat booster sock. Make sure your big-toe sits comfortably in the toe cavity and your heel is flush in the heel pocket.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the other boot.

9. Secure boot ankle straps if you have them.

10. Walk around in your Solite Boot for the next 10 minutes as they custom mold to your feet. When cool, the process is complete.

11. If you are unhappy with the fit, you can re-mold your Solite Boot repeating the same steps above. Your Solite Boots should feel completely comfortable, almost like part of your foot.

Go treat your feet.