Best Wetsuit Booties For Surfers – Comfort, Fit & Thickness

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The only thing worse than stinging, numb feet is a wetsuit boot that is uncomfortable and holds a gallon of water after your first full flush from mother nature.

Now that we got that off our chests, let’s get into the best wetsuit booty options for surfers.

What are Wetsuit Booties?

They are neoprene boots used to keep your feet warm when the water drops below a certain temperature.

They protect your feet against cold water, reefs, urchins, and any objects that you may encounter.

Things to Consider When Choosing Surf Booties

Not all wetsuit booties are worth your dollar.

You should look closely and search for specifications that will give you the best experience you can buy.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for wetsuit booties.

Comfort and Fit/Size

Get the size right.

Not too tight or too loose.

Big booties will not allow you full control of the board and will hold as much water as there is room left in your boot.

Too small, and you are cramming your toes together and getting cramps.

Keep in mind that the boot will loosen up a bit when it get wet just like your wetsuit.

The other comfort-related features are the inner lining and thickness of the rubber and neoprene.


The thicker the boot, the warmer it is.

Thickness is the most important factor to consider as it tells the level of insulation and protection that comes with a boot.

It is always referred to in millimetres (mm). For example 3mm, 5mm, 6mm etc.

Material and Construction

Neoprene and rubber are the key players here.

You need to check the quality of the material and the construction techniques used.


Neoprene is the dominant material for the construction of booties.

It is designed to offer insulation.

You should make sure it is neoprene.

Some brands come with additional inner lining for extra warmth.

They are always a good pick.


Check to make sure the booties have a rough outsole to give you an excellent grip.

It will not be a good ride if your feet can’t stay on the board.

Avoid smooth outsoles, they are slippery and are not designed for surfing.


Price is a constant consideration in every purchase we make.

You don’t need to rob a bank get a pair of booties.

On the other hand, you should balance between price and quality.

Don’t compromise quality for a low price.

Wetsuit Bootie Reviews

Just say no to numb feet from surfing.

Get a good pair of wetsuit booties.

Our Choice

Solite 3mm Custom

These are our best go-to wetsuit boots, hands down.

It is called “custom” because you can use hot water to heat-mould and make it fit perfectly.

Solite 3mm Omni custom features thick gum-rubber sole for a tight grip.

Additionally, the outsole is specially customised to offer extra protection against rough sea beds, reefs and rocks.

It was designed for oceans, lakes, and rivers.

The 3mm neoprene construction with a plush thermo-lining material makes it ideal for cool water of 50-60F and gives you a next-level comfort.

The heat boosting socks insulates perfectly.

They are designed with no straps or closed loops.

They are also designed to not leak, ever.

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Runner Up

O’Neill Heat 3mm Split Toe Surf Booties

This is another awesome product that accommodates all the features and functionality of ideal wetsuit booties.

This 3mm neoprene-constructed, high-quality wear offers excellent insulation.

However, if you surf in very cold waters, you may consider the thicker 5mm or 7mm versions of the same brand.

The gluing and blind-stitching of this split-toe designed booties make them comfortable to wear.

The watertight construction takes care of any leakage.

The outsole offers an outstanding grip and it is just thin enough to let you still feel your feet on the board.

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Other Wetsuit Booties

Photo Title Price Buy
Solite 2021 3mm...image Solite 2021 3mm Custom Pro
O'Neill Psycho Tech...image O'Neill Psycho Tech 3/2mm Split Toe Booties, Black, 10 $88.78
O'Neill Wetsuits Men's...image O'Neill Wetsuits Men's Heat 3mm Split Toe Booties, Black, 11 $54.95
Rip Curl Rubber...image Rip Curl Rubber Soul Plus 3mm Split-Toe Wetsuit Boot Boots Black - This Boot is a minimalist's Dream - 3mm Neoprene
Hyperflex ACCESS 5mm...image Hyperflex ACCESS 5mm Round Toe Boot, 10 - Surfing, Windsurfing & Wakeboarding, Black $57.99
O'Neill Heat 5mm...image O'Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Booties, Black, 11 $47.96

FCS SP2 Split Toe Reef Booties

They were made for warm water and reefs. They are high quality with a 1.2mm rubber sole that gives maximum grip.

They are made of a 2-panel neoprene of 1.5mm each to give them a remarkable flex and sensitivity.

For your enhanced security, they feature a strap foot-locking system with additional ankle harness of rubber and neoprene for more strength.

The split-toe feature gives you total freedom and maximum control.

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Hyperflex AMP 2mm Low Reef Boot

It is known for its hydro rib sole which gives excellent protection to  feet in the water and on the beach.

The manufacturers also did a good job constructing this lightweight booty that is super comfortable and also has a diamond skin sole that gives you exquisite grip and protections as you surf.

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Hyperflex AMP 5mm Split Toe Boot

The 5mm neoprene is designed to enhance your comfort, warmth and guarantee the durability of your booties.

This is a superior version of the 2mm of the same brand.

They have one of a kind vulcanized heel lock structure connecting to the upper straps to offer better support and adjustability.

For traction and grip, and control, they have a diamond skin sole that does the job well.

Their P4 Thermal Lining which is made of soft microfiber fleece sets these pair of booties from the rest.

It provides you with extra comfort and cushion and also improves insulation.

All seams are blind stitched with a single needle and double glued to make sure there leaks are kept to a minimum.

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O’Neill Wetsuits Men’s 3/2 mm Psycho Tech Split Toe Boot

It comes with function-oriented features that are keen to details just as expected from a brand like O’Neill.

It has a split toe to improve balance.

It has an anti-flush shin strap and a heel pull tab for improved safety.

It is properly sealed by an exterior fluid, seam weld and interior seams that ensure no leakage.

The notable textured anti-traction rubber sole is a plus.

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O’Neill Superfreak 2mm Tropical Split Toe Bootie

Quality is seen in every single feature on this pair.

It has split toes for control and balance, guaranteed security by front straps and adjustable hook, with textured rubber soles for maximum grip.

O’Neill Superfreak 2mm Tropical Split Toe Bootie has a fluid foam exterior and gives you comfort more than you could imagine.

It is a reliable choice for all your warm-water surfing needs.

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Rip Curl Flashbomb 7mm Round Toe Boots

This is probably the warmest and fast-drying bootie you can find. It is characteristic of the Rip Curl brand.

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit is a 7mm E5 neoprene construction with taped seams for outstanding insulation and comfort.

The supper soft sole gives a good feel and grip at the same time.

It features Velcro straps over the top of your foot and around the ankle for safety and good fit.

To cap it all, it has a heel pull that makes it easy to put on.

XCEL Infiniti Split Toe Boot 3mm

It was designed to form perfect fitting. Nothing reassures you of your safety than feeling you booties close to your skin throughout the adventures.

XCEL Infiniti Split Toe Boot 3mm has a contoured design that adapts the shape of your foot.

It fits perfectly.

Its pull up angle loop makes it easy for you to push your foot into the plush Thermo lite interior with quick-drying fibers and tapped seam.

They dry very fast.

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Solite 5mm Custom Pro Wetsuit Booties

Solite 5mm Custom Pro is choice for 45F+ water.

A 1mm vulcanized super grippy rubber sole sticks your feet to the board like glue.

No slipping, just feel the board and surf your day away.

The fully taped seam sealing seals the deal.

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