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"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun."

– Phil Edwards

How-To Guides & Gear Reviews

How-To Guides

Want to catch more waves? Check. Aren't quite sure of the best way to pop up? Check-check. Need a tip about how to wax a board, even a foam board. Check-check-check. We have all that and more.

Surfing Gear Reviews

 We give you our top pick, a runner up and other options to choose from.  Reviews include: Wetsuits, changing towels, earplugsbalance board and more. 

Get a Surf Lesson. Or, Find a Surf Shop

Eyes up here, buddy. We put together a list surf shops to help you find the best gear. You can also find surf lessons near you to help you nail that pop up and get to your feet fast.

Now that you know where that button will take you, let your eyes wonder as they will.

Surfing Essentials

Don't know what a kook is? Well, that might be you then. Get the lingo down, get the skinny on surf movies, and find out why a foamie is must for your board quiver.

Here's where you find the essentials, kid.


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