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Momentum Generation Review: Surf Culture at its Best

Momentum Generation is a 2018 surfing documentary that transcended the sport of surfing and earned itself a following ...
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Wetsuit Temperature Guide for Surfers

Finding the right wetsuit isn't just about picking an affordable suit that sits snugly. You also need to ...
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Electric Surfboard Review: Should You Buy a Jet Board?

Electric surfboards, also known as jet boards, are battery-powered boards that can glide through even the stillest and ...
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Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch: The Best Man-Made Wave in the World

In 2007, Kelly Slater, a man who many consider to be the most talented surfer ever, founded The ...
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ABC Stores in Hawaii History: What’s the Deal with ABC?

If you ask a Hawaiian what the "ABC" in "ABC Stores" stands for, they might tell you that ...
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Charlie Don’t Surf: The Story of The Movie Quote In “Apocalypse Now”

Charlie don't surf is one of the most iconic movie quotes of all time. It comes from the ...
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Big Wave Surfing at Waimea

The monster waves found at Waimea Bay on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu have made it a popular ...
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Big Wave Surfing at Jaws

Jaws is the name given to a big wave surf break located in a place known as Pe'ahi, ...
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Big Wave Surfing at Mavericks

Mavericks is a surfing hotspot located in Northern California, just outside of Pillar Point Harbor and north of ...
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The Best Big Wave Surf Spots in the World

Big wave surfing is the pinnacle of this sport. It is the ultimate challenge and one that is ...
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Jeff Spicoli: A Surfing Icon

Jeff Spicoli is the protagonist in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, a 1982 high school comedy that defined ...
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Beach Flags and Warnings

Based on reports published by the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA), you have a 1 in 18 million ...
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The Shaka: Meaning and History

The Shaka hand gesture is ubiquitous in surfing communities all over the world. Performed by tucking the three ...
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Yum Yum Yellow, Surfing & Sharks

In 2015, Mick Fanning was attacked by a Great White Shark on live television. The surfer made it ...
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What is the Biggest Wave Ever Surfed?

In 2017, Rodrigo Koxa surfed a monumental wave that spanned an impressive 80 feet (24.3 meters) in height. ...
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Different Types of Surfing Waves

The type of wave and the size of the surf will impact your style and approach, so it's ...
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Big Wave Surfing at Nazare in Portugal

Nazare is the stuff of legend. It's where the biggest waves are surfed, and the best legends are ...
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The History of the Alaia

The Alaia was an ancient Hawaiian surfboard that had a round nose and a squared tail. Unlike modern ...
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The History, Etymology, and Uses of “Gnarly”

The word "Gnarly" is one of the most commonly used slang expressions in the surfing community. You will ...
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Understanding Aloha and Mahalo (and Other Hawaiian Words)

In Hawaiian, Aloha means "hello" and "goodbye" while Mahalo means "thank you". But that's really just the cliff ...
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What to Do With Broken Surfboards: 10 Uses

Surfboards break. It's an unfortunate fact of life and something that can be hard to deal with. If ...
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You’re So Haole You Don’t Even Know You’re Haole

What does "Haole" mean? Here's the history and the mean of the word "haole". The word "Haole" is ...
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How To Make Your Own Bike Rack For a Surfboard

Surfboard bike racks are a great way to carry your board to the beach. You don't have to ...
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A Guide Surfing on the North Shore of O’ahu

The north shore of O'ahu attracts the best surfers every single year. It's the home of Waimea Bay ...
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What to Do When the Surf is Too Big

A leisurely, laid-back surf for one surfer can be a massive challenge for another. If you're a beginner ...
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