Best Mountain Biking Trails in Mammoth, California

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If you’re looking for an adventure-filled mountain biking experience like no other, look no further than Mammoth, California. With its vast mountain ranges, stunning alpine meadows, and wide-open trails, Mammoth is considered one of the best mountain biking destinations in the United States.

There are trails for all skill levels, from gentle and scenic beginner routes to rugged and technical advanced trails. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the sport, Mammoth’s trails will provide a thrilling and unforgettable experience that will stay with you for years.

Explore Mammoth, California’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

Explore Mammoth’s best mountain biking trails and discover why it’s a favorite destination for many outdoor enthusiasts. Here are the top mountain biking trails that you should check out on your next visit:

1.   The Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park in California is a true mountain biker’s paradise! With over 80 miles of trails and epic views, riders are sure to find something to suit their needs. The trails range from technical and challenging singletrack to fast, flowing dirt roads.

There are also plenty of switchbacks to test your skills, and the summit sits at an impressive 11,500 feet with a spectacular view! Additionally, the staff does an excellent job of keeping the trails well-maintained and marked, which makes navigating the mountain easy.

The Mountain View Trail is popular here. It offers a great combination of singletrack, dirt service roads, and stunning vistas. Furthermore, e-bikes and traditional, muscle-powered bicycles can harmonize the same trails with no extra damage observed.

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park also has a bike shop, rentals and a bike wash station for those who want to clean their bikes before heading out on the slopes again.

2.   Mammoth Lakes Trail System

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System is a trail network connecting the town of Mammoth Lakes to the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. This trail system offers incredible experiences for mountain bikers of all skill levels.

From the easy loop around Horseshoe Lake to the technical sections of the Lakes Trail, there is something for everyone. The trail system is open year-round and is used for hiking, biking, horseback riding and snowshoeing. Riding on this trail guarantees you some of the most breathtaking views in the area.

The most popular option is to start at the Mammoth Lakes Basin and work your way down through the mountains while still being able to take in the scenery.

Mammoth Lakes Trail System is a great destination for all mountain biking and hiking enthusiasts. Most of the trails in the area are also accessible from Shady Rest Park, a popular destination for cross-country skiing and various outdoor activities.

3.   The Mammoth Rock Trail System

The Mammoth Rock Mountain biking trail system in California is the ideal destination for an enthusiast mountain biker. This trail starts on Sherwin Creek Road and follows a historic trail to the old mines at the edge of the Lakes Basin, providing grand views across the town.

The lower Mammoth Mountain is best known for its historic Kamikaze DH race and over 80 miles of mountain biking trails. One popular trail is the Arrowhead Loop comprising short trails with varying difficulties, perfect for mountain bikers of all skill levels.

You’ll also be rewarded with fantastic views and ride under the iconic Mammoth Rock formation. There are a few small climbs to put your e-bike to work, but it’s mostly a fun descent making it a great trail choice for your next outdoor adventure.

4.   The Minaret Vista Trail

Minaret Vista Trail in Mammoth, California, is a great mountain biking trail that offers a perfect balance of rugged climbing and fast descending with amazing views. The trail combines singletrack and doubletrack roads recently narrowed down to offer one single track.

The trail is a shorter but challenging ride with steep, rocky terrain requiring good fitness and technical skill. You’ll ride for 5 miles, enjoying the forested twisty riding through pine forests and ending with a spectacular vista at the top of the ridge.

The trail is great for all skill levels, and if you have a bike park pass, you can descend from the top of Mammoth Mountain to the bottom. Minaret Vista Trail is a must-ride trail for any mountain biker looking for a fun and challenging ride!

5.   Panorama Dome Trail

The Panorama Dome Trail is a classic ride with breathtaking views of the lake, mountains, and surrounding areas. This trail is a great option for anyone who wants to explore the area and also offers some technical sections for a more challenging experience.

It offers a wide range of riding experiences for all levels of riders, from beginner to expert. The trail is mostly buff singletrack tucked in the trees, giving riders a cool and shaded ride on hot summer days. You’ll also enjoy gorgeous views of the backside of Mammoth Mountain, Twin Lakes, and the Mammoth Crest.

The trail is relatively easy and short, perfect for those with limited time for an all-day hike. It links to other trails, such as Mammoth Rock Trail and the Lakes Trail, making it a great option for those looking for a more challenging ride.

6.   The June Mountain Trail

The June Mountain Trail is another classic Mammoth ride suitable for intermediate riders. It’s around 15 miles long and offers a mix of smooth singletrack and more technical sections. The trail takes you through pine forests and past beautiful meadows with plenty of breathtaking views.

Most of the trails here are well-maintained and offer a range of difficulty levels. The trail winds through dense forests, offering glimpses of the surrounding mountain range and providing a sense of seclusion and solitude.

Overall, the June Mountain Trail in Mammoth is a must-visit destination for any mountain biker. Its well-maintained trails, beautiful scenery, and ideal location make it the perfect place to escape and enjoy the sport we all love.

7.   Mono County Bike Trails

The Mono County Bike Trails is a network of mountain bike trails in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Mammoth Lakes. The trail system is accessible by car, but it’s also possible to ride on your bike or bike trailer.

The trailhead is located at the Mono Lake Ski Area parking lot off Highway 395 (East Entrance Road). You will need to pay $5 per person if you want to park there and ride; otherwise, plenty of other public parking lots nearby charge no fee!

If you decide not to drive yourself down into Mammoth Lakes from Sonora or elsewhere in California, this would be an excellent opportunity for taking part in mountain biking since most people come here specifically for this reason alone.

8.   Convict Lake Trail

The Convict Loop Trail in Mammoth, California, is a great mountain biking destination. The trail is an easy 2.5-mile loop that follows the shoreline of Convict Lake, offering spectacular scenery and an introduction to the Eastern Sierra landscape. With a moderate elevation gain and relatively flat terrain, it’s an ideal location for cyclists of all skill levels.

There are numerous other trails in the area, with stunning views and a mandatory shuttle that takes visitors to various hiking spots. Cyclists will also enjoy the Rainbow Falls Trail in Devil’s Postpile National Monument, a 4.9-mile out-and-back trail with minimal elevation gain.

The trailhead has its parking lot, and shuttles from Mammoth Adventure Center can also take visitors to the falls. One of the best things about the Convict Loop Trail is the well-maintained trails and facilities. The trails are well-marked and easy to follow, and there are plenty of rest areas and facilities along the way.

9.   The Tamarack Cross Country Trail

The Tamarack Cross Country Trail in Mammoth, California, is an amazing mountain biking destination with more than 19 miles of trails. It has well-groomed and accessible terrain, with various easy, medium, and hard trails.

Mammoth has done an amazing job at making the trails accessible for all levels of riders through quality layout and building. The trails are well-marked, and ” hosts ” are dotted along the paths to help guide you.

Bike parks and pump tracks are available for kids to get outside and have fun. The town of Mammoth Lakes is a great place to explore, with stunning trails leading to hot springs and spectacular views all around. You’ll also have access to restrooms, water fountains, and food options.

Final Thoughts

Mammoth is a top destination for mountain biking enthusiasts, with a wide variety of trails to suit riders of all skill levels. From the technical singletrack of the Mammoth Rock Trail to the more relaxed and scenic Lakes Basin Path, there is something for everyone in this beautiful mountain town. So, pack your gear, hit the road, and experience the thrill of mountain biking in Mammoth for yourself.