How To Build A Skimboard Pool

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Can’t get any skimboarding action at your local beach? Consider making your own skimboard pool, instead.

As long as you have some basic materials, a little time on your hands, and plenty of space in your backyard, you can create a pool that will keep you skimboarding freely and safely throughout the summer.

What Are Skimboard Pools?

A skimboarding pool is basically just a large slip and slide. You drop your board on one end and slide to the other end. The longer and wider, the better!

These pools are not just for skimboarding, either. You can use them just like you would a traditional slip and slide, inviting your kids to skid down them on their feet or stomachs.

How To Build a Skimboard Pool

A good skimboard pool is long and wide. It also needs to hold a lot of water. As a result, the first thing that you need is somewhere big enough to place the pool.

If your backyard isn’t big or has uneven ground, consider placing it in the front yard, instead.

There are also stories of people placing them in the street, but unlike a skateboard kicker or hockey goal, you can’t just grab and move it when a car comes. If you live on a quiet street and have permission from your neighbors, go for it. If not, just limit the size of your skimboard pool.

Step One: Gather the Materials

You need all of the following materials to build your skimboarding pool:

  • Surfboard Wax or a Non-Stick Cooking Spray
  • Dish Soap
  • Large Plastic Sheets
  • 3M Spray Glue or Duct Tape
  • Pool Noodles

The exact size/number of sheets and pool noodles will depend on how large you want the pool to be. The sheets form the bottom of the pool—the bit that you actually slide on. The noodles are the borders.

Step Two: Cut and Lay the Sheets

Cut the plastic sheets to the length required. Roughly 4- or 5-feet wide should suffice, but it’s up to you.

Use glue or duct tape to stick the sections of plastic sheeting together. Spread the sheets out on your lawn.

Place pool noodles around the sheets and glue/tape them together to form the rails.

Step Three: Get it Wet

Fill the pool with water and add a little dish soap to make it extra slippery. Don’t go overboard though.

Step Four: Prepare Your Skimboard

If you have surf wax, including sex wax and Mr. Zog’s, apply it liberally to the bottom of the board. If not, you can use a non-stick cooking spray like PAM.

Step Five: Start Skimming!

Once the pool is full and your board is ready, it’s time to skim! Invite your friends and family over, ask them to bring their boards, and have some fun!

Do I Need a Skimboard?

A skimboard is obviously best for skimming, but it’s not necessary to have some fun on a slip and slide.

If you don’t have a skimboard, grab a smooth piece of wood instead. If you cover it with a non-stick cooking spray and place something on the top to help you grip, it should serve the same purpose.

How Fast Can I Go on a Skimboard Pool?

You can gain some surprising speed on a skimboard pool. It’s a safe way to practice your skimming skills and is great fun for all of the family. It’s also relatively cheap, as it should cost you less than $50 for all of the necessary materials. After finishing for the day, simply fold everything back up and store your pool for another day.

Alternatively, if the weather is nice, keep the skimboard pool in your yard.

How Can I Ride on a Skimboard Pool?

To ride a skimboard on your handmade pool, just stand at one end and then throw your board down. The board will move, at which point you just need to run toward it and then step on it.

Try to avoid jumping. Not only is there a risk of slipping and hurting yourself, but you could reduce the speed of the board. You literally need to take it in your stride.

To stay safe, avoid having two boards on the slide at the same time and keep animals and small children away while there is someone sliding.

Can I Buy a Skimboard Pool?

If you don’t have the time, patience, or DIY skills to make your own skimboard pool, consider buying one instead.

It might not be the most cost-effective option, but it’s quick and easy and there are some great options to choose from.

You can find a few decent products on Alibaba, but as we haven’t purchased them ourselves, we can’t recommend any particular options.

Alibaba can be a great source of low-cost products, but you’ll be waiting longer to get them, might be hit with import fees, and won’t always have recourse if it’s not what you expected.

Amazon has a few cheap slides. They are not specifically listed as skimboarding pools or skimboarding slides, but they might serve the same purpose. Check out the links below:

The problem is that these pools are much smaller and narrower. They will cost you a fraction of the price, but you’ll have to get creative to ensure they are just as good.