Best Day Hikes In Grand Canyon National Park

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Are you looking to plan your next day hike in the Grand Canyon? The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a vast and wonderful place for all hiking enthusiasts to explore a unique landscape. Day hikes are particularly popular, along both South and North Rims.

The best day hikes in the Grand Canyon National Park are the South Kaibab Trail, Bright Angel Trail, Grandview Trail, North Kaibab Trail, Birdle Trail, and Cliff Springs Trail. These day hikes differ in difficulty level and features which make them unique.

The day hikes in the Grand National Park display spectacular views featuring interesting paths and diverse landscapes. The history is also fascinating, like the section of Kaibab limestone layers being roughly 250 million years old.

Best Day Hikes In Grand Canyon National Park

There are several great day hikes in the Grand Canyon. These can be divided into the South and North rims. The day hikes are usually around four to six hours long, depending on your fitness level and how long you want to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Best Day Hikes In The South Rim Of Grand Canyon

The best-recommended hike you should do in a day is the South Kaibab Trail in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. This 3-mile round trip begins south of Yaki Point. The views are breathtaking as hikers pass through a section called The Chimney.

After you have descended from The Chimney, you should look out for ripples in the sandstone, which are as old as 265 million years. The trail passes through the Ooh Aah Point, the best place to take photos and a good spot for a break.

You will pass Cedar Ridge about 1.5 miles into your hike and eventually get to Skeleton Point, the turnaround point. The trail is an excellent choice for beginner hikers as it is wider than the other trails in the park. The trail is quite steep in certain places, and you should come prepared with lots of water and sun protection.

The Bright Angel Trail is another highly suggested and arguably most popular one in the South Rim. Two things make this hike one of the best in the Grand Canyon – the beautiful steep switchbacks all along the first 4 miles, and the rest points almost every 1.5 miles.

Hikers can make this day hike easy or difficult by deciding when to turn back. However, another aspect that makes this trail popular is Plateau Point. Walking all the way, there would be a 12-mile round trip which would be a long day but totally worth it.

Last but not least, Grandview Trail is another top day hike to do in the South Rim. The Grandview hike is more difficult than the others (mainly because of the heights) but very rewarding. The trail goes to Horseshoe Mesa, a vast platform where you could also walk to the edge and look at the Tonto Plateau.

Best Day Hikes In The North Rim Of Grand Canyon

You should not miss the North Kaibab Trail in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This hike is a preserved trail in the canyon which is a good option for more inexperienced hikers. You can walk to Coconino Overlook or the Supai Tunnel, which both give a fantastic experience of the canyon.

On this trail, you can also go to Roaring Springs, but it will be a long day hike (around 7 hours). It’s essential to start your hike in the morning as early as possible to avoid the heat and make sure you can come back to the starting point in good time.

Another hiking trail that is a must-do, especially for families, is the Transept Trail. This day hike goes along the North Rim and is a pretty short day hike compared to the other more difficult ones.

The Birdle Trail is also a family-friendly one-day hike with many water stations and rest places. You can take your pet on a walk to see the Grand Canyon or experience the views from the seat of your bicycle on this trail.

In the North Rim, the Cliff Springs Trail can be seen as one of the best day hikes. This trail is not too long and features a forested gorge that ends with a spring beside a big boulder at the end. An extra characteristic of this hike is the Native American illustrations which you can look out for.

The Cape Final Trail is a hike on the North Rim that boasts some forest walks as well as stunning views that show some well-known aspects of the Grand Canyon. One of these is the Vishnu Temple.

Best Easiest Day Hikes In Grand Canyon

On the South Rim, there is a hike called the Rim Trail. This is a prevalent route, and it is easy in the sense that you can decide how long you will hike for. The entire trail is 13 miles, but you can also opt for hiking for only 1 hour.

The Cape Royal Trail is on the North Rim of the canyon and is also considered an easy hike with the best feature – seeing the sunrise or sunset. This particular hike is an opportunity to learn a bit about plant and animal life in the canyon.

If you want to go for a longer day hike, but keep it relatively easy, then a good option is the Widforss Trail. This hike is again on the North Rim, and it is about 9 miles long. There are spectacular views and a lovely picnic spot at the final point in this trail.


There are a few day hikes in the Grand Canyon National Park that are highly recommended. Some of these include the North and South Kaibab Trails, the Bright Angel Trail, and the Cliff Springs Trail.

It is always recommended to start your hike early and carry water and sun protection. Enjoy the beautiful views the Grand Canyon has to offer by planning one of these best day hikes.