6 Of The Best Hiking Trails In Kentucky

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Few things can clear the mind and body quite like a thrilling hike! In Kentucky, many such hikes offer varied landscapes throughout the year that keep hikers coming back for more. As a regular hiker, Kentucky’s Appalachian mountains and meadows are only a few of the places I frequent, and I’d be happy to tell you more about hiking in Kentucky.

Hiking in Kentucky offers varying landscapes, like Appalachian mountains, meadows, forests, and plateaus. There are family-friendly trails that are 0.6 miles long and take 30 minutes, intermediate trails that are 7.2 miles and take 4 hours, and expert trails that are 14 miles and take 7 hours.  

Getting out can do you good. There are some fantastic hiking trails to choose from here, and spending them with friends and family will make them even more enjoyable. Let’s get to exploring!

Hiking In Kentucky

Hiking in Kentucky offers various landscape sceneries that make every step worth your while. You’ll see rocky Appalachian Mountain terrain to beautifully decorated wildflowers in meadows. Kentucky is also rich in national forests, making for promising hiking trails.

There are plenty of hiking options for hikers of all skill levels, and each one offers exciting depths and breathtaking vistas. Trail options vary, with quick hikes taking 20 minutes to complete and more challenging hikes taking as long as seven hours. Additionally, most of them are dog-friendly, provided your canine companions are on a leash.

While leisure is essential, remember to keep safety in check at all times. Food storage restrictions exist to reduce odors that attract bears. The consumption of alcohol is also strictly prohibited on national forests land, Kentucky lakes, and waterways. Do not paint or chisel any rocks, and ensure that you snuff out your campfire entirely before leaving.

Inexperienced hikers or families may enjoy visiting Sky Bridge Red River Gorge or Chimney Top Trail. They’re no longer than 0.8 miles and take approximately 30 minutes to complete. They’re perfect for families or couples who want to spend some quality time together enjoying nature’s splendor.

For intermediate hikers, Courthouse Rock And Double Arch Via Auxier Ridge Trail, as well as Hawk Creek Valley Suspension Bridge Trail, is the perfect fit. They offer up to 7.2 miles of thrilling scenery and take around 4 hours to complete. These trails will provide an enjoyable day spent with friends or family, and camping is also an appealing prospect.

For the genuinely daring hikers, they may opt for Siltstone Trail and Rough, Kroomer Ridge, Buck, Pinch-em Right Trail Loop. These trails offer a whopping 14 miles of scenery to quench the thirst of the adventurous hiker. Furthermore, they take an estimated 7 hours to complete, but most people enjoy camping halfway through.

Kentucky Hiking Trails For The Whole Family

While hiking is always fun, bringing the whole family makes it a memorable experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids out of the house and away from their phones, tablets, and gaming consoles! Here are some fantastic beginner-friendly hiking trails that the entire family can enjoy.

Sky Bridge Red River Gorge, Daniel Boone National Park

The Sky Bridge Red River Gorge Trail is a 0.8-mile frequently traveled circle path in Pine Ridge, Kentucky, with a beautiful woodland backdrop suitable for all abilities hikers. It takes an estimated 28 minutes to complete.  

The route is best utilized from January to October and is primarily for hiking, nature visits, bird viewing, and walking. The primary attractions are the stunning views of the Red River Gorge and the Sky Bridge, a natural sandstone arch. This route is also accessible to dogs, although you must have them on a leash at all times.

The Sky Bridge Route is a loop trail with a semi-blacktop surface. It begins at the Sky Bridge parking lot and continues over a high, narrow ridge to the Sky Bridge and spectacular viewpoints. The route crosses under and across Sky Bridge before returning to the parking area by a flight of steps consisting of 75 steps.

Chimney Top Trail, Daniel Boone National Park

Chimney Top Route is a 0.6-mile out-and-back trail in Pine Ridge, Kentucky, that boasts lovely flora and is suitable for hikers of all abilities. It takes an estimated 20 minutes to complete.

The path is open all year and is a favorite for hiking, walking, and wildlife expeditions. This route is also available to dogs, but they must be on a leash like other hiking trails. The Red River is 400 feet below this picturesque viewpoint. It’s easy to mistake the gorge’s ridges and valleys for mountains while looking out over them.

The Red River carved these cliffs, not by uplift, but by its slow and steady cutting. The Cumberland Plateau, amid the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, is home to the Red River Gorge.

A plateau is a landform that rises high above the surrounding region and is flat and raised. The Cumberland Plateau’s construction occurred millions of years ago when ancient rivers from the Appalachian Mountains deposited massive volumes of sand and debris here.

Valleys deepened, and soaring cliffs formed when the Red River and its tributaries bore the thick sandstone layer. This sand and silt eventually turned into stone.

The Red River Gorge’s cliffs are stunning, but they’re also deadly. A cliff fall can be perilous and result in catastrophic harm, so don’t attempt to climb over the railing for any reason.

Kentucky Hiking Trails For The Intermediate Hiker

Sometimes we require a little something extra to get the blood flowing and work out a sweat. What better way to gain that than with a challenging hiking trail that promotes healthy living and helps de-stress you?

Courthouse Rock And Double Arch Via Auxier Ridge Trail

The Courthouse Rock and Double Arch through Auxier Ridge Path are a moderately used 7.2-mile out and back trail near Stanton, Kentucky that has a river. The route is open year-round and provides a variety of activities. This route also welcomes dogs, although they must be on a leash. The estimated completion time is 4 hours.

This route branches off from the Auxier Ridge Trail and goes below the cliff on an old logging road to a prominent rock structure that looks like a courthouse.

The Cumberland Ranger District’s Courthouse Rock Trail exists in the Red River Gorge. The route winds through the woods, beneath towering cliffs, and through slow-moving springs that feed Auxier Branch. The landscape is beautiful, and the local flora is diversified.

The Red River Gorge’s cliffs are stunning, but they may be deadly if you get too near to the edge. Someone in the Red River Gorge gets badly hurt every year, so please use caution while approaching cliff edges.

This hiking trail is a fantastic route with great views; you may circle it after the double arch by walking down a dirt road for a short distance. A sign marks a path back to the parking lot, or you may also return to the courthouse rock and complete the loop there.

Hawk Creek Valley Suspension Bridge Trail

Hawk Creek Valley Suspension Bridge Route is a moderately-trafficked 3.7-mile out-and-back trail situated in East Bernstadt, Kentucky, with magnificent wildflowers. The route is open all year and is famous for hiking, walking, jogging, and bird viewing. Canine companions can come along if they are on a leash. The average completion time is 2 hours.

On the London Ranger District, Hawk Creek begins near the intersection of I-75 and KY 909. The route then heads south, following dry sandy hills along ancient county roads and passing through private property. As a result, hikers must respect private landowners’ rights and stay on the route.

The trail is beautiful, but it may be too challenging for children. The first mile is doable, but the route becomes steeper after that. If you’re taking kids, make sure they’ve done some hiking before. Hiking poles will also be indispensable on some of the slicker sections.

The entire hike provides shade, and on the way back, there are a couple of hills that will raise your heart rate, but it wasn’t too tricky.

The trailhead is clearly marked, and there is plenty of off-road parking. Plastic plaques affixed to trees mark the trail at intervals. The track, however, is well-worn and straightforward to follow. There are various campsites at the end of the walk, ideal for resting before the return trip, which is mainly uphill.

Kentucky Hiking Trails For The Born Mountaineer

If you are antsy for your next hike and your heart races at the thought, you must have been a mountaineer in your past life. Naturally, you prefer only the most challenging hiking trails, so here are some to test your new pair of hiking boots.

Siltstone Trail, Tom Wallace Recreational Area

Siltstone Trail is a massive 13.4-mile hike that is not for the faint of heart. It is an out-and-back track in Fairdale, Kentucky, categorized as strenuous and features a magnificent flora variety.

The trail is most beautiful from September to May and is enjoyable for hikers, nature visits, bird viewing, and joggers. This route is also suitable for dogs. The estimated time of completion is 7 hours.

The Siltstone Trail runs through the knobs of southern Jefferson County, reaching some of the highest spots in the county. The path can start from either end and if you have a hiking friend with wheels, it’s a simple shuttle. It’s an out-and-back hike else.

This trail is an excellent trek in the fall and when the leaves are off in the winter and early spring because practically the whole hike is through thickly forested sections. Along the route, you’ll see a lot of deer and wild turkey.

I couldn’t believe I was in Kentucky at times along this trail. This route was beautiful and challenging because of the high trees, brisk cold air on a hot day, and rough terrain. With towering trees, a busy cold wind on a hot day, and rocky terrain, the scenery is distinctive and challenging. Bring lots of water and a meal if you plan to stop at the halfway mark.

Rough, Kroomer Ridge, Buck, Pinch-em Right Trail Loop

This hiking trail is a moderately frequented 14.1-mile loop trail with a challenging river in Slade, Kentucky. Hiking, camping, and backpacking are popular activities on the path, and the course is dog-friendly. The estimated time of completion is 7 hours and 20 minutes.

Because this path might be challenging to follow, hikers should consider using a GPS or downloading a map. There are no bridges to assist you with crossing the rivers, so be prepared to traverse them by water.

This hiking track has a good diversity of scenery, making it a fun hike. This walk features a beautiful combination of vistas, caverns, and time spent in the woods by a stream. It involves several stream crossings; thus, waterproof shoes with high grip are recommended but not required.

Muddy regions are prevalent, and they may be very hazardous. As a result, the leg muscles will certainly get tested, so poles are handy for keeping one’s balance and posture in check.

If you become lost, follow the white diamond blaze to find the paths. Because of the multiple creek crossings and the denseness of the forested regions, the side paths might easily pass for the main route, so keep an eye on the white diamond.

The gorge’s woodland is dense and may feel claustrophobic at times; cottonmouths have become popular, and the bugs may sting, so beware!! Water supplies are plentiful, and the majority of the path provides a lot of shade.


Whether you’re looking for a hike that the entire family can enjoy, or you want to forget yourself (and work), there’s a perfect hiking trail for you. If you’re bringing kids along, take care that they do not climb over any railings. Remember that dogs are also welcome as long as they are on a leash.