20 Of The Best Hiking Trails In Maine

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The Northeastern State of Maine is renowned for its scenic beauty and waterfalls.  It is the perfect vacation area for all nature lovers.  This State has 1728 hiking trails spread across its serene wilderness, and we will explore just a few of these excellent trails in Maine.

Maine is the go-to State for hiking enthusiasts.  The State has 1728 hiking and adventure trails that are there to explore.  With over 75 waterfalls,  5000 lakes, 14 mountain peaks, and 3478 miles of coastline, Maine is a premium vacation destination.

The hiking trails in this article have been singled out for their stunning viewpoints, waterfalls, and lakes that can be found along the route.  Let’s explore the wilderness of picturesque Maine!

The Beautiful Hiking Trails Of Maine

Hiking in Maine is the best way to experience all the waterways, landscapes, and wildlife that is on offer in this magnificent Northeastern State.  There are scenic coastlines, lush green forests, and stunning lakes to explore and experience.

Maine offers hiking trails for the amateur to the experienced hiker.  Without further delay, here are some of the hiking trails to experience on your next trip up to Maine.

Ocean Path Trail – Acadia National Park

The Ocean Path trail is one of the easy hiking trails and is a must-see.  The trail follows a route that passes many of the park’s famous landmarks, such as Sand Beach, Otter Cliffs, and of course, Thunder Hole.  There are many rocky side trails that lead down to the beautiful beaches.

The Ocean Path trail is only 4.5 miles long but offers spectacular views.  This trail is easy and pet-friendly, so feel free to bring the family’s best friend along.

Fairy Head Loop – Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land (Bold Coast, ME)

The Cutler Public Reserved Land consists of 12 334 acres of wilderness that can be explored.  The Fairy Head loop will bring you close to the significant Maine ecosystems and grant you many photo opportunities, especially during sunrise.

The 10.4-mile trail will take you on a four-mile coastal hike before it turns inland.  The inland forest offers an excellent opportunity to see wildlife.  There are a few camping spots to spend the night under the stars.

Ship Harbor Trail – Acadia National Park, ME

The short Ship Harbor trail offers one of the most picturesque sunsets and is a sight not to be missed.  The 1.4-mile trail is less populated with hikers and provides a relaxed adventure, with many seaside resting areas with tidal pools and marine life.  The Ship Harbor Trail is a go-slow and peaceful hike suited for all.

Mount Battie Trail – Camden Hills State Park

The 1.1 miles long Mount Battie trail takes you up a steep scramble to the summit standing at 780 feet.  The trail is not very challenging and is accessible for all hikers.  The beautiful views from the top are well worth working up a little bit of sweat.  The summit offers an excellent opportunity for taking a selfie with the backdrop of Penobscot Bay and Camden.

Fore River Sanctuary Trail – Portland, ME

The Fore River Sanctuary trail is very popular with the locals and is easy to access from the city.  This 3.3-mile trail offers views of roaring waterfalls and marsh areas.  The route is easy as there is a wooden boardwalk to help traverse the lush green forest, and it is well suited for pets and young children.

Bradbury Mountain Trail – Bradbury Mountain State Park

The 1.4-mile hiking trail takes you to the amazing rocky mountain summit through a forested wooden area.  The easy path offers mesmerizing views from the peak and is easily accessible by all.  The trail offers two routes to the mountain peak; both will provide spectacular views, especially during the fall season.  Bradbury Mountain Trail is pet friendly and provides a great break from the busy city life.

Moxie Falls Trail – West Forks, ME

The Moxie Falls is a 90-foot vertical drop waterfall and is the highlight of this hiking trail.  The trail offers over a dozen smaller waterfalls on the way to the showstopper.  If you need to cool down at the top, some stairs lead down to the bottom of the fall with a spectacular swimming area.

The Moxie Falls is another trail adored by locals over the weekends, so visit during the week for some privacy.  The trail is 1.7 miles long and elevates up to 226 feet but is still accessible by all levels of hikers.

Stone House Trail – White Mountain National Forest (Bethel, ME)

The Stone House trail offers a slight challenge with its steep uphill that will require a slight running start.  The trail provides excellent views of the neighboring New Hampshire and many sparkling pools of Mains Lake District.  The trail offers juicy snacks along the way with wild blueberries that can be found just past the halfway mark, so say hi to the locals that are foraging for the delectable fruit.

The trail is 4.8 miles long and elevates up to 1 253 feet.  The trail offers a slight detour worth taking to the Rattlesnake pools, where one can cool off with a well-deserved swim.

Bald Rock Mountain Trail –Camden Hills State Park, ME

The Camden Hills State Park is very popular for hiking in beautiful Maine.  It offers rocky mountainsides with a few peaks with stunning views of the small towns below.  The Bald Rock Mountain trail is well marked and is a moderately difficult hike, but it is worth it as it has some of the most beautiful landscapes and rolling hills.  The trail is 3.4 miles long and elevates 833 feet to the top.

Gulf Hagas Rim Trail – Brownville Junction, ME

The Gulf Hagas Rim trail offers waterfalls, cliffs, gorges, and forests in a lengthy 8.2mile-long hike.  The trail treks through the Appalachian Mountains with breathtaking views and swimming areas along the way.  The moderately complex trail is lengthy and elevates up 954 feet, and is best taken slowly to enjoy all the sights and resonances of the mountains.

Mount Katahdin Trail And Knife Edge – Baxter State Park (Millinocket, ME)

Mount Katahdin is the tallest mountain peak in Maine, with an elevation of 5 269 feet.  This mountain offers another notable feature, a ridgeline called The Knife.  The ridgeline has high drop-offs on both sides, making it thrilling and dangerous at the same time.  The hike will take a whole day to cover the 8.1 miles with an elevation gain of 3 897 feet and is better suited to a hiker with experience.

The hike to the summit can throw unpredictable rainy and windy conditions to someone attempting it.  Caution should be taken as it requires strength and stamina to reach this summit.  Once at the top, you will be rewarded with endless views of northern Maine and the surrounding ridges.

Beehive Trail – Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, ME)

The Beehive trail is a very popular hike in the Acadia National Park, and it will take you up 488 feet in just 1.4 miles.  So, don on your knee guards and gloves as you will be using your hands, knees, and feet for this epic trail.

The trail offers sharp jagged rocks that should not be attempted in rainy conditions, as the rocks become very slippery.  The view from the top is of Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, with a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Tumbledown Mountain Trail – Four Ponds Public Reserved Land (Weld, ME)

The Tumbledown Mountrail trail has a little of everything for the hiker.  The path has several scrambling sections, some climbing sections, and an elevation gain of 2 000 feet.  The hike is not too strenuous but will offer several challenges throughout the hike.  Once the peak has been reached, the views will take your breath away as you gaze out over southeastern Maine with its lakes and rocky hills.

Precipice Trail – Acadia National Park (Bar Harbor, ME)

The Precipice trail is not for the faint-hearted, as this 2-mile hike has metal ladders, staircases, and rungs that must be traversed.  There are some excellent scrambling spots and a tough rocky climb to the top.  The hike will provide a fun and thrilling adventure all the way to the top with 1053 feet elevation gain, but it is well worth it once you admire the stunning view.

Cadillac Mountain Trail – Acadia National Park, ME

The best time to do the Cadillac Mountain trail is in the early hours of the morning to catch the mesmerizing sunrise.  The trail is 2.2 miles long and is relatively easy to complete in 2-3 hours, with an elevation gain of 1 528 feet.  The beautiful granite peak offers panoramic views of Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, and the cool blue ocean.

100-Mile Wilderness – Central Maine

The 100-mile Wilderness is not for the average Joe but rather for an experienced camper/hiker.  The strenuous trail will require 10-12 hour hikes daily for 5 – 10 days while carrying all the essentials.  The trail starts off slow and steady and works its way up to 15 000 feet.

The trail offers the most amazing wildlife and wilderness forests in the country.  Although this trail is not suitable for everyone, it is a definite bucket list item.

Jordan Pond Loop Trail – Acadia National Park, ME

The Jordan Loop trail is an easy and relaxing hike that crosses primarily flat terrain.  The 3.3-mile hike takes you directly to the park’s deepest and 2nd largest lake.  There are many boardwalks to protect the fragile ecosystem, and there might even be a beaver dam to explore.  The trickiest part of the trail is on the lake’s northwest side, where you will encounter slightly uneven granite rock.

Deboullie Mountain Trail – Northern Woods, ME

The Deboullie Mountain trail will provide plenty of photo opportunities in the 4.7-mile hike.  The trail passes by several ponds and has a decommissioned fire tower that can be climbed to get a view of Mount Katahdin.

Their trail has several campsites that can be used if you would like to have an extended stay.  The Deboullie Mountain trail is one of the quietest hiking trails in the area, so you won’t be interrupted by other hikers while spending some time in nature.

Borestone Mountain Trail – Guilford, ME

The Borestone Mountain trail has sweeping landscapes and is a popular hiking area.  The 3.5-mile hike leads to the peak of Borestone Mountain and offers spectacular views of the forests and Lake Onawa in the distance.  The hike is not too challenging and has an elevation gain of 1 223 feet, but it does have a few rock passes that will need some skills to cross.

Ledges Trail – Pleasant Mountain Preserve (Denmark, ME)

The Ledges trail is situated in southwest Maine and is 3.3 miles long with an elevation gain of 1 512 feet.  The challenging terrain is mostly rock and has mild to steep gradients that must be climbed.  Remember to pack a picnic basket as the summit has lovely flat sheetrock to sit down on and take in the fantastic views of lakes and the lush forests.

What To Take With On A Hiking Trail In Maine

Not all the hikes in Maine are a walk in the park, and it is recommended to have the following items to make this experience worthwhile.

  • A Comfortable BackPack– to pack all the extras in so that your hands are free.
  • A Hat or baseball cap – The sun can be mean, so be cautious and a cap or hat to help keep some of the rays at bay.
  • Sunscreen and Bug Spray– Hiking in the wilderness will mean exposure to UV Rays and insects.  So be prepared for both.
  • A Water Bottle – The hiking trail is long, and being dehydrated is not much fun, so be sure to fill a large water bottle to quench your thirst
  • Comfortable hiking shoes – You will encounter marches, rocks, ladders, and sand on the trails, so keeping your feet comfortable is essential.
  • A Camera – There are thousands of beautiful photo opportunities on the hiking trails in Maine; a camera is a must for those beautiful and special memories.


The State of Maine offers a wide variety of fantastic hiking trails.  The hiking trails range from a leisurely stroll at the Ocean Path trails to the super-tough Mount Katahdin trail that takes you past the Knife Edge Ridgeline.  The ultimate hiking trail is the 100 mile Wilderness trail that can take up to 10 days to complete.

For any nature enthusiast, Maine is definitely the State you should consider visiting on your next vacation.  This blueberry state, with its natural beauty, has plenty to offer!