How Long Is The Rim Trail At Bryce Canyon?

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Many of us enjoy the outdoors, and there are various activities that we can engage in while outside. One of these is hiking, which can be done casually with friends or family for a fun day out or taken more seriously. One thing is definite: the Rim Trail at Bryce Canyon, found in Utah, is one of those you really ought to consider visiting.

The Rim Trail found at Bryce Canyon is a pleasant hike with gorgeous views to be adored, and it extends 5.5 miles or 9.16 kilometers one way. It is an easy enough hike for most, but you should probably take water with you, ensure you have appropriate footwear.

  • Distance: 5.5 miles or 9.16 kilometers in total (one way).
  • Estimated Hiking Time: 2 to 3 hours
  • Elevation: 1754 feet or 535 meters.
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Your Main Options For The Rim Trail At Bryce Canyon

There are two primary routes at the Rim Trail, and the first one, which connects Sunrise and Sunset Points, is actually paved. It offers a relatively level hike and is the easiest of the two trails. Even so, there are spectacular views to be taken in on this route. Even if you take your time, this one can be completed in approximately 40 or so minutes.

If you want to hike the whole trail, you will go from Fairyland Point to Bryce Point, which is a more moderate to challenging trek. There are some severe elevation changes in the hike as a whole, and you should be aware of this, especially if you have bad knees or the like.

Walking The Rim Trail At Bryce Canyon

If you want a holistic and excellent venture through Bryce Canyon National Park, the Rim Trail is the best option. Usually, you will start at Fairyland Point and then make your way along the path, or you can start at Bryce Point and hike through the spectacular 5.5-mile rim of the Bryce Canyon and have a fantastic view of the canyon’s amphitheaters.

With this hike, you are in for a real treat and can peer over the edge and gaze into the Silent City chasms if you are daring enough. There are glorious ponderosa and bristlecone pines along your way from Bryce Point to the Inspiration Point, and it truly is awe-inspiring beauty that you will behold. The vistas are spectacular and never-ending along this glorious trail.

If you prefer a decline stroll through the wilderness, we recommend beginning the Rim Trail at Bryce Point to the south and then making your way north to Fairyland Point. This way, you will generally be walking downhill to Sunrise Point, and then there is a slight incline before it dips down once again as you head toward the end of the trail.

You may not wish to stroll along the trail at the most crowded and popular segments, and therefore we suggest sticking to hiking between Bryce and Inspiration. However, there is a reason that the busiest sections are Sunset and Sunrise Point, and this is because they offer gorgeous backdrops and lighting for photographs.

Overall, the trail is hard-packed, and the ground is sturdy and substantially broad enough; however, there are some steep ascents and descents at specific points. Also, if you are afraid of heights, this may not be the hiking route for you, as there are sections along the Rim where there are steep drop-offs near the path, particularly between Bryce and Inspiration Point.

If you only feel like walking certain sections of the hike, you can use the park’s shuttle bus that services all the direct access points, except for Fairyland Point. If you desire to do so, you can walk from one access point to another and then catch the shuttle back to where you parked your vehicle.

Walking The Rim Trail At Bryce Canyon Two Ways

If you are a more avid hiker, you may wish to venture forth and do the trail both ways instead of going from one side to the other and then catching a shuttle back to your car. The average time for a more seasoned hiker to complete it is between 4 and 5 hours. And if you prefer solitude and peace when hiking, we suggest going during the quieter times of the day.

Making Use Of A Guide At The Rim Trail At Bryce Canyon

What is lovely about such parks is that they offer the services of guides who are happy to give you a tour hike, and there are various packages to suit all budgets. They will help you make the most of your time on the walk; you will be well informed and looked after with their knowledge of the area and passion for nature and the outdoors.

The Price To Do The Rim Trail At Bryce Canyon

When you enter the Bryce Canyon National Park, you must purchase a pass, and all such passes are available at the entrance booths. And if you want to plan ahead of time, they are even available for purchase online. See the following link for information detailing the different packages and their prices

Purchasing Your Bryce Canyon Pass Online

If you like to plan things properly and not have to hassle with remembering to take cash along with you or instead leave your wallet at home altogether, you can purchase your digital pass online for no additional fee. Once you have bought it, either print it out or download and save it onto your mobile device, as cell service is terrible in the area.

Accepted Forms Of Payment At Bryce Canyon National Park

The payment methods accepted at Bryce Canyon National Park include gift checks, personal checks, business checks, traveler’s checks, money orders, and credit cards.


The Bryce Canyon National Park is a beauty to behold, and you are sure to enjoy it highly. Various trails can be hiked, and some are more challenging than others; to ensure that everyone can be accommodated for and enjoy the glorious splendor it holds. There are guided hikes, or you can take the trail on your own, but remember to soak in all that surrounds you at the end of the day.