A Great 2-Mile Hike: 13 Crossings In Maui, Hawaii

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The 13 Crossings (Makamakaole Stream) is a waterfall hike that’s especially popular with tourists visiting Maui, Hawaii. It goes over a winding canyon in the Waihee ridge trail and is known for its beautiful views of the West Maui mountains.

The 13 Crossings is a 2-mile long challenging hike that takes approximately an hour to complete. The trek can be dangerous, though it’s not impossible to achieve. Hikers should prepare by bringing food and water, plenty of water, and appropriate clothing since this is one of the wettest places in America.

This hike is on a narrow path that winds through the Waihee River Canyon. The breathtaking views along these hiking trails make up for so much rain near its bottom.

All you need to know about 13 crossings in Maui, Hawaii

Maui is well known for its beautiful and fantastic scenery. There are so many places to visit in this lush jungle, but one of them is the 13 Crossings of Maui, in which there are different routes.

The 13 Crossings in Maui, Hawaii, is a challenging hike, but it is an absolute must-do for everyone that loves waterfall hikes.

It takes about a little more than an hour to complete this hike, and the reward is a fantastic view of two waterfalls and valleys you might have never seen before.

This short hike has a lot of steep inclines and declines, so be prepared for a challenging journey. If you’re planning on doing this your first time in Hawaii, plan accordingly.

The great thing about this hike is that there are almost always people who will offer to help you if needed, so make sure you bring enough water and snacks with you.

Here are what you will find in the fascinating 13 Crossings trail:

Makamaka’ole Falls

Makamaka’ole Falls is a big waterfall on Makamaka’ole Stream. It may be seen from the route that goes along Waihee Ridge. On the trail, around one mile in from the beginning, is where you will find the most incredible view.

The height of the Makamaka’ole Falls, including its cascading levels, is approximately 270 feet. Along the Kahekili Highway (county route 340), which runs along the northwest coast of Maui, you will also have the opportunity to see the waterfalls.

The Waihee Ridge Trail

The Waihee Ridge Trail, which runs along the ridge of a portion of the West Maui Mountains, is considered to be one of the best hikes on the island of Maui. Along the trail, hikers are treated to magnificent views of the north faces of the West Maui Mountains.

You won’t find a more leisurely hike elsewhere on Maui than this one, so make sure you’re well prepared. During the first two miles of this hike, you will spend most of your time ascending, but the descent on the way back will be a pleasant stroll. The use of trekking poles is highly recommended for this walk.

Banyan tree

The bayan tree is the first crossing as you walk toward the waterfalls. You will come upon a magnificent banyan tree soon after leaving the bamboo forest.

Directions to 13 Crossings trail

The beginning of the Makamaka’ole Stream has a reputation for being hard to locate. But it’s not that difficult if you know what you’re looking for and how to find it on a map. The beginning of the path may be located directly off the major road, the Kahekili Highway.

A portion of the Kahekili Highway is notorious for its terrifying and dangerous conditions. The Kahekili Highway’s southern terminus features the beginning of the back road, also known as the dangerous section of the route. Getting to the 13 Crossings Trail requires taking this route.

Suppose you approach the trailhead from the south. In that case, you will travel on what could be described as a narrow road (given that it is shared by vehicles traveling in both directions). Still, you will not come across the section that is regarded as being particularly frightening or hazardous.

That is some distance down the road. If you are thinking about driving in from the north side, it is in your best interest to assess the current circumstances before deciding whether or not you want to attempt it.

If something were to happen to your car, many rental car companies would not be liable for damages in that particular section of the road. (Another part of the route is not included in the back road to Hana Maui)

How Difficult Is The 13 Crossings Hike?

The level of difficulty of the climb known as the 13 Crossings can fluctuate significantly depending on the weather conditions. (Note that hiking through the Makamaka’ole Stream crossings hiking trails is at your own risk).

The hike’s distance, approximately two miles, is manageable, and the trail is quite well defined.

You will be compelled to go over the Makamakaole stream crossings numerous times, which might be risky due to the wet and slippery rock conditions.

The term “13 Crossings” comes from the trail going over the Makamaka’ole stream thirteen times. Even on reasonably dry days, you should be prepared to do some climbing and scrambling across the slippery rocks. These crossings can become much more challenging when there is flash flooding.

Where To Park For 13 Crossings Hike

The most challenging aspect of this great hike could be finding a Parking Spot. Only a small parking area is available at 13 Crossings, which is essentially the shoulder along Kahekili Highway.

There are places to park close to the bridge that marks the beginning of the hiking trails, although they can be taken up quickly. If there is no space, continue moving along the path and look for shoulder places.

Additional parking is available at the lot, serving as overflow for the Waihe’e Ridge Trail. It will add twenty minutes of walking to either end of your 13 crossings trail hike, but it will save you the stress of navigating Maui’s less developed roadways.

Tips For The Maui 13 Crossings Hikes

The 13 crossings in Maui, Hawaii, is a 2-mile long trail, so you can expect to spend around one to two hours on a hike here. It is a strenuous but rewarding hike that crosses over 13 mountain peaks.

To complete this great hike, you should ensure you have the proper equipment and supplies for the trip.

Appropriate clothing, good water shoes, and rain gear are recommended to keep yourself safe on your journey through the Makamakaole stream.

1) To start your 13 crossings trail hike experience, you should have water, snacks, sunscreen, and a walking stick. In addition, you should also be prepared with a swimsuit and towel if you plan to take a refreshing dip during your next crossing.

2) The 13 crossings in Maui, Hawaii, is a challenging hike, where hikers will have to cross the rocky terrain, rock hop, and wade through water. You will surely need to wear good shoes

However, before starting your trip, ensure you’ve got yourself some Hiking boots, sturdy water shoes, and trekking poles.

3) If you intend to traverse the Makamakaole Gorge (Makamakaole Stream) you must be extremely mindful of the weather. Like many Hawaii canyons with high gradients, it is susceptible to flash flooding. Several people have become stranded in the gorge due to flooding and require assistance. You do not want to get trapped by a deluge in the stream’s frequently narrow gulch parts.

4) Avoid this hike if heavy rain is predicted, especially if a flash flood warning is in effect. And turn around if the first stream crossings appear dangerous. If the Makamakaole stream seems to rise throughout your 13 Crossings trail hike, you should immediately return to the trailhead before it becomes slippery.

The trail consists of stream crossing after a stream crossing. Things can become slippery, so be cautious!