How Long To Hike Iao Valley In Maui Hawaii

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Hawaii has so many fun attractions that it can be hard to choose what to do while you’re here. However, if you find yourself near Maui and fancy a bit of time in the stunning Hawaiian wilderness, then hiking the Iao Valley is a must-do. Iao Valley has extreme historical importance and is sacred to the native Hawaiians. So how long would a hike of Iao Valley take, you might ask?

Hiking the Iao Valley to the Iao Needle and the Ethnobotanical Loop will take about one hour to complete. This trail is 0.6  miles long and is mainly paved. Therefore, anyone can complete a hike to the Iao Valley. There are many things to do in the park, so you might want to set out enough time.

You don’t require a permit to hike the Iao Valley. However, there are some entrance fees at the state park entrance. Parking fees also apply, and there is limited parking, especially on the weekends. Dogs aren’t allowed on the trail, and you must take your own food and beverages as there aren’t any food stalls inside the park.

How Long Does The Iao Valley Hike In Maui Take?

Iao Valley is situated close to Wailuku in Maui, Hawaii. Iao Valley has beautiful sceneries of Hawaii. One of the most famous Hawaiian landmarks, the Iao Needle Lookout, is located in the Iao Valley. Hiking to the Iao Needle Lookout point is a 0.6-mile hike and will take about half an hour to reach. The path is mostly paved, making it an easy trail to hike.

There is hardly any incline on this hike, and whatever incline there is, it is mild and gradual. There are some stairs to climb, though, so this trail isn’t suitable for wheelchair users or strollers. At the State Park parking area, there are restrooms and water fountains. However, once you enter Iao Valley Park, there aren’t any amenities, so you must pack what you want to eat or drink.

If you wish to only hike to the Iao Needle Lookout point and back, you can do so in under an hour. However, there are also many other attractions in this park, including areas suitable for having a picnic. Therefore, you should set out extra time to explore the other attractions in the park.

The park is open throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Iao Valley is in April, May, and June. The weather is cool, and you should have a great view of the Needle when you reach the final lookout point on the Iao Valley trail.

Most of the trail is shaded, and you must pack warm clothes in case it gets cold. Clouds and mist also set in during the afternoon. Therefore, you are advised to start hiking early in the morning to catch the best view of the Iao Needle Lookout.

What To Do And See In Iao Valley In Maui, Hawaii

As we have mentioned, hiking to the Iao Needle Lookout is not the only thing you can do while in the Iao Valley Park. Other attractions and activities are worth visiting, too. Here are some of the best attractions Iao Valley Park:

1. Hiking To The Iao Needle Lookout In The Iao Valley Park

As we have already discussed, the Iao Needle Lookout is an extremely famous Hawaiian landmark. It is the reason many people visit Iao Valley Park. Apart from Iao Needle Lookout’s gorgeous scenery, this spot also has significant historical value to the native Hawaiians.

In the late 1700s, Maui fought against Kamehameha, the first Hawaiian king who tried to conquer all the islands. Maui used the Iao Needle Lookout to gain an advantage in battle. The battle between Maui and Kamehameha, known as the battle of Kepaniwai, was also fought in the Iao Valley. Despite having the benefit of the Needle Lookout, the Maui army lost the war.

This was a huge turning point in the history of Hawaii and is one of the reasons why Iao Valley is sacred to the native Hawaiians. Remains of the weapons used in the battle of Kepaniwai can still be spotted in the Valley.

2. Hiking The Ethnobotanical Loop In Iao Valley In Maui, Hawaii

The Ethnobotanical loop is on the way to the Iao Needle Lookout. By taking this path, you will come across two gardens filled with various indigenous and foreign plants, such as banana- and taro plants. These plants are said to have been brought to Hawaii by Polynesian people.

The gardens are the perfect place to stop and have a rest, eat some snacks, and take beautiful pictures with the Iao Needle in the background. The path is also paved, and there are some stairs you must take to get to the gardens. Close to the second garden, there is a pool where you can go for a dip.

3. Hiking To The Iao Streams In Iao Valley In Maui, Hawaii

Several streams flow in the Iao Valley Park. These streams also have historical value and are sacred to the native Hawaiian people. It is said that some of the ancient Hawaiian chiefs have been buried near these streams to experience eternal peace in the afterlife.

The water from these streams is also diverted to water the gardens on the Ethnobotanical Loop. You can have a swim and a picnic by the streams, but be respectful of nature and the historical importance of Iao Valley.

As you can see, although the hiking trail is short and easy, there are many attractions in Iao Valley Park, and you can easily spend an entire morning exploring the park and admiring the beautiful Hawaiian scenery.

How To Prepare For The Iao Valley Hike In Maui, Hawaii

As the Iao Valley hike doesn’t take a long time or a significant amount of effort, there also isn’t a lot of preparation required. However, watch the weather forecast to ensure it isn’t raining when you plan to visit the park. Also, try to go early to have a great view of the Iao Needle.

Pack water, snacks, and mosquito repellant in your backpack. Remember to follow the “pack it out, pack it in” rule of hiking. There aren’t any trashcans inside the park, so be sure to take your trash with you when you leave. Don’t pick any flowers or plants in the garden to protect the environment.

Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a warm jacket. You must apply sunscreen to prevent yourself from burning. However, most of the trail is covered, and you might need to wear a coat if it gets cold. Also, wear a swimsuit if you want to swim in the Iao Valley streams.


Hiking Iao Valley in Maui, Hawaii, is a fun family outing. The trail is 0.6 miles long, and you can hike to the Iao Needle Lookout and back in less than an hour. However, there are many other attractions Iao Valley has to offer, such as the Ethnobotanical Loop and the many beautiful streams. Be sure to set out enough time to explore the Valley.