Yes, There Is An Oasis In Joshua Tree National Park

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The Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect escape from the everyday grind of the city and an oasis for photographers. The Joshua park features over 500 archaeological sites and 88 unique monumental structures, making it the ultimate getaway destination for adventurers and thrill seekers. There’s much to be seen and explored in the Joshua Tree National Park, which is why it’s one of the most popular tourist attractions for sightseers and astrophotographers.

You can find an oasis in Joshua Tree National Park at Lost Palms Oasis which is situated in the southeastern part of the park. You will need to hike the Cottonwood Spring Trail which is a 7.5-mile out and back hike in the Lost Palm Canyon to see the oasis.

Facts About The Joshua Tree National Park And Lost Palms Oasis

The Joshua Tree Park is considered the 15th largest park in the world, with an estimated 1,238 square mile coverage and 0.5 miles elevation change round trip. The yearly survey showed that over 3 million people visited this iconic park in 2021, earning it 10th position on the list of the most popular parks.

Visitors get access to the park all year round, and with each season comes a new variety of exciting activities they can participate in. Since the park is known to have extreme temperature surges, often rankings in the 100s, the number of tourists during summer is pretty lesser than usual.

The Best Time to Visit

To enjoy your stay in Joshua Tree Park, you would best set a date around early spring or late fall. This is because the weather couldn’t be better for a fun and safe hike through the Munsen Canyon, the Fortynine Palms Canyon Road, and nearby trails leading to the mountains and other oases.

Remember to book your trip in advance as tourists visiting the California fan palms and Fortynine Palms Oasis tend to quadruple around such periods.

Finding Lodging For Overnight Stay

If you’re planning an extended stay in the Oasis of Mara, which means much grass and little springs, you’ll have to plan camping with the national park service. We recommend applying for a spot at the Jumbo Rocks Camping grounds as it’s within the park’s vicinity, close to the parking area.

You can also book a room in one of the many hotels close to Joshua Tree Park. You should be able to spot a few of them once you get to Twentynine Palms.

How to Make Your Way To The Park

Driving to Joshua Tree from San Diego, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas should only take about three hours or less. The trip’s convenience makes it such a great weekend getaway for families.

There are several airline alternatives you can choose from if you intend to make your way to the park by air. You can use a Skyscanner like most people do when looking for affordable flight options.

Once you’ve successfully located your flight, your next step should be to rent a vehicle at the Airport. You can choose to go with a Sedan, which is typically less expensive than renting an AWD vehicle.

The Joshua Tree Park Experience

The Joshua Tree park features a distinctive and diverse landscape. Besides this, many places to explore aren’t even on the map, making it all the more enjoyable. In other words, a single visit might not be enough to get the whole experience and see the entirety of the park.

The major highlights of Joshua Tree Park are indicated on the map, including the Lost Horse Mine and the Barker Dam, which are the two must-see areas of Joshua Tree. For one, the Lost Horse Mine is among the best-preserved monuments in South California, which was once used to extract mineral resources.

The Mine produced 10,000 and 16,000 ounces of silver and gold, respectively, which amounted to 5 million dollars before decommissioning.

A Few Things To Know About The Joshua Tree National Park

The name “Joshua Tree National Park” was derived from the Joshua Tree, also referred to as Yucca Brevifolia, a relatively fast-growing plant capable of reaching 12 inches within one year. Besides this, they can survive up to 150 years, although this mainly depends on how conducive their environment is.

Joshua trees are native to the Mojave Desert and are known for their prickly structures, which are very similar to the appearance of the agave plant. You can access Joshua Tree Park from either the South, West, or North entrance.

Also, this Oasis Visitor Center is filled with tall palm trees believed to have been planted by the Serrano Tribe.

Entrance Fees

The Joshua Tree Park is a splendid escape opportunity for people who want to unwind and others who would like to see the numerous desert animals, birds, plants, and other vegetation the area is known for.

The cost of admission for a single vehicle for one whole week is $30. For the annual Joshua Tree National Park experience, you’ll be charged a total of $80 which is quite reasonable.

Check The Joshua Tree Park Website To Stay Updated

If you’re interested in visiting Joshua Tree Park, you can purchase a pass online or buy it directly from authorized personnel once you get to the park. If you’d rather pay for it online, you’ll need to wait a bit before it gets delivered.

Remember to check the park’s official website before visiting. The Joshua Tree National Park publishes information that should come in handy for visitors, including closures, hiking trails, and campground details. To ensure you have a fun and uneventful experience, take one last peek at their website before you hit the road.

The Joshua Tree Park Day Trip Itinerary

Before leaving home, take sunscreen, a hat, and at least a gallon of water per day of hiking. As we’ve mentioned earlier, winter months in Joshua Tree Park tend to get very chilly, especially during night-time, so you’ll need to pack something to keep you warm just in case. Most importantly, pack enough snacks to last you for the entirety of your visit, as you won’t find any dining options at the park.


A trip to Joshua Tree Park is such an unforgettable experience that it should be on everyone’s bucket list. From its incredible boulders to the Cholla Cactus and unique Yucca Brevifolia tress, the Joshua Tree Park is genuinely diverse, meaning there’s a little something for everyone.