How Do You Use A Skateboard As A Shelf?

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Whether you’re decorating a garage, kid’s room, or games room, a skateboard makes for the perfect wall shelf. It’s a conversation starter, and if you have the right tools and a little time on your hands, it’s fairly easy to create.

How to Create A Skateboard Shelf

There are a few basic things you’re going to need if you want to create a skateboard shelf:

  • L Brackets
  • Anchors
  • A Drill
  • Screws
  • A Pencil

You can buy all of these things from your local hardware store. It also helps to have some fishing line to hand, as there are a couple of ways to create skateboard shelves and we’ll show you both of them.

You’ll also need a skateboard, though that goes without saying. You have a couple of options here.

Use One That You Already Have

There are two main advantages to using an existing skateboard.

The first is that it already exists. It’s easy and cheap. It also serves as a memorial to all of your skating exploits.

If you’re an experienced skater, it’s much better to be able to point to a skateboard shelf and say, “I rode that when I competed at X” or “I rode that for 5 years” than it is to say, “I bought it for $20 on Amazon”.

But that means you’re either using a damaged skateboard that might be comprised of a new skateboard that would be better off being ridden. You can still ride the skateboard, but it could mean rearranging the contents of the shelf and will also mean you’ll need to refrain from securing it in place.

It’s a cool idea, but it’s not without its faults.

Buy a New Skateboard

The other option is to buy a cheap skateboard. You can either buy a new skateboard from Amazon or pick up a used skateboard from eBay, Craigslist, or a local yard sale.

This Kryptonics Locker Board Complete Skateboard is one of the cheapest on Amazon, and if you search for “skateboards” and sort from lowest to highest price, you’ll find a few others.

If you’re buying for a child/friend and don’t really know much about skateboards, consider the following:

  • Skateboard Decks vs Complete Skateboards: Some products are sold as skateboard decks only, which means you’ll just get the wood. You can build a skateboard shelf using just the deck, as that’s the most important part, but some of the instructions below relate to full boards and these are sold as “complete skateboards”.
  • Size: Not all skateboards are treated equally. You have mini cruisers, standard skateboards, longboards, and more. The size and shape can differ greatly. The best skateboard shelves are made from standard skateboards, which are between 28 and 32 inches long.
  • Material: Skip the plastic boards and look for multi-ply wooden boards, such as ones made from 7-ply maple. There will be compromises, of course, as you’re looking for a cheap board, but stay away from plastic if you want a high-quality shelf.

How to Make Skateboard Shelves

There are a few ways to make skateboard shelves, giving you several different options.

Easy Wall Shelves Using Complete Skateboards

The easiest way to make a skateboard shelf is to mark where you want the shelf to go using a pencil, secure the anchors into the wall, and then add the L brackets.

From there, you just need to rest the skateboard on top.

If you place the brackets on the inside of the skateboard trucks, the skateboard won’t move around. For extra security, though, you can secure the L brackets to the skateboard deck.

Permanent Skateboard Shelves with Skateboard Decks

This option uses just the skateboard deck, so use cheap or old skateboards that you won’t miss.

Unscrew the skateboard trucks, remove the grips, and sand everything down before painting. Follow the same process above, fixing an L bracket to either side of the deck, and there you have it, a new wall shelf!

It will look a little out of place with just one shelf, but you can create several of them, putting them in a horizontal or vertical line to create a general theme, as opposed to a single random shelf. If you’re using several shelves, consider painting them in different colors.

Suspended Shelves

This option is a little trickier but can produce a great effect.

The idea is to add some wall hooks about 2 feet from where you want the shelf to be, attach some fishing line to the deck, and then run this line through the hooks.

The result is a skateboard that’s held up by fishing line and looks—from a distance—like it’s magically suspended in the air.

For something a little more rustic, hang the skateboard from rope or twine instead.

You can use the existing truck holes to pass the line or rope through.

Standing Shelves

All of the above options are for wall shelves, but you can also create a standing shelf stack/bookcase. You’ll need to remove the skateboard’s trucks for this and will also need a few decks for it to work.

Simply attach poles to the bottom and top of each deck and then stack them before fixing a stand to the bottom.

DIY projects like this are best avoided if you’re not very good with your hands, but if you have the tools and skills, it’s a creative idea that can be used to store books, toys, and even skating paraphernalia.

Can I Use the Skateboard After Making it Into a Shelf?

If you’re going to use a skateboard that you’ll actually be riding, just build your shelves from a complete skateboard and don’t secure it to the L brackets.

You may also want to refrain from placing too many items on the shelves, otherwise, you’ll be constantly shifting them around every time you want to skate.

A temporary shelf is a great idea to store a skateboard in a child’s room. Not only will it prevent them from leaving it on the floor or constantly propping it against the wall, but it’ll also give you some emergency storage space.