How To DIY Hang A Skateboard Deck On a Wall

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If your skateboard is too old, battered, beaten, or weak to ride, it could be time to retire it.

But don’t throw it away. You’ve had it for years. You’ve enjoyed many great rides and have performed countless great tricks.

It would be a shame for the board to end up on the scrapheap. Instead, do the board justice by hanging it on your wall.

It makes for a great conversation starter and you can show it off to all your skater guests as you share with them stories of all your great rides.

How To Hang Skateboard Deck On Wall Vertically

There are a few way to hand your skateboard deck on a wall vertically.

You can use string, fishing line, old shoe laces, or a mounting kit.

How you mount your skateboard will depend on the look you are going for and if you ONLY want to hang an old skateboard deck or if you want to use a rack to display and store your everyday skateboard that you still ride.

DIY Wall-Mount For Your Skateboard Deck

There are a few ways to hang your skateboard but the wall mount is the sturdiest.

A wall mount uses a screw (not a nail) and a wall anchor that will hold your skateboard deck securely in the dry wall of your wall. If you find yourself drilling into a wall beam you will not need the wall anchor.

Just screw the mount directly into the wall beam.

Wall mounts look better and will last longer, but you’ll also need to spend a little more time and money on the process.

You’re going to need a wall mount kit and a drill and a leveler (that you can buy online).

You can buy a wall mount kit online or you can purchase the item separately, including a wall anchor, wall mount plate, a wall screw, and two bolts, nuts, and T-nuts.

  1. Drill a hole in the wall where you want your skateboard deck to hang.
  2. Add the wall anchor into the hole.
  3. Insert the bolts into the wall mount plate and add the nuts.
  4. Add the wall mount plate onto the hole and make sure it is tight.
  5. Place your skateboard deck against the plate and adjust.
  6. Add the T-nuts to finish hanging your skateboard.

There are many different types of inexpensive DIY skateboard wall mounts available from your local hardware store and from Amazon.

Floating Skateboard Wall Mounts

Floating mounts will give your skateboard deck that clean, floating like a cloud off the wall look and less of the bulky hardware look you see when storing skateboards with wheels on the wall.

SkateHoarding HoverMount

If you are looking for a floating skateboard wall mount that only holds the skateboard deck and extends flat off the wall you can give the SkateHoarding HoverMount Skateboard Wall Hanger Mount Rack Display a shot.

SkateHoarding HoverMount Skateboard Wall Hanger Mount Rack Display

Alumy Skateboard Deck Display

Do you have multiple skateboard decks you want to hang on the wall floating style? Check out the 6 pack from Alumy. You can see it below:

Alumy Skateboard Deck Display Wall Mount,Skate Deck Display Wall Mount for Skatebord Deck Display and Skateboard Deck Decoration,1PACK

Hikeen Skateboard Wall Mount

Here’s a third floating mount option to consider from Hikeen.

Hikeen 2 Packs Skateboard Wall Mount Skateboard Hanger for Skateboard Deck Display and Storage

You can float your skateboard deck on the wall for less than $30 in about 10 minutes.

Hang a Skateboard with a Fishing Line

It’s cheap, easy, and the line also looks invisible from a distance, thus adding to the aesthetic.

  1. Remove the wheels and trucks on your skateboard.
  2. Hammer a nail into the wall where you want to hang the board.
  3. Cut around 10 inches of fishing line.
    1. You can buy fishing line online.
  4. Insert the line through the upper screw holes of the skateboard.
  5. Tie the fishing line into a knot.
  6. Loop the line over the nail to display your skateboard on the wall!

You can also use white or colorless string and follow the same process.

Alternatively, if you’re not bothered about the string being visible, use some old shoelaces.

The trick is not to use too much string and to make sure that it hangs in a way that covers the nail.

It can be tricky, but with a little adjusting you will get there eventually.

Hang Your Skateboard With Wheels On The Wall

You will need to store your functioning skateboard on your wall differently than just the skateboard deck.

Most skateboard rack systems store skateboard horizontally, though there are a few that will hang a skateboard vertically as well. Here are a few options storing skateboards on the wall.

StoreYourBoard is in the business of all kinds of board racks. We’ve used them and are big fans of theirs.

StoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack

Here is a 3-skateboard wall mount that stores skateboards horizontally.

StoreYourBoard Skateboard Rack, 3 Board Wall Storage Mount, Home and Garage

Koova Skateboard Rack Wall Mount

The Koova Skateboard Rack Wall Mount holds 2 or 3 skateboards horizontally depending on which on you buy.

Koova 3 Skateboard Wall Mount Rack Holder | Creative Deck Display | Home or Garage Longboard Storage | Scooter Hanger | Easy Install - Hardware Incl. | Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Frame | USA Made

YYST Skateboard Wall Mount

The YYST Skateboard Wall Mount comes in packs of 2 that hold one skateboard (with wheels) a piece vertically.

YYST Skateboard Wall Mount Skateboard Wall Hanger Storage Rack Flexible Hanger - Fit Cruiser Boards , Skateboards, Penny Boards , Longboards,etc- W Style - No Board -2/PK

How Do You Hang A Skateboard On The Wall Like A Shelf?

SkateShelf Skateboard Industrial Pipe Floating Shelf

Here’s a cool piece of hardware you can get to give your skateboard deck shelf a more industrial look.

SkateShelf Skateboard Industrial Pipe Floating Shelf (Clearcoat Maple with Bent Pipe)