How To Powerslide For Beginner Skateboarders

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If you’ve been watching pro skaterboarders, or even just others at the skate park, you probably know that powersliding is one of the coolest looking ways to stop your board.

No doubt, powersliding looks great.

But if you don’t do it right, you can end up with some pretty gnarly injuries.

Ready to learn how to powerslide? We break down how to power slide on a skateboard step by step.

What is a powerslide on a skateboard?

A powerslide is the most stylish way to stop on a skateboard in a hurry.

You are basically turning your skateboard sideways while you are riding so that the wheels slow you down or bring you to a full stop.

Is it hard to powerslide?

Yes, powersliding is one of the more difficult skateboard tricks to learn in street skating.

It can also be painful if you fall enough.

Take it one step at a time, start slowly and progress from there.

Oh, and wear pads and a helmet.

Are Powerslides bad for your wheels?

Powerslides are hard on your skateboard wheels.

For beginner skateboarders looking to learn how to powerslide consider using a set of old or second hand wheels to practice.

You don’t want to grind down a perfectly new set of wheels.

How To Powerslide On A Skateboard For Beginners

The Basics Of The Powerslide

Before you even begin to learn how to powerslide, you’re going to have to be super comfortable on your skateboard.

Be sure you’ve been practicing for a while, and that you know how to stop in other ways, including the footbrake.

You’re going to need to know how to kickturn, too.

Don’t know what that is? Go back to the basics and learn this trick first. 

It’s not just about skateboard tricks, either, as foot placement is very important with moves like the powerslide and that’s something that you will learn in time.

The more familiar you are with your skateboard, the more control you will have and the easier it will be to control your body and feet.

A complete beginner should be looking elsewhere for their first tricks.

Get The Right Speed

If you’re going too fast on your skateboard, you’re probably not going to nail the powerslide.

If you’re going too slow, you’re likely to eat dirt.

Find a comfortable speed, where you can control your skateboard and balance well.

Then, and this is important, put one foot over each of the trucks on your skateboard – your front foot over the front trucks and your back foot over the back trucks.

Shift Your Body Weight

Now, it’s time to use your body weight to powerslide.

Put most of your weight on the front foot, but leave enough weight on the back foot to be able to control your skateboard.

Then, use that minimal weight on your back foot to gently slide your skateboard out to a 90 degree angle beneath you.

You can do this by straightening your leg while keeping your foot on the skateboard.

To stop, lean back just a bit. Keep your wheels on the ground, front and back, and just let your board slide!

Tips and Tricks for the Powerslide

As with any trick, you’re going to need to practice the powerslide.

You may need to do a couple kickturns as you practice, but you’ll get the hang of it!

Remember your speed.

It’s critical that you’re not skating too slowly when you attempt a powerslide. 

Your front foot and back foot placement are also key when attempting powerslides.

Don’t shift your weight too quickly.

When you turn your board 90 degrees, your body may naturally shift forward.

Counter this by leaning back slightly, but not too fast.

Is It Easier To Powerslide On A Skateboard Or Longboard Or Cruiser?

It is easier to power slide on a smaller skateboard, especially for beginners.

There is simply less mass to move and you have more leverage with a smaller skateboard deck.

Also, smaller skateboards tend to have smaller and harder wheels which are lighter and slide easier.

Leave the longboard and cruiser home for this one.

Is It Easier to Powerslide Heelside Or Toeside?

It is easier to power slide heelside more so than toeside on a skateboard since you are facing downhill and you can push with your back heel.

Not to mention that you can see better when you are skating with your toes facing downhill which can give you more comfort and control.

What Wheels Are Best For Powerslides?

You want to use hard, small skateboard wheels to learn to power slide.

Wheels that are 50 to 60mm with a durometer of 95-101a are small enough and hard enough to do power slides as well as a bunch of other skate tricks.