How To Wrap A Skateboard For Christmas

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The global skateboarding market is worth more than $1.8 billion, with millions of new boards being sold every single year.

As with all sports equipment, a lot of those sales occur around Christmas, when parents buy skateboards for their kids.

If you’re one of those parents, or you’re buying a new skateboard for your friend or partner, you might be wondering how to wrap it.

How to Wrap a Skateboard for Christmas

A skateboard is not exactly an easy thing to wrap, and even if you manage to wrap it neatly, it’s still going to look like a skateboard when it’s under the tree. At that point, you might as well wrap it in grip tape and stick an “I Am A Skateboard” label on the front.

So, how can you wrap a skateboard without being too obvious or messy?

How Do You Wrap a Skateboard for Christmas?

The best way to wrap a skateboard for Christmas is to use butcher paper, a type of thick paper that easily wraps around your entire skateboard.

By the end, your skateboard will look like a long plank of wood, and the wheels won’t be too obvious. You can’t do this with traditional wrapping paper as it will crinkle, scrunch, and rip between the wheels.

Use lots of tape to keep the butcher paper secure and make sure it doesn’t sink, rip, and otherwise expose its real shape/contents.

If your paper is pretty dull and uninspiring, simply wrap it first and then add a layer of Christmas wrapping paper. The result will be a Christmassy skateboard that looks like it was wrapped only using traditional wrapping paper.

You can stick the skateboard under the tree and the recipient will never guess what’s inside.

Another option is to wrap the skateboard in bubble wrap. A single layer will do, as the goal is just to create a tubular board that is much easier to wrap. The bubble wrap will also protect your skateboard during storage, so it’s ideal if you’re going to be moving it around.

How Do You Wrap a Skateboard in a Cardboard Box?

If the thick wrapping paper trick doesn’t work, or you want something that can be squeezed and touched without guessing its contents, you’re going to need a cardboard box.

Firstly, you’ll need to measure your skateboard, accounting for everything, including the wheels.

From there, just check out the cardboard boxes at your local gift shop. Alternatively, pick up a simple box. It doesn’t really have to look good, as it’s basically just a substitute for wrapping paper and will probably get thrown away when the present is opened.

Slide the skateboard inside and add some tissue paper, scrunched wrapping paper, or bubble wrap to prevent the skateboard from moving around.

Buy some pretty wrapping paper, cover the box, and then stick the wrapped skateboard under the tree.

Your child can pick it up, shake it, and squeeze it all they want—there’s no way they’ll know it’s a skateboard.

Can I Use the Board in Which the Board Was Shipped?

If you buy your skateboard online, you could use the box in which it was shipped. However, these boxes tend to be bigger than they need to be. They may also have printed labels from the retailer, as well as lots of messy packing tape.

If you have no other option and the box is not too big, go for it. Otherwise, stick with the options outlined above.

Another option is to use a large gift bag. Just grab some tissue paper to protect the skateboard, add some gift tags on the outside, seal the bag, and stick it under the tree.

What is the Best Skateboard To Buy for a First-Timer Skater at Christmas?

If your kid is interested in skating and you’re buying them a first board for Christmas, there are a few things to keep in mind:

What Type of Board Do They Need?

There are several different types of skateboards, including traditional skateboards, cruisers, and mini-cruisers.

If they want something for the skatepark, a traditional skateboard is what you need. If they’re going to be riding back and forth to school and not performing tricks, look for a cruiser. If they need it to be small and mobile, a mini-cruiser is perfect.

Buy a Complete Skateboard

If you’re buying a board from sites like Amazon or eBay, you’ll notice terms like “Complete Skateboard”. These are the products you should focus on, as others may only be selling the skateboard deck or other parts.

They’re not scams. It’s not one of those dirty eBay tricks where they try to convince you that you’re buying a PlayStation and then sell you a box. They are genuine products sold to boarders who need replacements, upgrades, or want to make their own skateboards.

As a parent looking for a complete present, however, anything other than a full and finished product is useless.

Protect Them

Skateboarding can be dangerous, especially for first-timers.

If they’re new to the sport, think about protective gear, as well as the skateboard itself.

A helmet is essential, but you should also look into knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. If you live near a road, make sure they don’t cross the road on their skateboard.

Skateboarding deaths are rare, but when they do occur, they are often the result of young and inexperienced riders not paying attention or losing control when crossing the road.

Look for Gift Wrapping Services

Some retailers offer gift-wrapping services, especially around Christmas. For a few extra bucks, they will gift wrap the item and include a gift tag with your chosen message.

It can save you a lot of time and is particularly helpful if you’re not confident in your wrapping skills.

Just make sure you check the terms, as they may wrap or decorate the skateboard in a way that makes the contents obvious.

Making Your Gift Eco-Friendly

If you’re worried about wasting a lot of paper and materials, there are a few ways you can clean this process up.

Firstly, use a recycled box, something that you recently received from a shipment/order or something that contained an old appliance. If it’s too big, you can trim it down to size.

Secondly, use as little tape as possible. You can also purchase eco-friendly, plastic-free tape. It’s not as sticky or effective, but it gets the job done and can be used to wrap all Christmas gifts.

Finally, if you get out the measuring tape and measure the skateboard, box, and paper carefully, you can minimize potential waste before you start wrapping.

Learning proper wrapping techniques also helps. Don’t simply scrunch the edges or fold the paper in on itself. Create neat triangular flaps to fold the sides neatly for a seamless finish. If done properly, you’ll barely need any tape.