Nonprofit Skateboard Organizations

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Skateboarding has experienced some challenging times.

It was shunned during its early years, with authorities outlawing the sport as society looked down on skaters.

But skateboarders banded together, fought back, and turned skateboarding into a globally recognized sport that eventually made it to the Olympic Games.

Because of its troubled history and close community, many skaters and brands turn to charity work as soon as they are able to give back.

They all do their bit for the community and work to empower the next generations.

The following nonprofit skateboard organizations are some of the hardest working in the skate community.

The Skatepark Project

Formerly known as The Tony Hawk Foundation, the Skatepark Project is a nonprofit organization established by GOAT vert skater Tony Hawk.

The goal of the Skatepark Project is to help underserved communities build skateparks.

The idea is that these parks will provide a place where young people can gather, giving them something to do, and keeping them away from the hazards of the streets.

Over the years, the Skatepark Project has helped over 600 communities to build skate parks, and these skate programs have been established in all 50 states.

The public skateparks funded by the Skatepark Project attract more than 6 million visitors every year and the project continues to fund, build, and empower kids and communities across the United States.

Learn more about the Skatepark Project.

Rob Dyrdek-DC Shoes Plaza Foundation

The Rob Dyrdek-DC Shoes Plaza Foundation was founded in 2008 and is a nonprofit organization devoted to the skate community and to making it more accessible to young people.

Just like the Skatepark Project, the goal of the Rob Dyrdek-DC Shoes Plaza Foundation is to promote skateboarding in disadvantaged communities and to ensure that every child has a safe place to skate.


Skateistan is a global nonprofit organization that works with young men and young women in impoverished countries and communities, including those in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

It welcomes hundreds of students to its schools and works through drop in programs and neighborhood outreach.

Learn more about Skateistan.

Skate Aid

Skate Aid is a nonprofit organization that supports young people through a series of youth programs based around skateboarding.

These include skateboarding lessons and workshops, skate park construction, education programs based around tolerance and awareness, and projects designed to empower kids and young adults.

Let It Flow

Let It Flow was founded by US skateboarder Nujah Huston and his mother, Kelle Huston.

The project’s tagline is “Life Grows Where Water Flows” and it dedicates itself to supplying impoverished African communities with clean water.

Learn more about Let it Flow.

Next Up Foundation

Based in Orange County, CA, the Next Up Foundation wants to empower kids through skateboarding.

It offers mentorships, skateboarding lessons, and events. It also provides kids with life skills, skating equipment, safety equipment, and clothing.

The foundation’s vice president is Andre Genovisi, a professional skateboarder.

Skate Lessons from A. Skate

A.skate uses skating as a form of therapy to help children with autism to improve motor skills and social skills while overcoming behavioral challenges.

A.stake provides skate lessons and ensures that the children have the equipment they need to skate safely.

It also uses events and fundraisers to raise awareness for the charity and the issues that autistic children face.

Learn more about A.Skate.

Boards for Bros

Learning to skateboard can make a big difference in a child’s life.

It gives them freedom and a sense of pride that may have been lacking. Learning to skate is also great for promoting confidence and giving young girls and boys more opportunities.

It’s something that Boards for Bros knows all too well, as its mission is to provide children from marginalized communities with their first skateboards.

The organization was founded back in 2006 and began by giving refurbished skate equipment to children living in extreme poverty.

In 2014, it became a nonprofit organization and began to spread its wings, aiming to make a positive change in the lives of more children across more regions.

Learn more about Boards for Bros.

The Ryan Sheckler Foundation

Founded in 2008 by its namesake and his mother, the Ryan Sheckler Foundation aims to “Be The Change” in the lives of youngsters nationwide.

It is dedicated to empowering kids and promoting the skateboard industry and it does this through a variety of projects and fundraising efforts.

Learn more about the Ryan Sheckler Foundation.