Scooter Vs Skateboard: Which Is Better?

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Skateboard or scooter? It’s a question that has been asked by many kids over the years, and one that countless parents have considered as well.

For a long time, it was all about skateboards—every kid wanted to be the next Tony Hawk.

But then scooters took over, their popularity exploded, and these days it’s hard to separate the two.

If you’re wondering whether you should buy a scooter or a skateboard, either for yourself or your child, then this is the guide for you.

We’ll look at skateboards and scooters with regards to learning curves, cost, accessibility, and the ease of performing advanced tricks.

is scootering easier than skateboarding

It’s easier to ride a scooter and it’s also easier to master it.

Both scooters and skateboards can be tricky if you don’t have any experience with board sports or extreme sports, but scooters are more stable, and you won’t fall on your ass as much.

Scooter vs Skateboard: Convenience

Scooters fold away and there are lightweight versions that are easy to carry and store.

However, you can’t compare to a skateboard when it comes to portability.

Skateboards are smaller, lighter, and can be carried in the crook of your arm with relative ease.

Scooter vs Skateboard: Safety

The increased stability of a scooter means it is much safer.

If you’re worried about constantly bailing and breaking bones, scooters are the best bet.

That doesn’t mean they are completely safer, though.

Both scooters and skateboards can be dangerous if you’re not wearing protective gear and are learning tricks at the local skatepark.

Skateboard vs Scooter: Style

If you know what you’re doing, you can impress onlookers with scooter tricks and skateboard tricks.

However, scooter riders don’t get as much respect as skateboarders.

Not only is the learning curve steeper, which means that people respect the talents of skaters more than scooter riders, but a skateboard also looks much cooler!

Skateboard vs Scooter: Exercising

Kick pushing, flipping tricks, and even getting on and off will burn plenty of calories whether you’re riding a scooter or skateboard. They are surprisingly great for getting your daily exercise.

Electric Scooters and Electric Skateboards

Both electric scooters and electric skateboards will give you an extra push when you need it.

These devices are great for traveling long distances and using your scooter or skateboard for cruising.

They’re not for everyone, though, and you can’t beat the joy of kick pushing on a traditional scooter or board.

Skateboard vs Scooter: Summary

Scooters and electric scooters are easier to learn and much safer than skateboards.

But skateboards are arguably cooler and can perform more advanced tricks.

Ultimately, whether you purchase a scooter or a skateboard is down to personal preference.

Which one would you prefer to ride and master?

Do you want to emulate the kids on the street who perform ollies and kick-flips on their skateboards, or do you fancy yourself as a scooter pro?

Both are great options, but there are clearly many differences, and so it’s important to consider these factors before you buy.