Skating Shorts: Everything You Need to Know

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Skateboarders regularly fall, skid, and slide.

They suffer cuts, breaks, and sprains, and skateboarding apparel is designed to reduce these risks.

But if that’s the case, then why do some skaters wear shorts instead of pants?

Is it Okay to Skate in Shorts?

Street skating is hazardous and you want to protect your legs and other high-risk areas, but skate shorts can still provide the protection you need.

If you wear skate shorts with knee pads, you should be adequately protected and will also stay cool during those summer skates.

There are exceptions though.

Shorts work well for vert skating and even for freestyling.

As long as you’re not grinding and flipping, you should be okay.

But if you’re doing some risky street lines or you’re not wearing any knee pads, you shouldn’t be wearing shorts.

What Kind of Shorts Do Skaters Wear?

Loose, thick, and strong shorts are best as they will offer some protection while allowing for the freedom of movement.

Generally, though, it’s not an area that takes much damage and as long as you have knee pads and are not doing too many flips or you’re sticking with vert skating, you should be okay regardless of the type of shorts that you wear.

Pros of Skate Shorts

The main benefit of wearing skate shorts is that they are much cooler than pants, making them the ideal option for summer skating.

The risk of overheating is reduced and you should be cooler and more comfortable as a result.

Skate shorts can also provide an adequate level of protection for vert skating, providing they are combined with knee pads.

The pads will take the brunt of the impact and ensure that you’re adequately protected.

Cons of Skate Shorts

If you’re not wearing knee pads or you’re street skating, skate shorts are not a good idea.

They don’t provide the same level of protection that you get from some high-quality skate pants, such as those sold by Dickies.

Summary: Skateboarding Shorts

Skateboarding shorts have their pros and cons.

Mostly, it comes down to what type of skateboarding you’re doing and when you’re doing it.

If you’re in the blazing heat of summer, you’re wearing high socks and knee pads, and you’re not street skating, they’re fine.

If not, you may be better off with skate pants.