Types Of Skateboard Grinds

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A skateboard grind is a trick performed by jumping onto an obstacle (such as a rail) and sliding the board using the trucks.

From the crunching of the trick as it lands to the grating/grinding as it slides along the rail, it’s an epic trick that produces an equally epic sound.

Types of Skateboard Grind Tricks

There are many different types of skateboard grind tricks.

Some are simple and can be performed by beginners, others are tricky and best-reserved for pro skaters.

Frontside 50/50 Grind

The frontside 50/50 or FS 50/50 is so-named because the board is half-on and half-off the rail.

The skater ollies onto the obstacle and grinds forward with the middle part of their deck before jumping off and landing.


A very common skateboarding trick and one of the first tricks that skateboarders use.

It is performed by hopping onto an obstacle and then grinding it with the middle of the board.

Backside 50/50 Grind

A backside 50/50 or BS 50/50 is similar to the FS, but the approach is from the back and not from the front.

Feeble Grind

An advanced grind that combines a boardslide with a 50/50.

The skater approaches with a boardslide and then jumps to clear the rail with the front truck before grinding on the back truck.


The nose grind is so-named because the front truck grinds the obstacle while the back truck hangs over the edge.

Frontside 5-0 Grind

The skater approaches the rail from the front and grinds with the back truck as the nose is lifted in the air.

It’s a tricky one to master and requires very good balance.

Backside 5-0 Grind

Similar to a frontside 5-0 grind, but the skater approaches from the backside and not the frontside.

Smith Grind

A smith grind is an advanced trick named after the skating legend Mike Smith.

It is performed by grinding the back truck on a rail before landing on the same truck.

Crooked Grind

The crooked grind is similar to the smith grind, with the difference being that the skater grinds on the front trucks, with the tail off at an angle.

It’s called a crooked grind because of the “crooked” way that the board hangs off the rails.

Suski Grind

A grind created by Aaron Suski which combines elements of the 5-0 with the smith grind.

It is performed much like a 5-0 but the front truck is angled out just like a smith grind.

Salad Grind

The salad grind is very similar to a suski, but with the front truck turned more like a feeble grind.

For this reason, it’s also known as a blunted feeble grind.

What are the Easiest Grinds to Learn on a Skateboard?

Boardslides and 50/50s are some of the easiest tricks to learn, as well as the most commonly performed tricks among novice skaters.

What is it Called a 50/50?

As noted above, the 50/50 name comes from the fact that the board is half-on and half-off the obstacle.

Summary: Types of Skateboard Grind Tricks

Whether you’re grinding on curbs, rails, or lips of backyard pools, grind tricks are always good to have in your repertoire.

Those trucks and decks were made to be ground, and truck manufacturers make sure that they can take a beating.

So, get out there, find a rail, wall, or curb, and start practicing!