How To Choose The Right Skimboard

A skimboard is like a shorter fin-less surfboard that’s used to “skim” across thin waves as they break on the beach.

It’s a unique watersport and a skimboard can make for a great addition to your quiver.

But how do you choose the right skimboard and what should you be looking for?

Take a look at this skimboard buying guide to learn more.

What to Look for in a Skimboard

If you’re in the market for a new skimboard, keep the following features in mind:

Size and Thickness

Skimboards typically range from 45″ to 47″ in length and between 17.75″ and 23″ in width.

It’s a pretty broad range, and the perfect size for you will depend on your skill level and riding style.

Think of it in the context of longboards vs shortboards, as it’s about buoyancy and stability over agility.

Smaller boards should turn more easily but they won’t glide as well.

The board’s thickness is key, as well, as thicker boards will glide better over the waves.


The brand is important when choosing a good skimboard. Some of the best brands available right now include Wavestorm, South Bay Board, DB Skimboards, Victoria Skimboards, Exil Skimboards, and Zap Skimboards.

There are also many lesser-known brands and generic brands on Amazon.

If you’re buying from one of the latter, make sure you check the reviews and returns policy.


Don’t expect skimboards to be much cheaper than surfboards just because they are smaller.

These boards can be quite expensive, although the price varies greatly from brand to brand.

If you’re completely new to this sport and are just checking to see if it’s for you, it’s important to spend as little as possible.

But you still want a board that will do the job and last for years, so it’s really more about value than price.

Take a look at the section below for more information.

The Best Skimboards

Struggling to find the right board? Check out the following options, all of which are available from Amazon right now.

Wavestorm Foam Skimboard

Wavestorm Foam Skimboard 48" | Skimboard for Beginners and All Skimming, Surfing and Bodyboard Levels, Blue Aurora Skimboard

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Wavestorm produces some fantastic boards. They are made to a very high standard and are surprisingly affordable.

The Wavestorm Skimboard is no exception.

With a superior foam core and 4 fiberglass stringers, this is a stylish and slick board that’s perfect for wave skimming.

BINDY Australia Skimboard

BINDY Australia Skimboard - 41 Inch - EVA Grip Pad Top - Bag Included - Beginner to Intermediate Skimboards - Wood Skim Boards for Beach - The ONLY Skim Board You'll Ever Ride!

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If you’re looking for wooden boards tailored to beginner and intermediate riders, the BINDY Skimboard is ideal.

It is available in a few simple colors and the Amazon listing even includes a board bag.

Slapfish Skimboards

Slapfish Skimboards USA Made Fiberglass & Carbon - Riders up to 225 lbs - 48" with Traction Deck Grip - Kids & Adults - 4 Colors (Green + Arch Bar)

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The Slapfish Skimboard is a large skimboard complete with a traction deck grip and available in a variety of colors and designs.

It can be ridden by people of up to 200 pounds and is made in the United States.

It’s reinforced at the nose and tail and double-reinforced on the rails, making for a highly durable board.

BPS Gator Skimboard

BPS 'Gator' 40 Inch No Wax Needed Skim Board - High Gloss Coated Wood Skimboard with EVA Pads - Skim Board for Beach or Flatland (Green)

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A series of brightly-colored skimboards available for a lower price point.

You can choose from several different sizes and all of them feature an EVA grip pad and glossy coat.

ZAP Skimboards Classic Series Wedge

Zap Skimboards - Classic Series Wedge Medium Skimboard 45" (1/2" Thick) - Assorted Colors - Continuous Core with E-Glass Wrap, Polyester Resin, and TuffCoat Gloss Finish

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The ZAP Skimboards Classic Series Wedge is the most expensive board on this list, but it’s also made to the highest standard.

It features a continuous core with an e-glass wrap and a super-stylish finish.

You will struggle to find a better-made skimboard, but you’ll need to cough up a few more bucks for this one compared to some of the other skimboards available.

Driftsun Performance Wood Skimboard

Driftsun Performance Wood Skim Board - 40 Inch Skimboard with Non Slip XPE Traction Pad, Wax-Free Foam Top Deck, Lightweight and Durable, Ideal for All Skill Levels, for Kids, Teens and Adults

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An affordable 40-inch skimboard for kids, teens, and adults.

The Driftsun Performance is a lightweight board that you can use to perform tricks or learn the basics.