A Guide to Groveler Surfboards

Do you have a Groveler surfboard in your quiver? If not, you could be missing out.

These boards offer a number of benefits for all levels of surfer.

They're great fun and you can whip them out during those calm summer days when you have nothing but small waves to contend with.

What is a Groveler Surfboard?

A Groveler is a small board with a lot of volume.

It is typically several inches shorter than your average shortboard, but it has a thicker tail and nose and provides much more volume.

As a result, these boards are best suited to waist-high waves and can help you rip in the tamest of conditions.

It's worth having a Groveler or two in your quiver, just to make sure you have something to reach for when the conditions are weak and you want to tear it up!

Once the waves get stronger, it's time to reach for a shortboard or a longboard, but until then, the Groveler is ideal!

When Was the Groveler Invented?

Technically, Groveler surfboards have been around since the 1940s, when designs like the Mini Simmons used a similar shape and served the same purpose.

However, the modern Groveler can be traced back to the Sweet Potato from Firewire, which was created by the shaper Dan Mann around 2010.

What are the Best Groveler Surfboards?

Grovelers are affordable, fun, and there is a wide variety to choose from.

To help you find the right board for you, we have highlighted some of the best Groveler boards on the market today.

Firewire Greedy Beaver

The Greedy Beaver has been described as a longboard with the spirit and the style of a shortboard.

It has a single to double concave and comes in a variety of sizes, with the longer options better suited to inexperienced surfers.

​It has a lightweight EPS core and timber deck skins, creating a truly stylish board that offers great maneuverability.

Channel Islands Average Joe

The Average Joe is a classic Groveler board that was designed by Al Merrick.

You can choose from several different sizes and should look for something that is anywhere from 2 to 8 inches less than your height to guarantee the best experience.

Lib Tech Lost Puddle Jumper

The Lost Puddle Jumper is a Matt Biolos board that was made from a nitrogen cell foam that features up to 40% recycled content.

It is handcrafted in the United States by a company devoted to crafting the best high-performance boards for surfers of all skill levels.

The Lost Puddle Jumper has beautifully curved rails and a thick and wide design that offers maximum stability and acceleration.

Lost Bean Bag

The Bean Bag has a wide tail and offers great control from rail to rail.

It is a colorful, stylish, affordable, and easy-to-ride board that is great fun in smaller waves.

You'll need to switch it out as soon as the waves go from knee high to head high, but you'll have a lot of fun before that!

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