A Guide To Surf Wing Foils and Wing Foiling

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Wing foiling is all the rage right now, giving surfers and paddle boarders the chance to explore something new without stepping too far into the world of kiting or windsurfing.

What is Wing Foiling?

Wing foiling is a bizarre but wonderful sport that allows you to ride the waves in a unique way.

It involves the use of a handheld wing and a hydrofoil surfboard.

The hydrofoil is a device that attaches to the bottom and back of the board (typically a short SUP board) while the wing is large and inflatable.

Combined, these features capture the wind and allow the board to soar through the water. You don’t need to wait for big waves and can rely entirely on the wind.

To see this sport in action, just head on over to YouTube where videos like this one and this one will give you a taste of what you can expect.

What is Wing Surfing?

Wing surfing, like wing foiling, also uses a handheld wing.

The difference is that it doesn’t involve a hydrofoil and is commonly performed on paddle boards and other water boards, as opposed to just surfboards.

Is it Hard to Use a Wing Foil Board?

Using a wing is easier than a kite or sail.

It’s also easy to practice with foil wings, as you can just stand on the beach and get used to catching the wind and turning the wing around.

Become familiar to standing, turning, and flipping the wing before you head out onto the waves.

The strength of the wind will also dictate just how difficult it is.

Light winds are ideal for beginners and will allow you to get used to the wing foil equipment without wiping out every time you stand up.

Also, if you have any experience with kitesurfing and windsurfing, then you will feel much more at ease on a wing foil board.

Is Winging Foil Fun?

It’s very fun! You have complete freedom on the water as you can move with the energy of the wind.

Once you figure out how to maneuver the wing, you’ll be able to turn sharply and benefit from a degree of speed and control that you just don’t get when surfing or paddle boarding.

How Much Does a Wing Foil Cost?

The biggest downside to this sport is the cost, as the wing foil alone can cost you the same as a decent paddle board or surfboard, and you also have to purchase the hydrofoil.

You will need thousands of dollars, not hundreds, and so wing foiling is not accessible to everyone.

Summary: Wing Foiling with a Surf Foil or SUP Foil

Wing foiling offers you something that you can’t get with a traditional surfboard or stand up paddle board.

It’s easy to generate enough power to cut through the water and ride the waves, and while the learning curve is a little steep, you can shorten it if you have experience with windsurfing or surfing.

It’s an experience like no other, there’s no denying that, but it’s also one of the most expensive water sports out there.

Foil boards can cost upwards of $10,000, and that’s before you consider the additional wing foil.

Needless to say, it’s not the best option for complete beginners and have-a-go surfers and is better suited to experienced surfers and water sport aficionados.