6 Best Beginner Surf Spots In The World To Learn To Surf

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You want to learn to surf, but you want to do it right, starting with the right beach. We can help.

Finding the best beach to learn to surf will get you off on the right foot and ensure that you have the most fun while you learn the fundamentals of surfing. We put together a list of the best surf spots in the world to help you get started.

The best surf spots in the world to learn to surf are:

  • Huntington Beach, California
  • Playa Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica
  • Waikiki Beach, Hawaii (On Oahu)
  • Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • Silver Sands Beach, Barbados
  • Cowell’s, Santa Cruz

Don’t forget, the best surfer out there is the one who is having the most fun! Keep that spirit and you will shorten your learning curve.

Finding The Right Beach To Learn To Surf

There are a couple of things that should be considered when you are trying to find the perfect beach for your surfing escapades as a beginner.

You should be looking out for a favorable wind, small and manageable wave waves, and sandy bottom.

Count yourself lucky if you can find a long stretch of beach plus a comfortable paddling channel to boot.

Good surfing involves reading the waves and knowing how and when to ride them.

Once you have the knowledge and the right attitude all you will need is a surfboard and a rideable wave.

Below is a short list of the best beaches for the beginner surfer.

If you can’t get to one of these beaches, find a friendly wave near you. Let’s get out and find the best beaches for learners.

Surfing At Huntington Beach, California

This is a 9.5 mile stretch of white sandy beach with natural ocean swells that are consistent all year round.

You are likely to find many newbies on a surf trip at this beach.

You can also sign up at a surf school for beginner surf lessons at this beach.

Take note of the conditions as with most any beach, the waves at Huntington Beach can be more or less friendly.

For your best bet, paddle out on a small day and bring a friend.

Surfing At Playa Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

Want to get away and learn to surf?

We got what you need.

It is believed that the beach in Costa Rica has some of the best waves for surfing.

This surf destination is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, close to Santa Teresa town.

You should try this beach if you are looking for a laid-back experience that is surrounded by luxury accommodation and high- end restaurants.

Of course, you can also find smaller surf shops in this town.

This is a sand bottom beach stretching for about 1 mile with a couple of beginner-friendly smaller waves that are easier to ride.

Keep an eye for rip currents that may show up occasionally when there is a change in tide.

It is a frequented beach with a few surf schools.

Surfing At Waikiki Beach, Hawaii (On Oahu)

Waikiki on the island of Oahu is one of the most popular beaches for surfers just about anywhere.

This beach is nestled in the southern part of Oahu and plays host to several luxury Hawaii hotels and restaurants.

It is frequented by millions of visitors each year most of whom take part in surfing sports.

Waikiki has a very small wave that goes on for what feels like forever. Aloha and mahalo, Waikiki.

Surfing At Cocoa Beach, Florida

This beautiful beach is located on Florida’s Space Coast and features a sunny shoreline that attracts many visitors all year long, beginner surfers included.

This beach is known for its mellow waves and warm water which makes it a newbie surfer’s paradise.

The Cocoa Beach Pier stretches for 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean and hosts several restaurants, bars, and gift shops.

This beach has a rich surf culture; the Florida Surf Film Festival which is held here is a great one for surfers of all levels to attend. You can also attend a surf camp on this beach.

Cocoa Beach is also home to world surfing champion Kelly Slater.

Surfing At Silver Sands Beach, Barbados

Silver Sands is a beautiful expanse of white beach that is located on the south coast of Barbados.

In the winter, trade winds create the perfect waves for windsurfing on this beach.

Brian Talma, a windsurfing Olympian trained on this beach.

The best time to enjoy surfing at this beach is from November to July.

Beginner surfers should watch out for windsurfers on this beach during the windsurfing high season.

Surfing At Cowell’s, Santa Cruz

Cowell Beach, aka Cowell’s, in Santa Cruz is home to Jack O’Neill, the founder of the O’Neill Wetsuits.

The shoreline is made of cliffs and boulders and has a soft sand bottom.

For newbies, this is perfect wave.

When it time to challenge yourself, you can check out Steamer Lane on a small day which is just up the street.

Learning to surf is an experience to look forward to at any of the beaches mentioned above.

Be in the present and enjoy each rolling wave that throws itself at you.