Best Tiki Bars in America

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Whether it’s summer where you are or it’s the dead of winter as you read this, one thing is for certain: it’s never the wrong time to break out the Hawaiian lei.

Craving a mai tai? In the mood for a Hurricane? We’ve got you covered.

Americans can’t shy away from their love for the tiki bar.

Polynesian style décor, rum-based drinks, and “exotic” experiences are the tiki bar’s claim to fame.

Ready to get your daiquiri on? Here’s where you’ll find the best tiki bars in America.

Adrift Tiki Bar – Denver, CO

You wouldn’t think the Mile High City would be known for hosting one of the best tiki bars in the US, but Adrift Tiki Bar is just that.

An open, airy lounge with all the island-style décor you’d expect from a top bar, Adrift feels like your paradise home as soon as you walk through the door.

Here for a drink? Try the Macadamia Nut Chi-Chi or a classic Zombie.

If you’re visiting with friends, why not try A Voodoo Witchdoctor Funk, which serves up to four people?

Adrift marks its menu options to denote which choices are “extra-boozy.”

Square Grouper Tiki Bar – Juniper, FL

Headed to Florida? You’ll find more tiki bars than you can possibly visit on one trip.

One of the best tiki bars on the east coast is the Square Grouper Tiki Bar in Jupiter Inlet.

Come for the mai tais and stay for the nightly live music-this bar has everything a tourist is looking for.

Jimmy Buffet fans will notice something special about the Square Grouper Tiki Bar. The lounge is the site of the famed “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” video.

That, of course, makes it a popular venue, so be sure to come early.

It’s open-air and open-table, so the earlier you arrive the more likely you are to be seated.

False Idol – San Francisco, CA

If you make it to False Idol in San Francisco, you’re one of the lucky ones.

You can only get to this bar through a secret door in Little Italy. Don’t know where to go? Just ask the locals.

False Idol is famed for its cozy, artsy atmosphere. At present, reservations are required, so be sure to book online or over the phone.

Once you’re in, you’ll order a classic tiki drink like a Swizzle of Three Dots and a Dash.

Or choose from their “exceptionally strong” menu-locals love the Cap’n Cam.

8th Avenue Bar and Grill – Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach is known for its putt-putt, bright colors, and drive-through margarita joints.

It’s no surprise that it’s also home to one of the best tiki bars in America, the 8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill.

If you’re visiting Myrtle, you know the town has a relaxed, “anything goes” atmosphere.

The same is true for 8th Avenue Tiki Bar. Come as a couple or bring the kids-you’re at the beach, after all!

A full menu is complemented by signature cocktails like Beach Blanket Bingo and the Pain Killa.

A local favorite is the Elixir of Life, a unique cucumber-based vodka drink.

Tiki Railcar – Anchorage, AK

Just because you’re in America’s Last Frontier doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good island-inspired drink.

Visit the Tiki Railcar in Anchorage and you’ll get just that. The décor isn’t the most elaborate, but hey-this is Alaska.

And once you sip a couple of the tiki bar’s signature cocktails and you’ll think you’ve gone to Bora Bora.

The Alaska Railroad hosts events throughout the year.

For a switch from the island life, why not buy a couple of tickets for the Beer Train?

There are family-friendly events as well, so bring the kids along for the ride.

Skull and Crown Trading Co. – Honolulu, HI

No list of the best tiki bars in America would be complete without mention of Hawaii.

The locals’ choice in the Aloha State is the Skull and Crown Trading Co in Honolulu.

You do need reservations to enjoy this bar, but you’ll be glad you made the call.

The décor in Skull and Crown Trading Co. is simply phenomenal.

You’ll feel as if you’re aboard a pirate ship-complete with heads in jars.

Don’t be frightened, though; the atmosphere of the bar is fun and exciting, and the menu is to die for.

Classics like pineapple chicken skewers and drinks like the Paniolo Old Fashioned will draw you in to this amazing tiki bar.

The energy and the excitement of the venue will keep you coming back.