Why You Need A Foamie Surfboard

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They go by foamie surboards and soft top surfboards. Whatever you want to call it, they are a ton of fun in the water.

Why Buy A Foamie Or A Soft Top Surfboard

Here are a few good reasons to add a foamie surfboard to your surfboard quiver.

Foamie surfboards:

  • are cheaper than a fiberglass surfboard, typically in the $300 range compared to $500 plus for a fiberglass board
  • don’t ding like other fiberglass surfboards, making maintenance almost a non-consideration
  • are easy to learn on for new surfers
  • are a ton of fun for experiences surfers looking to add fun back into their surfing sessions
  • don’t delaminate in the sun or in the car

New Surfers & Foamie Surfboards

Care to know why so many beginner surfers are buying a soft top for their first surfboard?

Want to know what the differences are between a soft top and hard top board?

New surfers will be able to learn to surf faster, easier and better on a foamie surfboard.

Why? Because foamies have more float and therefore you can catch more waves than on a fiberglass or epoxy board.

Foamies are also more forgiving to surf than a hard top (aka, a fiberglass and polyurethane foam, or epoxy board).

With all that float, new surfers don’t tend to dig a rail and wipeout when trying to turn on a wave, and the float allows you to travel farther and faster in the flats which gives you more time to learn basic balancing skills.

Experienced Surfers & Foamie Surfboards

Experience surfers can always use another board. It’s a fact.

If we have room in the garage, on the surf rack, under the deck, or on the wall, there is a good chance we can imagine a surfboard in that place.

Foamies are a great addition to existing quiver of experienced surfers for a few good reasons.

Foamie surfboards:

  • Are a unique ride, that means it keeps surfing interesting and fun
  • Are cheaper and don’t break the bank like another poly surfboard
  • Can be left in the car when you are at work after a morning session without the risk of delamination
  • Don’t need wax for grip, so you won’t come back to a waxy mess when you get in you car for a commute home
  • Are perfect for your visiting cousin who is going to drop the board on the concrete the first chance they get because they have never handled a surfboard before and you don’t want them handling that custom shape you bought for your birthday.
  • Handle much better than you think they do. You can turn foamies almost as well as your current favorite board.
  • Are easy on the feet. If your feet hurt (think arthritis) after surfing a hard top, a soft top may be what you need.
  • Can be surfed waves of consequence. Just ask JOB.

FAQs on Foamies & Soft Top Surfboards

Everything you wanted to know about Foamies!

Are Soft Top Surfboards Good?

Yes! Well, mostly yes.

Some soft tops have better quality, others are better suited to the novice while others are better for the experiences surfer.

All in all, yes, foamies make surfing fun for everyone.

Are Soft Top Surfboards Easy to Learn to Surf On?

Yes! Get the right foamie for you and you will be on your way to surfing nirvana, like the North Shore of Hawaii, but more like your local break where it is 2 -3 feet.

What Are Soft Top Surfboards Made Of?

This is a trick question as it depends on the foamie we are talking about.

Foamies generally have a mix of foam and resin and sometimes a stringer.

This make up gives the surfboard both float and firmness, making foamies a fun board to surf.

Soft Top vs Hardtop Surfboards

We think we covered this above pretty well above.

The only think we will add is that a foamie hurts much less when you get hit in the head with it. How often does that happen, you ask?

Not often, but when it does you tend to notice it.

Foamies make you notice it less compared to hard top surfboards.

Do Soft Top Surfboards Need Wax

Not all foamies need waxing as per the surfboard manufacturers.

Still, a bar of wax can go a long way.

We recommend waxing foamies.

What Shapes Do Foamie Surfboards Come In?

There was a time when you could only get a big soft top that barely turned.

Those days are over.

You can now get a foamie surfboard in the following shapes:

  • Soft top fish surfboards
  • High performance foamie short boards
  • Soft top longboard surfboards that you can nose ride and turn

You read enough for one day. Go surf.