How Much Does A Surfboard Cost

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The price of a surfboard, be it a new or used surfboard or a shortboard or longboard, can vary considerably depending on the size, type, material, brand, and whether or not you’re opting for any custom extras.

The cost of a surfboard will depend on the type of surfboard you buy and if it is used or new. You can count on paying somewhere between $200 and $1,200 for a surfboard.

That’s a big dollar range and doesn’t help you make a good buying decision, so let’s take a deeper dive and provide some more detail about how much a surfboard costs and why they can be so expensive.

How Much Does A Shortboard Cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $850 for a brand new shortboard. This is a respectable price range for a brand-new off-the-rack surfboard or what is more commonly called a “stock surfboard”. The $250 range can mostly be attributed to the size of the board, the material and the brand.

You will pay more for:

  • A bigger surfboard (more foam equals more money)
  • A surfboard with higher quality material
  • A surfboard from a well-known brand

How Much Is The Average Cost Of A New Shortboard?

The average cost of a shortboard for an experienced surfer is going to run about $700. This is the price you will pay for smaller surfboards including: shortboards, fishes, hybrids and funboards.

how much is a longboard

Many new longboards will cost you between $700 and $1,500. The biggest cost factors are the amount of foam and the options included such as the number of stringers and tint.

Longboards typically cost more than shortboards because there is more material involved and it takes more time to shape and glass a longboard than it does a shortboard.

The Average Price Of A New Longboard Surfboard

The bigger the longboard, the more you may pay. If want to buy a standard 9′ longboard you can expect to pay $825 on average. Even used longboards are relatively expensive if they are in good shape. However, a barebones budget longboard will likely be cheaper than a top-of-the-range shortboard.

How Much Should A Surfboard Cost For Beginner Surfer?

As with any piece of sporting equipment, there are surfboards out there that you can pick up for a fraction of the usual price. But it is a “you get what you pay for scenario.”

These budget surfboards are not built to last and are designed purely for beginner surfers who need something quick, easy, and cheap to ride a few waves or tick surfing off their bucket list.

Beginner surfers can pick up a new foamie surfboard in the $200 range. We recommend something big with a lot of foam for beginners like the Wavestorm.

How Much Does A Used Surfboard Cost?

Used surfboards in poor condition often sell for just $50 to $100, and this price can creep above $500 if it is in relatively good condition. The condition of the surfboard, along with the quality and brand, will impact its secondhand value.

You will want to consider if the used surfboard has:

  • Pressure dings
  • Fixed or fresh dings (the bigger the worse)
  • Sun damage and is yellowing
  • Delamination and the glass is separating from the foam

You also want to consider how old the surfboard is it and how many times has it been ridden? Surfboard material degrades over time and wear and tear contribute to the surfboard’s degradation.

All of these things will be factored into the equation, because if the surfboard has ridden hundreds of waves and has a few dings and cracks, it won’t perform like it should and may not last for more than a few months.

If you’re buying a used surfboard, look for surfboards sold privately online, at garage sales, and through dealers. A surfboard dealer is more likely to give you an honest price, albeit with a mark-up that ensures they get a profit out of the deal.

A private seller, on the other hand, typically falls into one of two categories. They either massively overvalue their surfboard (“I paid $1,500 for this just 5 years ago, it must be worth at least $1,000”) or they just want a quick sale so they can buy another board.

If you’re dealing with the first type, it’s best to call time on negotiations as soon as you realize and move onto another surfboard.

If the seller is in the second category, you can squeeze more of a discount out of them and get a very good price for the surfboard.

In all cases, make sure you know what you’re looking for before you purchase a used surfboard.

How Much Does A Custom Surfboard Cost?

Depending on the shape, material, and type, a custom surfboard will cost you an initial $600 to $1,000. On top of this, you also need to consider designs, tints, fins, and any other custom features that you want, potentially adding another few hundred bucks onto the cost of the board.

The cost of custom surfboards vary more than stock surfboards. Not only do you need to think about the many individual aspects of the surfboard, but you’re also paying for the services of the surfboard shaper.

That attention from the surfboard shaper is the biggest benefit to buying a custom surfboard. They will work with you to determine the best surfboard for your skill, the waves you surf and your age.

If you’re working with an experienced and in-demand shaper, you can expect to pay more than you would from a “backyard surfboard shaper” who builds boards in their spare time.

Most experienced surfboard shapers are not desperate for your business and may have a long waiting list, which allows them to charge a little more for their services.

On the flip side, if you know someone who is just starting out and trying to make a name for themselves, you could pay a lot less for them to shape you a custom surfboard.

Do Custom Surfboard Cost More Than Stock Surfboards?

You can buy a custom surfboard for about the same price as a new surfboard, and you get the added benefit of talking to the shaper and developing a relationship with them that can serve you for years to come.

Custom surfboards can cost more than stock surfboards if you start to add every option available. Let’s take a look at the cost breakdown for a custom surfboard.

Surfboard Size is 80% Of the Cost

Foam and glass are the biggest variables when budgeting for a surfboard. If you get a bigger surfboard in the 9′ range budget $1,000 as the average. If you are getting a smaller surfboard you should expect to pay closer to $600.

Options That Will Increase The Cost Of A Custom Surfboard

Add the cost of every option below you want added to your custom surfboard using $600 for shortboards and $1,000 for longboards as your staring point to get the average cost of the surfboard you want.

Custom Surfboard Options:

Gloss & polish$100
Tint (1 side)$50
Pin lines$25
Double or triple stringer$100
Deck patch$20
Tail block$50
Quad fin set up$30
5-fin set up$40
Glass on fins$50
Tail graphite$35
Average cost of custom surfboard add ons

Why Are Surfboards So Expensive

The first reason why surfboards are expensive is because of the time needed to shape and glass a surfboard. Surfboard shapers and glassers are skilled laborers who get paid for their time and their expertise.

The second reason surfboards are expensive is because of the material that is used. The cheaper the material, the cheaper the surfboard.

Beginner surfers can get away with buying a cheaper surfboard. More experienced surfers will want a higher quality surfboard which is more expensive given what goes into making a quality surfboard.

Summary: The Cost of Surfboards

As this guide shows, the price of a surfboard can vary but there are many ways to cut costs and save a few bucks. Just remember, if you’re buying online, you will also need to factor shipping costs into the equation.

Many retailers will charge you between $200 and $400 for shipping-it’s a huge piece of equipment after all!

Finding a local shop that stocks used surfboard or is run by an up-and-coming shaper could save you a small fortune while ensuring you get the best possible surfboard.