How To Hang Up A Surfboard On A Wall

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A surfboard rack keeps your surfboard out of the way, ensuring it doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t end up gathering dust in the garage or basement or getting damaged.

Racks are cheap, easy to install, and turn that cool surfboard into a great ornament.

Where to Buy a Surfboard Rack

You don’t need to go to a specialist surf store and can buy a cheap rack to suit your needs on Amazon.

Just make sure you check the reviews and look for something that is well made, good value for money, and does what you need it to do.

For instance, if you have multiple surfboards to hang, you should look for a rack with multiple spaces.

You’ll pay a little more, but it’s still cheaper than buying several single racks and it’s also more convenient.

You can get very good single racks for between $20 and $40 and around $60 to $100 for a rack with multiple spaces.

How to Install Your Rack

Surfboard racks often come with instructions on how to hang them.

It’s worth noting, however, that many of the products sold on Amazon are produced cheaply in China and have very poorly translated instructions.

If you’re buying something that is surprisingly affordable and doesn’t have many reviews, be prepared for this.

If you have plenty of tools and lots of DIY skills, hanging a surfboard rack shouldn’t be an issue.

If not, you’ll be okay providing you can get your hands on a drill and are able to follow instructions.

When none of those apply, you may need to ask a friend for help. Fortunately, it really is a quick and easy task and one that should only take a few minutes.

How To Mount A Surfboard On A Wall

To install a horizontal rack, you need to find the stud, make a mark, and drill a hole.

You can now install the first of the two racks. The process needs to be repeated on the other side, where you want the second rack to go.

Ideally, the racks should be located at the point that the surfboard begins to curve, although it doesn’t need to be exact.

If your surfboard is 7 feet or less, 32 inches and under should work fine while a gap of just under 50 inches will suit Longboards.

Make sure the line is level, attach the second hook, and mount your surfboard.

How To Mount A Surfboard Vertically On A Wall

A vertical wall mount is just as easy to install.

Find the stud, mark it, and measure up from the floor, going up to the height that you want the bottom of your surfboard to reach.

Make sure it is level with the mark that you made and secure the bottom hook in place.

For the top hook, simply measure up from the bottom and stop where you want it to be.

Mark the position, drill a hole, and secure it in place!

How To Store Surfboards In a Garage

With the right rack and adequate space, you can store a surfboard anywhere in your home.

A garage is usually the room of choice, as it’s where we tend to store everything and where we have the most space.

If you are storing a surfboard in your garage, make sure you keep it out of the way of any tools, extreme temperature, and anything else that can crack, dent, and otherwise harm the surfboard.