How to Use a Surf Wax Comb

Keeping your surfboard properly waxed is essential to having a good surfing session.

In this guide, we’ll look at surf wax combs and why they should be part of your essential surf kit. 

What is a Surf Wax Comb?

A surf wax comb is a little tool that surfers use for removing wax from a surfboard.

However, it is versatile in that a wax comb can also be used to maintain the surf wax on your surfboard.

So how do they work? Let’s take a look. 

There are two sides of a surf wax comb you’ll need to familiarize yourself with.

First, there’s a jagged edge.

This edge has the appearance of—you guessed it—a comb.

The “tines” of this comb, also referred to a teeth, can be used to roughen up the wax on your board, improving traction, and prevent unnecessary slips and wipeouts.

The other side of the surf wax comb is sharper, and is an edge similar to blade or a putty knife.

This edge is used to remove wax from your board.

You can use the sharp edge of your wax comb when you’re completely re-waxing your surfboard.

How to Use a Surf Wax Comb To Freshen up Your Wax

The instructions for using your surf wax comb will, of course, depend upon what you’re using it for.

Let’s first talk about the comb edge of your wax comb. 

If you find yourself without surfboard wax and your surfboard is in need of waxing, a surf wax comb is going to be a lifesaver.

Assuming you have a decent layer of wax on your board, you can use your surf wax comb to rough up the wax you do have by running the teeth side of the comb down against that wax.

This will peel back the top most layer of slick or stale wax and expose some of the tackier wax that was just under the surface.

This can give you the traction you need without applying additional wax. 

To use your comb, trace a crisscross shape back and forth across your board. Be cautious not to “dig” too deep, but do apply enough pressure to give your existing wax a little texture. 

How To Use A Surf Wax Comb To Remove Wax

Use the blade side of the wax comb to remove the wax from your surfboard when it is time to re-wax your board or to prep the surfboard for ding repairs.

Running the blade side down along the deck of the surfboard so that it starts to peel up the old wax.

This start to show the surface of the board.

You may have to repeat this process to completely strip the board of the old wax.

Tips for Using Your Surf Wax Comb

Sometimes you may find that the wax on your surfboard is too hard to manipulate with your surf wax comb.

There’s an easy fix for that.

Simply leave your board out in the sun for a while to soften the wax.

After a few minutes, you should be able to manipulate the wax easily. 

Surfing Wax Comb Extras

Wax combs today are handy little gadgets.

Some may have bottle openers, perfect for that post-surf beer.

Others may double as fin keys, have a designated corner as a flathead screwdriver or even have a lanyard loop to attach to your keychain.

Summary: Using your Surfboard Wax Comb

Surfing wax combs are great for making the most of a small amount of wax.

They’re also the perfect gadget for removing old wax from your board and preparation of waxing your surfboard again.