Lock Boxes For Surfers

Are you new to surfing?

Then you’ve likely asked yourself one of the most pressing questions those new to the sport ask: where do surfers hide their keys when they surf?

After all, a set of keys in a surfer’s pocket is likely to find its way onto the ocean floor.

So what’s the alternative?

How do you keep your stuff safe while you’re out on the water?

In this guide, we’ll look at lock boxes for surfers, focusing on reviews and emphasizing quality and affordability.

Here are some of the best options on the market for those of you who are ready to hit the waves. 

If you’re looking for an easier way to stash your stuff, why not just buy a lock box for when you go surfing?

Let’s look at a few. 

Hitch Safe

The Hitch Safe is a neat little tool that allows you to hide your keys right on your vehicle.

If your car or truck is equipped with a hitch receiver, you’re ready to use the Hitch Safe.

Just insert the little lock into the standard receiver and set the combination.

The lockbox is covered by a rubber cover, disguising it as just another run-of-the-mill truck hitch receiver. 

We love that you don’t need tools to install this lock box for surfers, and that it can be used by anyone.

Whether you’re going surfing, heading out for a run or just always lose your keys, the Hitch Safe is a great option. 

Surf Lock

The Surf Lock website boasts that it was made for surfers, by surfers.

But, as with the Hitch Safe, you can use this lock no matter who you are.

The little lock box can attach easily to many different areas of your car—you can even hook it under the hood if you have access without opening your car doors. 

There are over 10,000 PIN combinations possible, making it extremely difficult for anyone to access your keys.

And setup is quick and painless. Customers who have used the Surf Lock love that it can be used for car keys, house keys, and more.

Anyone who has the combination can access your key, so it’s ideal for letting housekeepers and others into your home.


If you’re terrible at remembering numbers, you may choose to try the WordLock lock box.

With this lock, you enter—you guessed it—a four letter combination that you’ll enter when you want to access your keys.

Of course, it should go without saying that your word should be hard to guess.

Something like “surf,” “wave”, or your dog’s name is probably not the best idea. 

The WordLock cylinder can be attached to several different parts of your car, and it’s made from reinforced steel and other durable materials.

As always, use caution and if possible, affix this lockbox onto a less visible area of your vehicle. 

Customers who have used the WordLock don’t just love using letters instead of numbers.

They also appreciate the larger capacity of the WordLock—you can fit credit cards and garage door openers in this handy little lockbox. 

Alternatives to Lock Boxes for Surfers

People have been surfing for years, and affordable lock boxes haven’t always been on store shelves.

So where should you store your valuables when you’re out on the water? Where can you to hide a key on a car or near your car?

The first (and most creative in our opinion) option is to hide your keys in a wrapped-up diaper.

You can easily stash this diaper on the beach near your other belongings, or even somewhere in the vicinity of your car.

Just be mindful of where you put it—it would be a bad day for you should the park ranger come by and clean up your “mess.”

You may also choose to keep your car key in a zippered pocket on your swimsuit.

This is risky, however, as you may not notice your pocket coming unzipped when you’re in particularly rough surf. 

Finally, you can bury your key. Dig a small hole, place your key in, and cover it back up.

Then, place your towel over your treasure.

Do note, though, that this is a very bad idea for those of you who are surfing on a windy day. 

These are all time-tested and proven ways to hide your keys while you surf, but a much more insecure than having your keys in a lock box.

Conclusion: Best Key Lock Box for Surfers

You don’t have to worry about your belongings while you surf.

You don’t have to resort to hiding your keys in a diaper, either!

These three lock boxes for surfers are the best, most convenient options for keeping your keys and valuables safe while you spend the day on the water.