Kelly Slater: His Girlfriend Kalani Miller, Pam Anderson & More

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Kelly Slater has been featured in a few of our articles and seems to pop-up every now and then.

It’s to be expected-after all, he’s one of the greatest surfers the world has ever seen.

But what’s his net worth, how much does he weigh, how tall is he, and where was he born?

It’s time to delve a little deeper into the facts about Kelly Slater, his career, his “wife”, girlfriend, Pam Anderson and Baywatch.

How Much Is Kelly Slater Worth? / Who is the Richest Surfer?

Yup, it’s the same question. Kelly Slater is worth around $20 to $30 million.

Kelly Slater has earned over $4 million from professional surfing competitions, but this is just the tip of a monumental financial iceberg.

When you include the many endorsements and business ventures, his actual lifetime earnings grow considerably.

After all, we’re talking about a man that has featured in numerous films, video games, and even music videos; created one of the world’s biggest wave pools and launched brands like Purps.

He has many irons in the fire and these have helped him to earn a staggering sum of money over the years.

How Tall Is Kelly Slater?

Kelly Slater is 5 ft 8 and 1/2 inches tall, which equates to 174 centimeters.

He is a fraction (around half an inch) shorter than the US national average for men.

What Is Kelly Slater’s Weight?

Obviously, Kelly Slater’s weight has fluctuated over the years, but he has remained relatively fit and strong for several decades now and his most recent estimate was around 160 lbs. or 73 kg.

Did Pam Anderson Date Kelly Slater?

Kelly Slater was a regular on Baywatch playing the character Jimmy Slade for several years, during which time he dated Pamela Anderson.

He has described it as an “on-again; off-again relationship” that lasted for several years, with Slater stating that he “learned a lot” and has “no ill feelings” toward her.

How long was Kelly Slater Baywatch?

Kelly was on Bay Watch for 27 episodes of Baywatch between 1992 and 1996.

Does Kelly Slater Have Kids?

Kelly Slater has a daughter named Taylor, who was born in 1996.

As you would expect, Taylor is a keen surfer, and she also describes herself as a “multi-medium artist”.

Who Is Kelly Slater’s Wife?

Kelly Slater is not married, and he has never been married.

There have been a few well-publicized relationships over the years, but he has never tied the knot.

How Did Kelly Slater Meet Kalani Miller?

Slater’s current girlfriend, Kalani Miller, is a Californian-based surfer, model, and artist who met the former world number 1 a number of years ago now.

Did Kelly Slater Retire?

Kelly is still fit and capable, and he still rides the waves every now and then, but he previously announced that 2019 would be his last year as a professional.

Why Do They Call Kelly Slater The Goat?

“GOAT” is an acronym that means “Greatest of all Time”.

It’s a phrase that you’ll hear a lot these days and one that is often said about boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and basketball players like Michael Jordan, as well as Kelly Slater.

How Old Is Kelly Slater The Surfer?

Kelly Slater was born February 11th, 1972, making him 49 at the time of writing.

Where Was Kelly Slater Born?

Slater was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

His father owned a bait-store, and he grew up near the water, so he had plenty of opportunities to surf.

Where Does Kelly Slater Live?

A few years ago, Slater bought a beachfront property in Oahu, Hawaii, for close to $8 million.

He is said to be very familiar with the area after visiting as a child and beat many other bidders to land the impressive 7-bedroom house.

Who Is Kelly Slater’s Brother?

Kelly Slater has a younger brother and an older brother (Stephen and Sean).

There are also a few articles that claim he has an identical twin named Daley Slater, who lives a quiet life in Europe, but this seems to have stemmed from an April Fool’s joke that got a little out of hand.

How Many Pipe Masters Has Kelly Slater Won?

Slater has won the Pipe Masters 7 times and has finished in the top five places 21 times.

It’s an impressive feat when you consider that he has won this competition more times than all other mainland Americans put together.

How Many World Titles Has Kelly Slater Won?

In his career as a pro surfer, Slater won a record 11 World Titles, the last of which came in 2011.