Surf Bikinis: What To Look For

So many choices, so little coverage: The bikini. Let’s take a look at what you need to keep your bikini on in the water.

We included a few more surf wear options in case you want more coverage than what a bikini gives you.

How To Make Sure Your Surf Bikini Stays On While Surfing

If you’re wearing a bikini while surfing, you can keep it in place by choosing the right type of swimwear. It’s important to look for a bikini that has a cross-back or racer-back style, which doesn’t move around much.

They distribute the weight on the chest and keep everything secure.

If you have a larger chest, look for a bikini that features a crop top because they offer a lot of coverage. This will allow you to focus more on your wave position instead of your own spillage that may occur.

This bikini style also prevents the top from falling off because it doesn’t come with any ties.

Generally speaking, you want to look for swimwear that has thick straps, which are comfortable and offer the most support, especially if you have a larger chest.

Thin straps may have a cuter design but are prone to cutting into the shoulders and can become uncomfortable after a few hours.

They also fall off easily if wipeout. Strapless bikinis should always be avoided because they don’t offer any support and fall off too easily.

Bikinis with a wide hip band on the bottoms are also more secure and will prevent the material from rolling down as you’re active. Drawstrings are also helpful and can make it easy to tighten the bottoms.

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What to Avoid in a Bikini

Bikini tops with ties can be problematic because they’re prone to come undone.

Also, avoid wearing a bikini that has a halter neck because this can make it difficult and uncomfortable to arch your back and pull your shoulders together, which can place excess strain on the body.

This can often lead to neck pain and headaches. Triangle bikinis can also become an issue because they tend to move to the side.

Underwires should also be avoided and can dig into your skin as you paddle on the surfboard.

Is Swimwear The Same As Surf Wear?

The short answer is, no. Swimwear and surf wear are different. The material and coverage each use can be very different.

Swimwear is often ideal for wearing when swimming in a pool or bodies of water, and surf wear is designed to make it easier to surf and is designed to stay when you are getting pushed around by the ocean.

Can You Wear Crochet Bikinis In The Water?

Most crochet bikinis can be worn in the water if they’re made of the right materials. However, they’re not designed to be worn in the water all day due to their delicate and intricate design.

Crochet bikinis don’t offer a lot of coverage and can come off easily when they’re worn while surfing.

What To Look For In A Bikini Tops

When you’re shopping for a bikini top to wear when you surf it’s important to find something with thick straps to ensure it offers sufficient support and coverage.

Thick straps are more comfortable than thin straps and don’t dig into the skin. They also won’t fall off easily to ensure you can feel comfortable performing different types of movements.

The bikini tops should also not have any underwire. Although underwires are supportive, they can dig into the skin when they’re worn all day and aren’t comfortable when you’re paddling and are spending a lot of time on your stomach.

What To Look For In A Bikini Bottoms – Skimpy, Cheeky or Full Coverage?

Avoid bottoms with ties, which can come undone easily when you get hit by a wave. The bikini bottoms should fit securely without digging into the skin.

Remember, more skimpy doesn’t necessary mean more flimsy. You can wear cheeky bottoms so long as you have material on your hip.

The thickness of the material on the hip is going to be what helps keep your bottoms on. A sewn-in drawstring will prove to be a big help as well. So, go cheeky, just do it with these 2 considerations in mind.

How To Take Care Of Your Bikini

You will need to rinse your bikini with fresh water to remove all the salt it contains after surfing. Treat stains before throwing them in the washing machine. Remove excess water before air-drying it to help it maintain its shape and color after each use.

Can You Surf In A One Piece?

Yes, there are many types of one-piece swimsuits you can wear while surfing. They prevent the stomach from having direct contact with the board for added comfort.

If you want more mobility, you can look for a one-piece with high-cut leg holes.

Surfing in Boardshorts

Boardshorts are ideal for wearing because they offer more coverage than bikini bottoms and don’t fall off easily. There are many types of boardshorts on the market that have a slack fit and soft materials.

This is an ideal choice for those who don’t like feeling restricted with bikini bottoms.

Boardshorts look great when they’re paired with long or short-sleeve rash guards. They also pair well with bikini tops for those who still want to get some sun while spending time outside.

You can also pair boardshorts with a one-piece suit for even more coverage.