Do Balance Boards Help Surfing?

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100%, balance boards help with surfing.

Surfing uses a lot core strength. Balance boards help you develop that core strength by way of improving your balance.

It’s that easy.

How Do Balance Boards Help surfing?

There are a few benefits to using a balance board to train for surfing.

Balance boards:

  • Are good for building core strength
  • Help you improve your balance for surfing
  • Are generally a good, all-around workout training your stamina and strength
  • Help keep in shape between flat spells
  • Are convenient. You can use them anytime in the comfort of your own home

What are balance boards good for?

The more a balance board mimics what you are doing in the water the more or dry-land training will translate into improved surfing.

For example, you can walk up and down a balance board mimicking walking a longboard.

You can also practice smaller movements on the balance board similarly as you would when surfing a short board specifically when you are adjusting your back foot before a big turn.

How You Can Improve Your Balance for Surfing?

When you work on your small foot adjustments on a balance board you start to see just how much your body mechanics unintentionally push the board up or down, which will ultimately waste your physical energy and slows your surfing down.

Using a balance board will help you maintain a steady, flat state on the board.

The more you can maintain a steady flat state and not push too much pressure on the nose or tail of the board are the wrong time, the more you keep the board balanced and planeing (maintaining flatness), which will help you keep your speed, giving you the momentum you need to move through your turns.

Core muscles, Balance Boards and Turning Your Board on Rail

The more you use a balance board to train for surfing the more you will see how your turning game will improve.

Simply putting more time into improving your balance (AKA – time training on a balance board) and all of the little core muscles that go into not falling off of the balance board, the more stamina, strength and balance you will be able to call upon to make your turns when you are surfing.