Surfboard Bags Vs Surfboard Socks – Which Do You Need?

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Surfboards are temperamental. They collect dings, bumps, and scratches, and they are also vulnerable to heat damage.

It’s an expensive surfboard and you want to do everything that you can to keep it clean and pristine, and that’s where surfboard travel bags and surfboard socks come in.

Bags and socks will protect your surfboard when you’re transporting it to and from the beach. But the level of protection can vary considerably, which begs the question, should you get a surfboard sock or a surfboard bag?

Surfboard Sock

The surfboard sock is the most basic way to protect your surfboard.

It’s a cost-effective, lightweight, and stylish option but it’s not without its limitations. A surfboard sock will protect your surfboard against sun damage and scratches and will also protect the wax.

Although socks lack the all-round protection of surfboard travel bags, they can be purchased for surfboards of all shapes and sizes, will cover against minor dings, and are a good option for covering your board during home storage.

Surfboard Bag

There are a couple of different types of surfboard bag: the travel bag and the day bag.

The surfboard day bag offers many of the same benefits as a surfboard sock, albeit with an additional shoulder strap and some extra layers of protection. The padding is still relatively light, making it a comfortable option while protecting against drops and bumps.

The day bag will also guard against overheating, as it contains a reflective material that ensures there isn’t a mess of melted wax in the bag when you open it up.

The surfboard travel bag, also known as a surfboard coffin, offers maximum protection and is designed to secure your surfboard when you’re traveling long distances. The padding on a travel bag is at least twice as much as a day bag and means that your surfboard won’t get bumped around by airport security.

Should You Buy a Board Bag or Sock?

There is room for both a surfboard sock and a travel bag in your collection, giving you maximum surfboard protection inside the home and on your travels.

Surfboard bags are essential if you’re taking your surfboard over long distances, such as train rides, traveling by plane, and road trips. The shoulder strap makes them easier to carry and the additional protection means you don’t need to worry about minor dings and scratches ruining your surfboard.

Surfboard socks can be used to cover your board when you return home after a surf trip. You won’t need the extra protection when your board is just sitting in the garage, but it’s still important to keep the surfboard free of dust, sand, and scratches.

Summary: Surfboard Bag vs Surfboard Sock

For the sake of $60 or $70, a travel bag and surfboard sock are well worth the investment.

It’s a small price to pay to protect your $500+ board against heat, dings, scratches, and dust/sand, and there are travel bags and socks out there to suit all types, shapes, and sizes of surfboard.