Best Surf Spots In Australia

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Australia, known by many people as the land “Down Under,” is home to some of the world’s most exquisite picture-perfect beaches and ideal weather and is a great all-round destination for many outdoor activities. There is undoubtedly something truly special about this place, which is why Australia is a bucket list destination for many surfers all over the world.

Surfing is one of the core characteristics embedded into the culture of Australia. The wide-open coastline produces year-round consistency at a seemingly endless list of world-class surf spots suitable for beginners and pros. Popular locations include Bondi Beach and Manly Beach, to name a few.

If you have been surfing for more than five minutes, you have undoubtedly already heard a few good things about the epic surfing possibilities in the land “Down Under,” and rest assured, the rumors are all true. From the best waves to the best surfing lessons available, discover why Australia should be the destination for your next surfing adventure.

Surfing In Australia

From novice surfer to the best of the best, Australia unquestionably has everything that you could ever hope for in a top-rated surfing destination. Second, only to the United States of America, Australia has one of the highest populations of surfers globally, and there is a good reason for that. Indeed, surfing is deeply rooted in this nation’s culture.

Australia has a massive, wide-open coastline that receives a constant rate of swells from pretty much every direction. This, of course, means that epic surfing conditions are available throughout the year. With roughly 85% of the population living in coastal areas, it is easy to see why surfing has taken this nation by storm. 

Considering all of this, along with the fact that Australia sees a massive influx of tourists every year – many of which are ready and eager to catch some waves – many of the beaches can become heavily overcrowded. Competing for your chance at these world-class waves can often prove to be rather challenging, especially on a good surf day.

However, it is certainly not all bad news. The Australian surf scene undoubtedly still has a few hidden gems, even among the busiest surfing hotspots. You will need to be up for an adventure and be willing to travel a little further out to reach them. But even if you aren’t up for that, the popular spots will by no means leave you feeling disappointed.

As a fun fact, some of the most well-known surfing brands globally, namely Billabong and Quicksilver, were founded in Australia decades ago. And interestingly enough, the year 1969 saw the invention of boardshorts in Australia, a now-standard piece of surfing attire all over the world.  

When To Go Surfing In Australia

If you understand the nature of surfing, you will know that several factors can affect the type of surfing experience you will have. Like any other outdoor sport, the weather and overall conditions of the season play a considerable role in the overall enjoyment of the sport. 

Knowing the times and seasons for the best surfing conditions is essential to ensure that you have the best experience on the waves. Thanks to the consistency of the waves in Australia, you will be able to enjoy riding the waves pretty much any time of the year. 

However, as with any other surfing destination, some seasons are better suited to specific skill and experience levels. Generally speaking, Australia’s prime surfing conditions are during the summer and early fall (autumn) months from December to April. This is Australia’s storm and cyclone season, so you can expect the biggest waves during this time.

However, this is also Australia’s peak tourist season. So, although it is arguably the best time for intermediate and advanced surfers to visit, you can expect the highest volume of crowds during this time. The early fall (autumn) months might be a better time to go, as most of the masses will have dispersed, but you can still experience some epic summer waves.

The winter months in Australia are known for having some of the most reliable surfing conditions. Although the waves during this time might not be as large as the summer months, you are still guaranteed to have a great time riding the waves. This is an ideal time for beginners, with the bonus of the least amount of crowding on the beaches.

The Best Surf Spots In Australia

Alright, now that you are more acquainted with Australia’s surfing experience and the best time to visit based on your skill and experience level, let us take a dive “down under” and explore a few of the best surf spots that Australia has to offer.

Bondi Beach

Located in the world-renowned city known as Sydney, Bondi Beach is undoubtedly one of the first places you will hear of when people talk about Australia’s surf scene. Thanks to its overall beauty and prime surfing conditions, Bondi Beach is highly popular among Australia’s locals and many tourists.

One of the best parts about Bondi Beach is that it caters to both beginner and pro-level surfers. Several surf lessons and surfboard rental options are available nearby to ensure you get your chance at riding these fantastic waves.

For the surfers out there with a good amount of experience, the southern sections of Bondi Beach are where you can expect to find some powerful, drool-worthy waves. However, keep in mind that you can expect large crowds due to Bondi Beach’s immense popularity, especially during the peak tourist seasons.

Bells Beach

Referred to by many as the home or the birthplace of surfing in Australia, Bells Beach is undoubtedly a surfing destination not to be missed. With waves reaching heights of over 16 feet tall, Bells Beach is best suited to the advanced surfers out there. However, if you are not ready to take on these waves, there are lookout points to watch the surfers here in action. 

Bells Beach is known for its consistency, which ultimately makes this so popular among local surfers and traveling surfers from around the world. Although the water temperature at Bells Beach can be a little on the chilly side, make sure to bring a wetsuit along if you are going to go at the waves. 

To make it even more clear how great this spot actually is for the advanced surfers out there, Bells Beach has been the location for the prestigious surfing event known as the Rip Curl Pro. For years some of the best surfers in Australia and around the world have come to battle it out in the epic waves found at Bells Beach.

Manly Beach

Yet another classic spot in the famous city of Sydney, Manly Beach is widely defined by its surfing culture and is overall an exquisite beach with excellent surfing opportunities. 

Like almost all of the surfing spots in Australia, Manly Beach is known for its consistency. While it is a great place for surfers of all skill and experience levels to enjoy, it is also a popular location to get some surfing lessons. 

For the ladies out there, do not let the name of this beach deter you. It hasn’t got anything to do with regards to the type of characters you will find around here, but instead, it is the name of the suburb in Sydney. All surfers are welcome and are guaranteed to have an epic time out on the waves of Manly Beach.

The Pass – Byron Bay

Although this spot in New South Wales is often packed with surfers, a quick visit to Byron Bay will make it easy to understand why. The Pass is undoubtedly one of the best surfing experiences in Australia, offering some of the best waves around.

The Pass, in particular, is far better suited to the intermediate and advanced level surfers out there. However, Byron Bay has an abundance of picturesque beaches, some of which are some of the most popular in all of Australia. So, even if you are a novice surfer, you will have plenty of waves to enjoy in Byron Bay. 

Suppose you are just interested in watching some experienced surfers tackling the epic waves at The Pass. In that case, there is a lookout point where you will be able to catch all of the surfing action and enjoy a breathtaking view of Byron Bay in its entirety. 

Snapper Rocks – Gold Coast

Last on our list of Australia’s best surfing spots – but by no means the final location on offer in this surfer’s paradise – is one for the highly experienced surfers out there known as Snapper Rocks. Surfers here will be able to experience one of the longest wave-riding opportunities in the world. 

Snapper Rocks is highly favored among professional surfers from all over the world and is even home to the world-renowned surfing competition WSL Quicksilver Pro. However, as is expected with such a highly renowned spot, overcrowding and localism can be a real issue here. So, make sure that your skills are up to scratch before taking on the likes of Snapper Rocks.

Surfing Lessons In Australia

Thanks to the abundance of pristine surfing spots scattered all over the country, Australia has a nearly equal abundance of surfing lessons that cater to your specific needs. 

Regardless of your level of skill on a surfboard, deciding to take on a few surfing lessons is undoubtedly the best way to improve your wave riding abilities. Ultimately, having good technique combined with plenty of practice is what separates novice surfers from the pros.

Learning from those who have several years of experience in the world of surfing is an invaluable experience that you do not want to miss. Plus, it is guaranteed to be some of the most fun you have ever had, whether you opt for a private lesson or a group lesson as a couple or with some family or friends. 

We will help you to plan your next surfing excursion by giving you a glimpse into some of the best surfing lessons available in Australia.

Let’s Go Surfing

Let’s Go surfing is one of Australia’s top surfing lesson providers, offering lessons in multiple locations, including Ballina, Bondi, Byron Bay, and Maroubra. Each of their classes caters to all surfers, so whether you are a beginner or you are highly experienced, you are guaranteed to get something out of a lesson with Let’s Go Surfing. 

Let’s Go surfing offer various types of surfing lessons based on your particular needs. Let’s Go surfing has undoubtedly got something for you, whether you would like a private lesson, group lesson, corporate group lessons, or even something more serious like a six-week-long surf course. 

For a private lesson – which is arguably the best type of lesson to go for to really hone in on your surfing abilities with detailed one-on-one attention – you can expect to pay $195 (Australian Dollars) for a one-hour lesson. Included in that price is all of your equipment, including a surfboard, wetsuit, rash vest, sunscreen, and zinc. 

For beginner surfers, in particular, Let’s Go Surfing offers small group lessons consisting of a maximum of five people with a duration of two hours. These beginner group lessons cost $119 per person and can be purchased in bulk too. A three-lesson pack is $300 per person, and a five-lesson pack is $450 per person. 

These classes are a great way to get started on your surfing journey, and learning with others is guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun. The beginner classes also include all of the necessary equipment that you will need.

Let’s Go Surfing also offers surfing lessons specifically aimed at kids and teens, as well as team-building packages for companies and other businesses. You are guaranteed to have a truly amazing time with their highly experienced instructors while enjoying some of Australia’s iconic waves. 

For more information about Let’s Go surfing and to explore their many other exciting surfing lesson options, you can follow this link.


A surfing experience in Australia is guaranteed to be like no other and is not to be missed by those with a passion or an interest in riding some pristine waves. Grab your surfboard, sign up for a few lessons, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime at one of the world’s best beaches and top-quality waves found in the beautiful country of Australia.