Best Surf Spots In The Cook Islands

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The beautiful island nation of Cook Islands has made its mark on the world for being a top diving and snorkeling destination. However, albeit lesser-known, the Cook Islands are home to some top-quality waves that will provide enough of a challenge for any world-class surfer. If you are ready for a challenging wave, then surfing in the Cook Islands will not leave you disappointed. 

Surfing in the Cook Islands is not for the faint of heart but promises to be an exhilarating experience. This nation receives swell from almost every direction, making it one of the most consistent surfing spots in the world. The best time for surfing in the Cook Islands is from November to March.

Could there be a better place for a surfing adventure than a paradise island in the mighty Pacific Ocean? Indeed, an incredible adventure awaits those who are ready to brave the powerful waves that regularly swarm the Cook Islands. From an epic surfing experience to overall exquisite scenery, find out why the Cook Islands should be the location for your next surfing adventure.

Surfing In The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is undoubtedly a top-quality surfing destination. The waves here are some of the most consistent on the planet, thanks to the powerful swell reaching the shores from nearly every side of the country. However, it is no question that surfing in the Cook Islands is far better suited to advanced surfers. 

While there are some beginner-friendly waves, the majority are not suitable for novice surfers. Part of what makes surfing so challenging is that the waves at Cook Island are extremely powerful. These waves are known to hit hard, so if you are not careful, injuries can occur, and wipeouts are pretty much guaranteed. Again, these waves are not for the faint of heart.

The other challenging aspect is that the waves at the Cook Islands typically break over shallow, sharp coral reefs. Again, the risk of injury is high, so most of the waves should only be attempted by highly experienced surfers. Reef boots are highly recommended, if not essential, for navigating the coral reef and sea urchins when heading out and back to shore.

Do not let all of that deter you, though, because if you have what it takes, a surfing experience in the Cook Islands will undoubtedly be unforgettable. Another major bonus about surfing in the Cook Islands is that there is little to no crowding. Every surfer’s dream is to enjoy a few world-class waves in a secluded setting, and the Cook Islands makes that dream a reality.

When To Go Surfing In The Cook Islands

As any seasoned surfer will be able to tell you, there are several factors that play a significant role in determining the kind of surfing experience that you can expect to have. Variables like wind, swell, weather, and the overall time of year play a huge role in the surfing conditions at any destination.

Thankfully, as previously mentioned, Cook Islands experiences some of the most consistent surf in the world. Indeed, throughout the year, surfers will be able to enjoy the world-class waves that are on offer here. That being said, there are still specific times of the year that are considered to be the best for surfing in the Cook Islands.

November to March is considered the best time for surfing in the Cook Islands. During this season, the waves are at their prime and most consistent compared to any other time of the year. For the best experience, make sure to visit the Cook Islands during this time frame, and you will not be disappointed. 

May to September is also considered a great time for surfing in the Cook Islands. However, the trade winds can be somewhat of a menace during this time and affect the overall consistency of Cook Islands surfing hotspots. Although, if you find yourself in the Cook Islands between May and September, you will undoubtedly still enjoy a great surfing experience.

The Best Surf Spots In The Cook Islands

Alright, since you are more thoroughly acquainted with Cook Island’s surfing experience as well as the best time of year to pay this island nation a visit, you are undoubtedly desperate to know where to find the country’s best surf spots. Let us dive into helping plan your next surfing adventure by showing you some of the best surf spots in the Cook Islands.

Rarotonga is the largest island that makes up the nation of Cook Islands. It is here where most of the best surfing spots in the country can be found. As such, the spots that we will be mentioning are all situated on the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

Rarotonga Point

If you are looking for a near-perfect barrel wave, then Rarotonga Point is a must-visit surf spot for you. Undoubtedly one of the greatest waves in the Cook Islands, Rarotonga Point, is challenging but also exciting. The locals will tell you that high tide is the best time to surf here, and once you find the perfect wave, you won’t have to fight for your chance to catch it.

Indeed, as with most of Cook Islands surf spots, overcrowding is virtually non-existent. If you do come across a few local surfers, you will find them to be extremely friendly and welcoming. 


Socials is arguably the best quality and most consistent wave in the Cook Islands. Because of its reputation, this spot is where you will experience the most crowding – though still nothing compared to most other top surfing destinations. 

Socials is home to one of those waves that break over coral reefs, so we must emphasize that this spot is not suitable for beginner surfers. Only highly experienced surfers should attempt this wave, and when the conditions are at their prime, they will be highly rewarded.

Avaavaroa Passage

Last on our list, and finally, something a little more suitable for beginner to intermediate surfers is Avaavaroa Passage. This is indeed one of Cook Islands’ fantastic surf spots that are not nearly as “aggressive” as spots like Socials but is suitable for surfers of any skill and experience level. 

To top it all off, Avaavaroa Passage is a top competitor for one of the Cook Islands’ most consistent spots. All in all, from novice to advanced level surfer, Avaavaroa Passage is a fantastic surf spot not to be passed by.


Overall, while the Cook Islands, in general, is far better suited for the more experienced surfer, it is still a great all-round destination to catch some world-class waves. A major bonus is that this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it is far more affordable than many other island nations. Don’t miss out on a surfing adventure in the Cook Islands!