Best Surf Spots In Delaware: Indian River Inlet, Bethany Beach & Fenwick Island

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Typically speaking, the East Coast, in general, is not home to famous surf spots that have made their mark on the “best in the world” surfing lists. However, that does not mean that surfing is not an integral part of beach culture in states like Delaware. Beaches here are regularly swarmed with local and visiting surfers to get a taste of the waves. 

Surfing in Delaware is typically overlooked by other parts of the country, especially when compared to neighboring states like New Jersey. Delaware is not known for consistent or world-class surfing, but given the right conditions can still be an excellent place to catch a few enjoyable waves. 

The bottom line is that whether you are a local in Delaware or a visitor passing through, you can expect to have a great time in the waves. All you need to know is what times and seasons throughout the year will be best for you to enjoy the most out of a surfing experience here. Discover why Delaware could be an excellent destination for your next surfing adventure.

Surfing In Delaware

Most of the time, Delaware gets a minimal amount – if anything at all – of attention regarding its local surf scene. If the East Coast is receiving any noteworthy credit or hype around its surf scene, it is typically happening further north in places like New Jersey and New York, where you can find a few exceptional waves. 

Perhaps it is worthwhile to mention that if you are traveling to the East Coast in search of epic waves to put your surfing skills to the test, Delaware might not be the best place to do that. You will be far more rewarded a little further north in New Jersey, where the waves have earned themselves a somewhat better reputation. 

However, it is not all bad news. If you are looking to have a great time in the waves and not necessarily after “the best wave in the world,” then Delaware is undoubtedly still a great surfing destination. Provided the conditions are favorable, as, with every surf spot, you will certainly have a great surfing experience in Delaware. 

Surfing in Delaware is actually extremely popular and is undoubtedly a mainstream outdoor activity. Although, in many ways, that is a good thing, the downside is that Delaware does not have an abundance of surf spots, meaning that overcrowding is a significant factor here. At any given time, you can expect a whole lot of surfers to have a go at the waves. You will likely be practicing a lot of patience in the Delaware surf scene.

When To Go Surfing In Delaware

Any and every experienced surfer will be able to tell you that several factors, including the weather, wind direction, and the overall time of year, play a significant role in the type of surfing experience that you can expect to have. This is especially important to know if you want to get the best out of any surf spot.

Delaware, in particular, is not exactly known for a consistent surfing experience, which is why knowing the best times are seasons to visit are of utmost importance. Sure, like any coastal state, you will, in theory, be able to surf any time of the year in Delaware, but if your timing is wrong, you are far less likely to have a great time out on the waves. 

Fall is considered to be the prime season for surfing in Delaware, primarily thanks to some late-season hurricanes. You can expect the most consistent waves in Delaware during this time. Additionally, like many other surfing destinations around the world, winter can also be an excellent time for a surf with some of the most substantial waves of the year.

Springtime in Delaware is where inconsistency begins to pop up its head in the surf scene, so although you can still enjoy some sound waves, you will have to hope for good conditions. Summer is Delaware’s peak tourist months and is, unfortunately, one of the worst times to surf here. The crowds are at their highest, and the waves are less than underwhelming. 

The Best Surf Spots In Delaware

Alright, now that you are familiar with the surfing experience in the First State, as well as the best times and seasons to pay a visit, let us help you further in planning your next surfing adventure by showing you some of the best surf spots in Delaware.

Indian River Inlet

First up on our list is Delaware’s Indian River Inlet, which is best suited to the intermediate and more advanced surfers out there. This is undoubtedly one of Delaware’s most popular surf spots, and regardless of the conditions, you are likely to see plenty of surfers here patiently waiting for the next available wave.

On a perfect day, you can expect the waves to reach anywhere from chest high to overhead, along with some high-performance tubes. All in all, this can be an excellent surf spot when the conditions are right.

Bethany Beach

Another popular spot in Delaware is Bethany Beach. This spot can be enjoyed by beginner and advanced surfers alike, and the best part is that it typically experiences far less crowding compared to spots like Indian River.

On a good day with some southwest winds, you can expect the waves here to reach chest heights and, in some cases, overhead sizes. The fall and winter months will be the best time to visit a spot like Bethany Beach, and catching it on a good day guarantees an excellent surfing experience.

Fenwick Island

Another Delaware surf spot for both beginner and advanced surfers out there is Fenwick Island. You will definitely hear this spot mentioned by Delaware’s local surfers, and if you happen to be in the state, you do not want to miss out on it. 

Again, you can expect slightly less crowding at this spot, which is always a bonus. On a good day, waves reach anywhere from chest height to overhead, and this spot promises to provide a whole lot of fun. 


Overall, Delaware is by no means a top-rated surf spot. However, it undoubtedly has a lot to offer, especially when the conditions are right. A visit here during the fall and winter months will be well worth it, with a few incredible waves that promise to provide an excellent time. Grab your surfboard and get ready for a surfing adventure in Delaware!