Best Surf Spots In Mexico

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Surfing might not necessarily be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a place like Mexico. Tequila, sombrero’s, parties, and large mustaches are the typical images that come to mind regarding this central American country. However, for the wave riders out there, Mexico is guaranteed to be the most excellent adventure you could ever have.

Mexico is undoubtedly a paradise destination for surfers regardless of their skill level. Home to many of the world’s most epic waves and consistent surfing conditions spread across over 4500 miles of coastline, a surfing experience in Mexico is not to be missed. Popular spots include Ensenada.

Whether you have been catching waves for as long as you can remember or if you are only now looking at diving into the world of surfing, Mexico will not leave you feeling disappointed. Only a short distance from Southern California, Mexico promises an unforgettable surfing experience. Discover why Mexico should be your next surfing destination. 

Surfing In Mexico

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the most consistent surf spots globally, with excellent wave riding possibilities available throughout the year. For several decades, as far back as the 1940s, surfers from all over have been flocking to this Latin American nation to enjoy some of the best waves in the world. 

Both advanced surfers and novices will be able to enjoy seemingly endless surfing possibilities all around Mexico. The several thousands of miles of coastline serve as a playground paradise for all wave riding enthusiasts, whether you are ready for giant waves or looking to practice on some beginner-friendly swells. 

From a surfing point of view, many still consider Mexico to be riddled with untapped potential. Sure, the northern areas and states like Baja, for example, do see a lot of surfing traffic throughout the year and is likely the only place that you may experience some overcrowding. However, the further out you travel, you will be able to enjoy a more secluded surfing experience with some of the finest waves on offer. 

To top it all off, part of what makes Mexico such an excellent surfing destination is the nation’s culture. Mexican’s are undoubtedly some of the friendliest people that you will ever meet, meaning that you won’t be encountering “localism” like at many other top surfing spots. 

Also, the food is outstanding, and overall living expenses are significantly lower compared to the United States, so you will enjoy an affordable time away in a paradise location and get to experience a few of the best waves that the world has to offer. 

When To Go Surfing In Mexico

Almost any experienced surfer will be able to tell you that several factors, including the time of year and the overall weather conditions, play a massive role in the kind of surfing experience that you can expect to have. For example, some seasons in the year are better suited to advanced surfers, while others are far more beginner-friendly.

Thankfully – as previously mentioned – Mexico is known for its consistent surfing conditions and undoubtedly experiences one of the highest volumes of waves in the world. This ultimately means that regardless of the time of year that you choose to visit, you can be guaranteed that you will have a memorable surfing experience. 

Mexico’s peak surfing season is considered between the summer months of May through October. You can expect to find the largest and most consistent waves during this season. This is undoubtedly the perfect season to visit for the advanced surfers out there who are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience. 

However, the winter months in Mexico are not to be shied away from since you will still be able to enjoy some epic surfing at any of the multiple surf spots available in the country. Both beginner and highly experienced surfers will be able to enjoy Mexico’s extraordinary variety of world-class waves.

This is undoubtedly part of what makes the surfing experience in Mexico so unique and sets it apart from other surfing destinations. Compared to other world-class surfing spots like California, for example, most peak surfing seasons are during the winter months, while Mexico offers the best surfing experience and the perfect vacation weather during the summer.

The Best Surf Spots In Mexico

Alright, let us go ahead and dive into the part you have been anxiously waiting for. To help you plan your next surfing excursion, here are some of the best surfing spots in Mexico that you do not want to miss out on.

Ensenada – Northern Baja

First up on our list is one of Mexico’s flagship surfing spots that is highly favored among the locals and surfers from all around the world. In fact, Ensenada’s proximity to California makes it a popular day visit spot for many of Southern California’s surfing locals. 

Although the water at Ensenada is typically colder than other parts of the country, this area is not to be missed out on. There are a few beaches in Ensenada that you should visit, including Playa Hermosa for beginners and for highly experienced surfers, Todos Santos and San Miguel.

The only potential downside to a spot like Ensenada is that its proximity to California’s border makes this a surfing hotspot. You can expect this area to be densely populated with local and international surfers. However, fall often proves to be the best time to visit Ensenada, as the crowds are far fewer, yet the waves remain consistent. 

 San Blas – Nayarit

San Blas is a surfing spot for the record books – literally. Recorded as the longest wave in the world by the prestigious Guinness Book of Records, San Blas is undoubtedly a bucket-list worthy surfing spot that is not to be missed. 

Some of the legendary spots in this area are Matanchén and the famous Stoner’s Point, named after Ron Stoner, one of the top surfing photographers during the 1960s.

Pascuales – Colima

Strictly for the highly experienced surfers out there, Pascuales is where you will find one of the most advanced waves in all of the Pacific Coast. For the adrenaline-fueled surfers out there, you will be able to enjoy mind-blowing waves reaching heights greater than 25 feet.

Pascuales is somewhat of a hidden gem in Mexico, as it can be rather tricky to reach. However, combine that with the fact that the average surfer will not venture here, you are ultimately more than likely to be able to enjoy one of the most secluded surfing experiences in all of Mexico. 

Salina Cruz – Oaxaca 

Overall, Oaxaca is known as one of the best states to surf in all of Mexico, and Salina Cruz is testimony to that. Salina Cruz is regarded for having consistent year-round waves caused by the near-constant southern Pacific swell. The waves here are phenomenal, and the beach is one of the best in the area. 

Salina Cruz is also a popular spot for surfing lessons, so if you are a novice to the world of surfing, this would be a fantastic place for you to master the art of wave riding. 

Thanks to its popularity, though, Salina Cruz can often experience a lot of overcrowding, which can make surfing somewhat of a challenge. The end of the summer months going into the early parts of fall make for a better time to visit in terms of overall busyness, and you will still get to enjoy the incredible waves. 

Troncones – Guerrero

Another one of Mexico’s consistent surfing hotspots is Troncones in Guerrero. This spot is an excellent area for beginners to improve their surfing ability. However, that does not mean that Troncones hasn’t got anything to offer the more experienced surfers. 

Three of the spots within the area are Playa Troncones, Troncones Point, and for the more experienced surfers out there, The Ranch. Troncones also has a couple of fantastic local surf shops where you will be able to get all the gear you might need for your surfing adventure. 

Surfing Lessons In Mexico

Surfing lessons are undoubtedly the best way to take your surfing skills to the next level. Knowing and using the correct techniques is what separates novice surfers from the pros. 

Do not make the mistake of thinking that surfing lessons are only for beginners. Regardless of your experience and skill, there is always room to improve, and learning from the best in the game is the best way to get better. 

Thanks to the thousands of miles of coastline and seemingly endless amounts of fantastic surf spots, Mexico is spoiled with various options for surfing lessons that will cater to your specific needs. 

Whether you are looking for individual lessons to get detailed attention and advance quickly, fun group lessons with your partner, friends, or family, or even a fun corporate outing, you will find plenty of options for your enjoyment. 

We will show you some of the best options for surfing lessons in Mexico to assist you in taking your surfing skills to the next level. 

Cozumel Surfing 

When we said that learning from the best in the game is the best way to improve, we meant it, and Cozumel Surfing is the perfect example of this. Opting for surfing lessons with Cozumel Surfing will give you the opportunity to learn from the surfing champion, Nacho Gutierrez, along with his team of certified professionals. 

Cozumel Surfing caters to surfers of all ages and skill levels and even offers board rentals for the more advanced surfers out there. You will undoubtedly be in the best hands with over twenty years of surfing experience. Nacho even guarantees that you will not need to pay if you do not stand up and surf in your lesson – what an offer! 

Cozumel Surfing offers a variety of surfing lessons to cater to your specific needs. First up, and one of the most popular options, is private lessons. Private lessons are by far the best option for first-timers and surfers looking to improve their technique. These lessons include an instruction and safety briefing, followed by two 60-minute sessions. 

Second is Two-person lessons, which are a fantastic option for couples or for you and a friend. Same as the private lessons, you will have a safety briefing along with two 60-minute sessions with one or two instructors, depending on the number of classes are running simultaneously. Drinks and snacks are also provided during the break between sessions.

Cozumel Surfing also offers lessons for small groups consisting of three to five people and large group lessons of up to ten people. The larger the group, the more instructors you will get in order to ensure attention to detail for each surfer in the group. 

You will need to contact Cozumel Surfing directly for their pricing. To contact them or to have a look at some of their other lesson packages, you can follow this link.

WildMex – Surf & Adventure

Located in Sayulita, WildMex is another wonderful option for surfing lessons in Mexico. Available to surfers of all skill levels and anyone aged five or older, WildMex is guaranteed to help you to improve your wave riding skills with the help of their ISA-certified surfing instructors.

WildMex is committed to providing attention to detail, ensuring that you get more instructors depending on the size of your group – if you opt for a group lesson, of course. For children between the ages of five and ten, WildMex will ensure one instructor per two kids, one instructor per four adults, and one instructor per two elders 60 years or older.

WildMex surfing lesson prices range from $65 for a one-on-one lesson, $55 per person for a two people lesson, and $45 per person for group lessons consisting of three people or more. Each variety of classes includes a surfboard, rashguard, access to lockers, and access to showers. 

To book surfing lessons with WildMex or to find out more about their other packages and services, you can follow this link.


Overall, the incredible country of Mexico promises to provide an unforgettable surfing experience in a surfer’s paradise. There are, of course, many more surfing spots available for all skill levels. The best idea would be to make an extended trip into the region and take advantage of the world-class surf spots on offer. Get ready for a surfing adventure in Mexico!