Best Surf Spots In New Caledonia

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New Caledonia is a group of small islands east of Australia in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. New Caledonia is renowned for its spectacular views, fantastic food, and gorgeous beaches. Of course, where there is a beach, there is an opportunity to surf. So, you might be wondering what it is like to go surfing in New Caledonia.

Surfing in New Caledonia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It takes some effort to reach the surf spots, as you need to take a boat from the island to the reef where the surf is. However, it is all worth the effort. The best time to surf in New Caledonia is between May and September.

When is the best season to travel to New Caledonia? Where are the best places to surf at? Are there any specific rules you must adhere to when traveling to New Caledonia to surf? In this text, you can find the answers to all these questions. So, prepare your surfboard and empty your piggy bank. After reading about the New Caledonia surf, you will want to book the first ticket to New Caledonia.

When To Go Surfing In New Caledonia                                                                                   

The best seasons to go surfing in New Caledonia are fall and winter. The reason is that during these seasons, storms in the South Pacific push wind up the Tasman Sea and create the perfect conditions for surfing. You can expect to see Southwest swells of up to eight feet tall.

The whole of New Caledonia’s coast benefits from these winds, so it is the perfect time to explore the island, and you can count on getting some surf.

The South Pacific winds are not present to create magnificent waves during the spring and summer. However, there are still appropriate waves for surfing, and you will not regret visiting New Caledonia in the summertime.

Fortunately, New Caledonia has an abundance of activities and adventures waiting to happen. So even when the waves are not perfect for surfing, you are sure to have a great time.

How To Go Surfing In New Caledonia

As mentioned earlier, a bit of time and effort is required to surf in New Caledonia. If you want to surf in the Islands’ prime locations, located at the reefs, you must charter a boat to take you there.

Luckily, New Caledonians are aware of the situation, and there is an abundance of charters available. You can charter a boat for one day to take you out to the surf zone and bring you back. Or you can hop on a multi-day charter which takes you around the islands to all the best surf locations.

Previous visitors have also recommended hiring a charter with a surf guide. They will point out the best spots for surfing and may have a secret trick or two to get the best waves. Ultimately, how you decide to get to the surf zones in New Caledonia is not as important as what you do once you are there.

Suppose you plan on going surfing in New Caledonia by yourself, and you don’t want to make use of a surf guide. In that case, some must-see locations promise to make a lasting impression.

Where To Go Surfing In New Caledonia

You could practically walk up to any beach on the New Caledonians islands, and you will be able to surf. However, there are specific locations that experts recommend you check out while you are on a surfing trip in New Caledonia.

Surfing At Ténia Islet In New Caledonia

Ténia islet is just a short boat ride from Nouméa on the south coast. It has beautiful landscapes, crystal clear water, and an abundance of marine life. It also happens to be a top-rated surfing destination. The islet has a consistent flow of waves during fall and winter. It is the perfect spot to start your surfing trip in New Caledonia.

Surfing At Dumbéa In New Caledonia

Dumbéa is a neighboring district from Nouméa, the capital city of New Caledonia. Dumbéa has some spectacular surfing conditions. If your timing is correct, you might be able to ride the perfect barrel. Dumbéa is a must-see for all surfers who travel to New Caledonia.

Surfing At Skateparks In New Caledonia

Skateparks is a small province in the south of New Caledonia. It has prime surfing waves that are not beginner-friendly as fast left waves wrap around the lagoon. With Southwest winds, the waves grow bigger and are perfect for more experienced surfers.

Surfing At Gouaro In New Caledonia

Gouaro is located near the path of the three bays. It is famous for the Gouaro lighthouse and delivers some fantastic surf waves. Surfers of all skill levels can surf at Gouaro. Waves over six feet are powerful and can create barrels for the more experienced surfers to enjoy.

These are merely some of the places you can visit when on a surfing trip in New Caledonia. Truth be told, there are countless beautiful spots to try out that making a comprehensive list is close to impossible. The best advice is to talk to the locals and find out where the best surf spots are and when to go there.

New Caledonians are no strangers to surfing and are sure to have some hidden locations that have far better surf than any of the ones mentioned above. Practice correct surfing etiquette when surfing with locals, and you are sure to have an experience you will never forget.

Tips For Surfing In New Caledonia

The coast of New Caledonia is brimming with life. You can find any animal, from dolphins to sea turtles, while surfing in New Caledonia. However, most of these animals are protected. Therefore, you shouldn’t touch the sea animals you see in the ocean and on the beach.

For example, if you happen to be lucky enough to witness baby sea turtles hatching, don’t pick them up or carry them to the water. The struggle to get to the safety of the water is an essential part of their survival.

Instead, you should admire all the sea creatures from a distance and be reminded that the ocean, and the waves, belong to them more than they do to you.


Surfing in New Caledonia is a unique experience, and if you ever get the opportunity, you should seize it with both hands. You can surf in New Caledonia any time of the year. However, the best waves for surfing are present from May to September.

There are many islands and provinces where you can surf in New Caledonia. You will need to take a boat to reach the surf spots, and veteran travelers recommend taking a surf guide to show you the ropes. Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner, New Caledonia will have a spot for you to surf.