Best Surf Spots In Texas: Surfside Beach, Matagorda, South Padre Island

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It is highly unlikely that surfing is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Lone Star State, Texas – if at all, in fact. However, Texas has a lot more to offer than cowboy boots and legendary barbeques. With hundreds of miles of coastline on offer, you can guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a day out on the waves in the Lone Star State.

Texas may not have the greatest reputation when it comes to surfing, especially when compared to some of the top surfing destinations in the world. However, the Lone Star State has its fair share of great waves to be enjoyed on a good day. Popular spots include Surfside Beach and Matagorda.

It oftentimes comes as a surprise to most people that Texas has more than a few great surf spots to enjoy, especially if you catch them during perfect conditions. If you are a Texan native or someone looking for a location for a surfing trip, you will not want to pass on the local surf scene and the waves on offer here. Discover why Texas should be your next surfing destination. 

The Best Surf Spots In Texas

Now that you are more thoroughly acquainted with the surfing experience in Texas as well as the best time of year to pay the Lone Star State a visit, let’s help you plan your next surfing excursion by showing you a few of the best surf spots that Texas has to offer. 

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is a favorite surf spot among the local Texan surfers’ thanks to its wide variety of waves that cater to both novice and highly skilled surfers. Most days at Surfside Beach are particularly suitable for beginners; however, if there happens to be a storm brewing, the intermediate and more advanced surfers will undoubtedly be in for a treat. 


If you have a good amount of surfing experience behind you, then you will not want to miss out on surfing the waves at Matagorda. Fast-paced, powerful waves dominate the waters here, promising to be one of Texas’ most thrilling surfing experiences on offer. If you are still a beginner surfer, you will undoubtedly want to exercise some caution here.

North Jetty

Next on our list is a spot considered by many to be one of the best in all of Texas. Boasting some of the largest and most consistent waves available, North Jetty is one of the Lone Star State’s surf spots that you do not want to miss out on. Intermediate and more advanced surfers will be most at home here, but beginner surfers will have plenty to enjoy too. 

South Padre Island

South Padre Island is yet another highly favored surf spot amongst the Texan locals. This spot has more than enough on offer to compete for the top surfing spot in the Lone Star State. Thanks to a relatively steep offshore drop, the waves at South Padre Island are often large, powerful, and, to top it all off, consistent. 

South Padre Island will undoubtedly appeal to the intermediate and advanced surfers out there, however, do not be discouraged if you are still a beginner because if the conditions are reasonable, you will also have plenty of opportunities for an epic surfing experience. 

Surfing In Texas

Right from the outset, it should be made clear that if you are interested in surfing one of the best waves to be found in the world, then the Texas surf scene might leave you feeling somewhat underwhelmed and left wanting more. However, if you remove that weighty expectation, then Texas is still a great spot to catch a few great waves.

Overall, the surf in Texas is not the most consistent one out there, and many visitors have referred to the waves here as flat and somewhat lifeless. Although that sounds completely terrible – and might even have an ounce of truth to it depending on the day – that is by no means the constant state of the surfing experience in the Lone Star State. 

Funnily enough, some locals are glad that their waves have that reputation because one of the best parts about the Texas surf scene is that overcrowding is extremely rare. If you have surfed more than a few times, you will know that that is excellent news for any superb surf spot. 

Texas has a great community of local surfers who thoroughly enjoy their variety of great surf spots, regardless of how far they may need to travel to get there. The local surfers in Texas are also known to be extremely friendly, so the great benefit of surfing here is that you won’t be dealing with any nasty localism like you would at many other surfing destinations. 

When To Go Surfing In Texas

Any surfer with even a limited amount of experience knows that factors like wind, weather, and ultimately the time of year can play a massive role in the type of surfing experience that you can expect to have. Some seasons in the year are often better suited to intermediate and advanced surfers, while others might be better suited to beginners. 

One of the best parts about the Lone Star State is that, like most of the other surf spots around the world, it can be surfed throughout the year. Having no “off” season is a massive bonus for any surf spot. However, it is still necessary to be aware of which season of the year would be best suited to your particular skill level when planning a trip here. 

Spring is considered by many to be Texas’ prime surfing season, when the surf is arguably at its most consistent, and the waves are a whole lot of fun. However, the hurricane season – which occurs during the summer and fall months – also produces excellent waves to be enjoyed. 

All in all, almost any time of the year is guaranteed to offer a great surfing experience in Texas, where both novice and highly skilled surfers will be able to have plenty of fun. You will need to keep your fingers crossed that the conditions are excellent on the day that you decide to go for a surf, and if they are, you will not be disappointed. 


Hopefully, we have helped change your mind about any rumors you might have heard about the surf scene in Texas. Again, it might not always be up to scratch with the likes of Hawaii and Southern California, but on a good day, the Texas surf has more than enough to give those top spots a run for their money.