Best Surf Spots In Virginia

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What’s better than finding a new surf spot and catching wave after wave? Absolutely nothing; that’s a true surfer’s dream. Although not all locations guarantee a great day of surfing, Virginia shows a lot of promise. So what is essential to know about surfing in Virginia?

Virginia is one of the best locations for all surfers. It’s filled with beaches and many hotels or motels, making it a perfect surf spot. Each year, Virginia Beach hosts the East Coast Surfing Championships, attracting surfers of all kinds, ranging from amateur to professional surfers.

Since Virginia is such a surf hot spot, all surfers flock and gather there, which is excellent but which beaches are the best to surf? It’s also crucial to know all the rules and restrictions of the area. Being prepared is key to having the best surf session without any worries.

The Best Places To Surf In Virginia 

Virginia is filled with beaches which means that there are so many options to surf. Some of these spots are more crowded than others, and some have more restrictions, so it’s all about what you prefer and what you’re willing to deal with.

Surfing At First Street Jetty

Virginia Beach’s most frequented surf spot is First Street Jetty. Being the host for the East Coast Surfing Championships every year means that this spot is always buzzing with surfers from all walks of life.

 It’s a great location to catch some waves, but being so packed with beachgoers and surfers means that you’ll only be able to ride a few waves here and there between the crowds of other surfers.

If the crowds are a concern, it’s probably best to surf at this spot more towards the end of summer, once fewer competitions are being held and the beaches have cleared a little. This time would be the ideal time to have the waves to yourself.

Things To Keep In Mind About Surfing At First Street Jetty

A few things are important to remember for safety reasons when surfing at this location.

  • This spot is incredibly crowded, so be careful of other surfers and look out for other surfers’ boards. Injuries are very common here.
  • Be mindful of surfing too close to the rocks while trying to move away from crowds.
  • This spot is a good location for surfers of all levels, including beginners.

Fifteenth Street Pier For Surfing

This pier has a lot of restrictions, but it is a great spot to surf in winter. Surfing is not permitted during the day during summer due to the fishing there, but rules are lifted slightly in winter. This means that you’ll find a group of amped surfers on the waves at this time of the year.

Things To Keep In Mind About Fifteenth Street Pier

There are a few things to remember about surfing at this location.

  • The pier has many summer restrictions regarding surfing and swimming, be sure to check them all out before surfing here.
  • The water has a pollution problem at the river mouth after heavy rainfall. Be mindful of safety regulations regarding this issue.
  • Be careful of the occasional fisherman. You don’t want to take a hook to the head while surfing.

What Is Surfing At Camp Pendleton Like?

If you’re looking for a location with a large surfing area and a calmer crowd, this is the place for you. Although Pendleton does draw pretty large groups, there’s enough space for each surfer to feel at ease and catch some decent waves.

Things To Keep In Mind About Surfing At Camp Pendleton

There are a few things that are good to know about surfing here.

  • The Marine base flanks this spot, so keep in mind that you’ll be in Military territory; this means that there will be the occasional Marine vehicle in the water.
  • Sometimes access is restricted to this spot.

Sandbridge Beach Surfing Scene

Sandbridge Beach is probably the best surf spot if you’re looking for a more peaceful vibe. It’s more isolated than the other beaches, and it has less police presence, but it can get quite crowded in summer.

With four main surfing breaks, this beach can handle the occasional crowds and still provide enough space for each surfer to have room to surf.

Things To Keep In Mind When Surfing At Sandbridge Beach

This beach doesn’t have many safety issues, but a few things are helpful to know.

  • This spot is great for every level of surfer.
  • Sandbridge has no hotels. The only accommodation is rental homes, but you can rent them weekly or monthly.

Croatan Surfing Information

Croatan waves are incredibly unpredictable, and considering the quality of waves, this spot can get very crowded in summer. Although it can be crowded, the local vibe at this beach is very welcoming, and it’s a perfect spot for all surfers.

Things To Keep In Mind When Surfing At Croatan

Here are a few points to remember to have the safest surf session.

  • This spot’s crowds can become a safety hazard. Be mindful of other surfers.
  • Be careful not to surf too far south towards Pendleton as they do target practice there.

Wave Conditions In Virginia

Each surf spot has different wave directions and wave types.

Surf SpotWave DirectionWave Type
First Street JettyRightBeach Break
Fifteenth Street PierLeftBeach Break
Camp PendletonRightBeach Break
Sandbridge BeachRightBeach Break
CroatanLeft and RightBeach Break

The Ideal Times To Surf In Virginia

Summer is the best time of year to surf in Virginia as this is the time that you’ll get the most consistent waves that are best to surf. More specifically, July is the best month to surf in Virginia for clean waves that don’t get blown out.

July may be the best time to catch huge waves, but it is also peak season, so be prepared for large crowds of surfers in the water and many beachgoers.

If you’re not concerned about the cold, fall is also a great time to surf in Virginia. Some surfers prefer this time of year because great swells create decent peaks, and the water is still warm enough to surf comfortably.

Not only are the sea conditions great but there are fewer tourists as well, which means the waves won’t be as crowded as in the summer months.


Some people consider surfing a religion or a form of spirituality, and Virginia beaches provide the perfect setting for all kinds of surfers. The East Coast city has so much to offer, leaving all surfers spoiled for choice.

Whether you’re looking for a high-vibe, crowded surf spot or you prefer a more isolated spot to catch some waves with fewer crowds, Virginia Beach has so many perfect surf spots to suit all preferences.