How To Install A Bodyboard Leash Plug

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New bodyboards are often sold without the leash plug installed, letting you choose where you want it (most cheaper options will already have it installed). But what is a leash plug, where should it go, and how do you install it?

What is a Leash Plug on a Bodyboard?

A leash plug is simply a plastic screw/plug to which you attach the board’s leash. It should be strong and sturdy, which means it needs to be made from high-quality material.

Where Does the Leash Plug Go?

There are three basic positions for a bodyboard leash plug. Where you place it depends on where you want the leash to go.

  • Right Side: Place the plug on the right side if you are right-handed and will be connecting the leash cuff to your right hand.
  • Left Side: Place the plug on the left side if you are left-handed and will be connecting the leash cuff to your left hand.
  • Center Side: A good option for switch riding.

What are Bodyboard Leash Plugs Made From?

Leash plugs are simple pieces of heavy-duty plastic. They have two flat circular ends and a thread piece in the center.

The best leash plugs should cost less than $5, as there’s really no need to go overboard here. Just make sure it’s a decent plug made by a respected manufacturer. The only other question to consider is what color the plug should be, and there is a range of options to choose from.

How to Install a Bodyboard Leash Plug

If you’re a complete novice and have just spent a small fortune on a brand new bodyboard without a leash plug, consider paying an expert to fit one for you. This is especially helpful if you’re not very good with DIY and are likely to damage the board.

Generally, however, installing a leash plug is very easy. It should only take a few minutes and will require a pencil, drill, and screwdriver.

  • Step One: Measure between 6 and 8 inches from the nose of the board to your chosen side. Make a mark with the pencil and avoid the board’s stringer.
  • Step Two: Use a drill to push through your chosen spot.
  • Step Three: Push a screwdriver through the hole. It may help if you heat it with a lighter first.
  • Step Four: Connect both ends of the leash plug.
  • Step Five: Make sure both ends of the leash plug are properly connected.

Once you follow these simple steps, your leash plug will be installed. Next, it’s time to choose a leash and prepare to take your new bodyboard onto the water.

Where to Buy Bodyboard Leash Plugs

You can find bodyboard leash plugs on Amazon, and they are also sold by most board and accessory manufacturers.

The FCS Hydro Bodyboard Leash Plug is an affordable option that typically costs less than $2, and there are also some good options from Creatures of Leisure, including this one on Amazon.