The Best Bodyboard Brands

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Even if you’re coming from the skating/surfing community, there’s a good chance you won’t know which bodyboard brands are best.

It’s the first step in understanding which boards to buy and, in this guide, we’ll highlight the best bodyboard brands to help you with your decision.

The Best Bodyboard Brands

What follows is a list of the best bodyboard manufacturers out there right now.

This list is by no means complete and there are other great companies, but it should help you in your search:


You can’t compile a list of the best bodyboard brands without mentioning Morey.

It was founded by Tom Morey, the developer of the very first “boogie board”.

The company was later sold to Wham-o (best known for producing Hula Hoops, Hacky Sacks, and Frisbees) and continues to be a major player in the bodyboard industry.

The Morey Mach 7 is one of the best boogie boards around and remains just as impressive today as when it was developed several decades ago.

Best Boards from Morey

  • Mach 7 Boogie Board
  • Mach 10 Boogie Board


BZ was founded by a man named Bobby Szabad, an early Morey employee.

He was hugely important for the brand in the early days and after setting out to create his own company, he became known for manufacturing high-quality boards.

As with Morey, BZ is currently owned by Wham-o.

Best Boards from BZ

  • Fundamental
  • Advantage

Custom X

As with BZ, Custom X was founded by a former employee of Morey, Debbie Colwell.

She began working there in 1976 and founded her own brand over a decade later.

Best Boards from Custom X

  • Titan XPE Bodyboard
  • Beast
  • X1 PP

Mike Stewart Science

Founded by Mike Steward, a 9-time bodyboarding champion, Science is an innovative brand aimed at beginners and pros alike.

It’s easily one of the best bodyboard brands out there for riders who want the latest innovations and the highest performance boards.

Best Boards from Science

  • Loaded Bodyboard
  • Tanner LTD Quad Channels PP
  • BSD Danny Kim
  • Hybrid XL


Manta is a bodyboarding brand that has also produced bodyboard fins, wetsuits, board bags, and leashes.

If you want a lightweight bodyboard suitable for riders of all sizes, check out the options below.

Best Boards from Manta

  • TFX Bodyboard
  • Hurricane
  • Pro XT


California-based Hubboards was founded by Dave and Jeff Hubbard.

The latest bodyboards contain ISS Stringers and a host of other innovations.

Best Boards from Hubboards

  • Lite Boog Mat
  • Fun-Size Mini Kickboard
  • Hubb Edition PP
  • Houston PE Deluxe

VS Bodyboards

VS Bodyboards also goes by the “Versus Project” and is committed to producing quality bodyboards in combination with some of the best shapers in the industry.

Best Boards from VS Bodyboards

  • Winchester WIFLY
  • Dave Winchester PP LTD
  • Craig Whetter PP
  • IKON PE Bodyboard

Catch Surf

Not only did Tom Morey produce some of the best bodyboards while working for Morey, but in 2007, he took his expertise to Catch Surf, a company based in San Clemente, California.

The goal was to create high-performance bodyboards and improve the brand’s standing in the bodyboarding community.

Best Boards from Catch Surf

The Odysea Classic is an exceptional surfboard and one of the best that you can buy.

It’s a masterpiece created by Californian surfers and it’s well worth a look if you want a reliable board for an affordable price.

Other Bodyboard Brands/Boogie Board Brands

The above list is just a snippet of the best bodyboard brands on the market.

All the brands below should also be on your list when you’re shopping for a new boogie board.

  • Pride Bodyboards: A European bodyboard brand that creates handcrafted boards for riders of all levels.
  • No. 6: A bodyboarding brand based out of Irvine, California.
  • Empire: Sells a huge range of products, including some of the best bodyboards on the market.
  • NMD: A New Zealand-based company that began by selling mail order bodyboards.
  • Hardy Shapes: Created by Todd Quigley and Ryan Hardy, Hardy Shapes sells high-performance boards infused with over 2 decades of bodyboarding innovation.