Can You Camp In Acadia National Park In Maine

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Acadia National Park is in the top ten most visited parks throughout the United States, with visitors staying on average for three to four days. The park offers 125 miles of hiking trails, two beaches to visit, and wildlife such as seals, moose, foxes, and salamanders.

There are four campgrounds within Acadia National Park where you can camp at. The camping reservation fee and entrance fee into the park are two separate fees, which should be considered when making your reservation. Backcountry camping is not permitted within the Acadia National Park.

There are 12 private accommodations available to book within Acadia National Park in addition to the campsites. The four campgrounds are spread throughout the park, and no overnight parking is allowed outside of the campgrounds.

Camping In Acadia National Park

To be allowed to enter Acadia National Park, you will need either an Acadia or a National Park/Federals Land Pass. A standard Acadia pass is valid for seven days and costs $30.

You are only permitted to camp in the designated campsites within Acadia National Park. No backcountry or in-vehicle camping is permitted in the park in non-designated areas. No vehicles are allowed to park overnight unless you are in a designated parking area.

You are required to obtain a vehicle reservation for Cadillac Summit Road between sunrise and sunset during the period of 26 May to 19 October. You will need to obtain a new vehicle reservation if you leave the park in your vehicle during your stay and return to the park.

You do not need a vehicle reservation to access other areas of the park, and pedestrians and cyclists do not need a vehicle reservation.

You do not need a car to stay at Acadia National Park while the Island Explorer Shuttle Bus operates from 23 June to early October. You can also use your car to explore the park.

Most visitors stay for three to four days at a time. Avid hikers will enjoy over 125 miles of hiking trails throughout the park. There are paths to cycle on, such as the Park Loop Road, which is paved and takes you through some of the park’s favorite sightings.

You can rent bicycles and bike racks at various bicycle rental shops in Acadia. Visitors can enjoy a free ride on the Bicycle Express from June to September.

The peak seasons to visit Acadia National Park tend to be the last week of May around memorial day, from July-August during the summer months, and the first three weeks of October when the leaves begin to change color.

If you want to visit the park when it is less crowded, June and September are the best months to visit. However, it might be too cold for water activities, and the hiking trails could be icy during these months.

Most campsites and attractions close from December to May during the winter months when it is too cold and dangerous to camp in the park.

Rangers can be arranged to host activities such as guided walks, bike rides, boat rides, and there is an Acadia Junior Ranger Program for children aged 6-12.

Where To Camp In Acadia National Park

Blackwoods Campground

Blackwoods Campground is close to prime locations within Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, and carriage roads. It must be reserved at least 60 days in advance. It is 8 miles from Bar Harbor on Route 3.

Reservations for Blackwoods Campground open on 6 March in 2022, and the campsite can be booked from 6 May onwards. Payment is due upon reservation and costs $30 for single tent, camper, and motorhome sites and $60 for group tent sites per day.

There are 221 tent sites and no access to electric hookups at Blackwoods Campground. RVs and trailers are allowed at this campsite. Facilities include flush toilets, dumpsites, running water, and picnic tables.

There are no showers or portable showers permitted, and the nearest paid showers can be found half a mile from Blackwoods Campground.

Seawall Campground

Seawall Campgrounds is a smaller campsite with 59 RV sites, 43 tent-only sites, 5 group sites, and 98 walk-to/boat-to sites. Walk-in tent sites cost $22 per day, drive-up tent, camper, and motorhome sites cost $30 per day, and group tent sites cost $60 per day.

Reservations are required to be booked a minimum of 60 days prior to your planned visit, and payment is due upon reservation. There is no cell service and no electric points available.

There are flush toilets, a dumping station, grills, picnic tables, and you can find showers within a mile of the campground. No portable showers are permitted within Seawall Campground.

Schoodic Woods Campground

Schoodic Woods Campground is located 60-70 minutes from Bar Harbor and is in the Schoodic Peninsula. You can only stay in Schoodic Woods Campground by reservation only, and reservations must be made at least 60 days in advance. Schoodic Woods Campground is the only campground in Acadia National Park with electric points.

There are 78 electric points available, 41 RV sites, 13 tent-only spots, nine walk-to/boat-to sites. Hike-in tent sites cost $22 per day, drive up/small RV(20 amp) cost $30 per day, RV with electric only sites (20/30/50 amp) cost $36 per day, and RV with electric and water sites (20/30/50 amp) cost $40. Group-only tent sites cost $60 per day.

There are no showers available, and no portable showers are permitted. Grocery, supply, laundry stores, and showers can be found 1.5 miles from the campsite. Flush toilets, a rangers station, parking, picnic tables, and wireless internet are available at Schoodic Woods Campground.

Duck Harbor Campground on Isle au Haut

Only accessible by boat, the Duck Harbor Campground is on Isle au Haut, and each campsite is limited to 6 people per site. There are five lean-to shelters. Tents are limited to what can fit within the shelter.

The ferry only travels to Duck Harbor between June to September, and campers must be prepared with the correct equipment. Everyone is limited to one stay per calendar year up to a maximum of four days.

You are required to make a reservation 60 days in advance, and it costs $20 per night for a maximum of 6 people.

It is a remote campground and inaccessible to cars and RVs.

In Conclusion

Camping in Acadia National Park is a popular vacation, and there are four campsites to choose from. It is not possible to spontaneously camp within Acadia as all campsites require a minimum of 60 days reservation.

Acadia National Park is within the top ten most visited parks within the United States. You can go hiking, bicycle, kayak, and canoeing, among a number of other activities during your stay. The park is closed between November to May due to the winter months and unfavorable conditions.